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As a member you are free to participate in any discussion on this site. You can create and participate in role play stories, help develop our world's rich history and setting, participate in out of character discussions, have your voice heard on important site matters, and even share your creative masterpieces. In order to make certain that everyone who wants to participate can and that we have as little drama as possible, we have created the following site rules. By being a member here you agree to follow these rules. If you find that for any reason you cannot follow these rules then you are encouraged to cancel your membership with our understanding. If you wish to ask questions about these rules you may, however if you wish to challenge these rules you should do so via a PM message to the site administrator, mythus, and not by making a public post.

1. Liability

A. We will not guarantee the accuracy, validity, integrity or security status of any content on this website, and will accept no liability from any issues that may result from it. We do not scan all hosted files for viruses.

B. User posted content is out of our control unless we have known about the presence of it for at least one full week.

2. Registration and Guest Visitation

A. As a guest, you are free to visit any publicly open portion of this site and to leave feedback concerning this site. You are also free to bookmark this site and any public post or thread within this site. You are not free to hotlink to any image to host on your own site or some third party site or forum. You are free to take or use any material within this site elsewhere as while this site is intellectual property protected under US copyright law, the material is licensed under the Open Publication License, all that is required is that you give proper credit. You are not free to spam this site with advertisements, or to join this site only for the purpose of advertisement.

B. Registration is a requirement for participation on this forum website. Registration is and shall always remain free of charge. You are free to cancel or request for cancellation your membership to this site at any time.

3. Your User Account

A. You are free to use any username that does not contain any swear words, violate any copyright laws, or advertise any product or site. Symbols, numbers, underscores, and white spaces are allowed. Do not choose any of the following as your user name, or any varriation or combination of: Mythus, Mogen, Taal, Zodo, Archelus, Spector, Admin, Moderator, Guardian, God. Some of these names are historic Nor'Ovan characters, some are names used by site staff, and some have obvious reasons on why we don't want you to use them.

B. You may choose to use an on site avatar or upload your own. Your avatar must be tasteful. No pornographic, overly gory images are allowed. No images that are advertisements are allowed as well.

C. You may use a signature if you so desire. This signature can be a graphic, a link, a quote, or whatever as long as it does not violate US or global copyright laws, is tasteful - not overly gory and not containing pornography, and isn't so large that it breaks the site. We have a very relaxed size setting, please do not get carried away with it so that we have to restrict it. You may also link to your site and even provide a small comment about your site in your signature as long as it isn't a pornography or erotic site or a site that violates US or international laws (such as warez sites).

D. Any information you make available about yourself in your member profile, posts, or any part of the site, you do so at your own risk.

 4. General Forum Use

A. Due to this being a forum site, the bulk of all communication and activity on this website happens within the forums. The forums are organized via categories. You should make sure that what ever you post fits in the category and the forum itself. It would not be good to go posting about your aunt's wedding in a RP forum or making an RP post in the site announcements forum. If you make a mistake and post in the wrong forum please report your post so that we can get it moved for you.

B. All information, topics, and discussions that take place on these forums are considered the intellectual property of their authors. All topics and posts dealing with Legends of Nor'Ova and Saga of Ablution are the intellectual property of Travis K. Randall, but is under the Creative Commons License. As such, you are free to make use of any material that is posted on site by site staff if you give credit to the originator. You must seek permission to use any material posted by the site's members.

C. All posters must remain at all times respectful to one another. There shall be no flaming, belittling, name calling, or statements of hate allowed on this site.

D. Posting of pornographic images or links to sites containing such images is prohibited.

E. Posting for the purpose of advertising is prohibited.

5. Rules of Role Play Within Children of Ablution

A. Children of Ablution is a free-form format, post-to-play, forum based RPG. As of such, you have a large amount of creative freedom. There are no stat systems in use here. You are allowed to and encouraged to create your own stories within the setting here, and every thread that is active and not locked by the site staff is considered open to whoever want to participate in that thread.

B. In order to participate in the Saga of Ablution you must first make and complete a character profile. These profiles may be edited at any time. While not required, it is a good idea to link your character profile post to your signature. This would make it easy to find your character profile. If you would like help with this, please ask.

C. All general forum rules and site rules apply. This includes respecting each other, no pornography, no advertising, and so on. RP posts done in character may contain questionable subject matter and disturbing written descriptions, however any sexual action should be"fade to black".

D. Players must remember that all in character posts are part of the game, and anything done against their characters is not to be taken out of context. Please, keep real life drama out of it.

E. No Metagaming. Metagaming is the purposeful use of player knowledge as character knowledge in a way that unfairly benefits your character. Accidental metagaming is hard to avoid, but purposeful metagaming will not be tolerated.

F. No God-Modding: God-Modding is making or playing your character as if your character is a god. This ruins the fun for everyone. Gods should only be played by site staff or as a NPC for story effect only.

G. No God Characters: You cannot have a god character. All characters must be failable, imperfect, and able to die or make mistakes. Gods should only be played by site staff or as a NPC for story effect only.

H. Unless asked to or given permission to by another player or site staff, no autoing another player's character. Autoing is doing actions, no matter how simple, for another character that is not your own character. Autoing is typically only allowed if the other player has posted permission for their character to be autoed or if the other player has not posted within the time frame given for the RP thread that character is in, or after 7 days of no posting, which ever comes first.

I. All playable characters are able to be killed. You should understand this. If you play a character, your character can be killed and/or harmed. It is highly possible that your characters will die for one reason or another, and if a situation happens that should have killed your character but you cheated it, you could face banishment and still have your character killed.

J. Above all, have fun! That is what we are here to do after all. Don't worry so much about the minor details, just enjoy role playing with each other! Don't worry so much if you accidentally mess up. We are understanding people and won't bite your head off. If you are a repeat offender or we find that you are purposefully causing disruption, that is when we will come down hard. Otherwise, if you mess up you may get a PM from the staff letting you know and seeing how we can work with you to fix any issues or misunderstandings. And as always, if you have any questions, please ask.

6. Use of the Personal Topics System (PT)

A. For those unfamiliar with either term, it is basically a site wide email-like system for the exchange of personal topics between members and staff.

B. Being a personal topic there is no direct moderation involved. However if needed, you can inform the staff about any offending personal messages and report them if needed.

C. Personal Topics should remain respectful at all times. They should not be started to, or contain pornographic images, links to sites containing pornographic images, hate, malware, illegal content, and the like. Also do not use the personal message system to spam or advertise to other members. Misuse of the personal message system can result in banishment. You can send a link about a site to another member through a PM only if that other member is OK with it. You should always seek their permission first.

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