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This is the home of the Legends of Nor'Ova tabletop and forum RPG. The wiki contains the entire tabletop game while the forums is the home of the post-to-play forum game.

1.  What is Legends of Nor’Ova?

Legends of Nor’Ova is an open source, community created RPG. Legends of Nor'Ova attempts to be a freely available framework for aspiring GM's and players alike to create and play in a RPG that is truly flexible and open. To do this we utilize a website where members can freely edit and submit stuff to the game, provide source files for every download, do our best to explain how the system works, don't charge for it, and license all of the material under a creative commons license. 

Legends of Nor'Ova is designed under the concept of being a player focused game. We are all role players here, and none of us want to role play someone else’s character design. So with Legends of Nor'Ova, we have created a classless system where your character will grow based on how you play your character and what types of skills you choose to master. We have also done away with experience points and levels, replacing them with character points. The end result is that your character will be truly yours. 

Legends of Nor'Ova does this by first giving you a clean slate. You start off by picking a race out of over 40 races, and a runic element. You then make a stat point pool which allows you to build up your initial stats in a way that you desire.

Legends of Nor'Ova also has other systems in place for both the player and the crafty game master:

  • A detailed element-based magic system: you are born under an element and use magic of that , everyone can use magic if they choose too. Campaigns, such as the Saga of Ablution campaign, can expand upon this.

  • A two-part magic system involving spells that you master like skills and quick manipulations that are only limited by your character’s power and your imagination.

  • The ability to use or learn any kind of skill or spell, as long as you meet their prerequisites. You do not have to be in a certain class to use magic because there are no classes.

  • A summoning magic system based upon sacrificing magical components.

  • A detailed crafting system for both and that depends on character ability, skills, and adding together components.

  • A system that rewards strategic planning and skill use. A well prepared character can easily defeat a more powerful but less prepared enemy with the right strategy.

  • An system that allows for the well armored tank who's armor can be degraded and gotten through quickly.

  • An easy to understand stat system that you don’t have to keep looking at some table to use. It is a percentile system that is easy to remember.

  • Well tested game design that prevents game breaking: it grows with the characters and with it a good game master can always keep the game challenging and rewarding.

  • Systems in place for the game master to either emphasize role playing or roll playing, depending upon the type of game the game master wants to run. An example of this would be character points instead of stat points and an alignment system where alignment and morality isn’t chosen by the player but by the player’s actions.

  • And other things that are just waiting for you to discover!

Really it is hard to point out everything Legends of Nor'Ova has to offer in a simple blurb. It is impossible to cover all that is available in just a few short paragraphs. Really, the best way to see just how these things are implemented in Legends of Nor'Ova is to read about them, and then decide if Legends of Nor'Ova is a game you want to try for yourself.


Please continue to bear with us as we work on rebuilding all that was lost when the website went down. We are working hard to do so and more and more is being recovered and improved daily!

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