Princess Keilah


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Character Name:Keilah (prounouced Key lah)
Runic Element:Earth
Race: Xodian
Age: Appears to be 20 years of age
Gender: Female
Description: A striking beauty to behold, she is considered to be one of the most
beautiful women in the celestial kingdom. Her eyes are a vibrant blue, her hair is long,
straight and a dark chestnut brown. She typically wears dresses of varying styles and though
considered beautiful by others, does not think of herself in that way. In other words she
doesn't think of herself as beautiful but nor does she think herself ugly. She cares more
about the law and equality than she does about her looks.

Personality: Studious and strong willed with a great desire to fight for race and
gender equality. She has a weak spot in her heart for those she sees as strong and courageous.
Her main weakness lies within herself between somewhat indecisive at times.

Other Information:She thinks of herself as strong and courageous. She knows some
fighting with knives and daggers, but prefers instead to study and fight with her words and
the law rather than with weapons.


Character Profile

Princess Keilah
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