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Work changes, schedule changes


It is no secret that I haven't been able to post actively lately. My job with the Filling Home had me working terrible hours that really messed up my day and when I was home due to the hours I'd work I'd still not be able to do much do to family life obligations.

This Monday though I will be starting a new job, working 3rd shift. It will be a full time job with me working Sunday Night through Thursday Night. Being Third Shift, in order to keep up with it I'll have to live on Third Shift schedules, even on weekends and holidays. That of course means that when I am off of work, I'll be at home staying up while everyone else is asleep.

It is during that time that I plan to post, maintain the site, and update/work on the wiki. While I can't promise that I'll post every Friday and Saturday night, it is my plan to do so. After all, I'll have until 6/7am that I'll have to stay awake doing something. 

I understand that a weekly posting schedule isn't the most ideal for everyone, but it should be better than before with me not being able to post but maybe once every few weeks. However, you will always have better luck getting a more active thread here if you involve/invite your friends and post with them instead of waiting on me. 

Thanks again for your patience and understanding. Hopefully this new job and schedule will let me keep the forum RP running and enjoy some great adventures with you all. 

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