The Pilgrimage


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Neal Family Home
Silvenesti, The Free City
Lunas, 20th of Elasys, year 1280 of the Third Era

"You know, she starts her pilgrimage soon," Jacob Neal hesitantly states as he sits his cup of coffee down on the time-worn oak dinner table. Jacob was a cosmopilitan human in his mid thirties, bearing a messy top of unevenly cut dark brown hair with just the slight peppering of gray. He was modestly built and bore the slight gut of one who has enjoyed his fair share of ale.

Across from Jacob was a man that resembled him greatly, though his face was marked with wrinkles and his hair had lost any color. The man slams down his cup, spilling his coffee, "I told you Jacob, don't speak of her to me!"

"But father," Jacob pleads, "she's your daughter!"

"She ceased to be my daughter when she left the faith and joined with THEM!" The old man spits.

Jacob sighs, "Faith and gods can't change blood father. Nor can your distrust of them stop her from being my sister!" The old man glares at Jacob then looks back down at the table. Jacob grab's the old man's weathered hands, "Surely you can't blame her, after what happened?" He sighs, "she may have found a new faith father, but she is still your daughter.... she needs you..."

The old man stands up, "Isn't it 'bout time you get going Jacob? Don't you have an inn to run?" Jacob sighs and stands up, "Please consider going to see her before she leaves father. You've only a day left after today." Jacob turns and leaves the house.

The old man turns to a wooded Sword of Mogen hanging on the wall, "Nine pits, what am I to do..." he whispers silently, "I... I do love my daughter Lord, but I can't accept her new faith.  Please tell me, what is it I should do?"

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