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New Server Update

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If you are reading this post that means you have come to our new server. I have moved us from the shared hosting plan at TMD Hosting to a managed VPS plan at InterServer. The address is one I've owned for a while, but TMD gave us to use while we were hosting with them. Given the difficulty to redirect to .net there, I just used that address. We were with TMD for over two years.

The reason I upgraded to a VPS is space. We were running out of space, can you believe it? That and the uptime wasn't the greatest but the biggest thing was space. We were close to being locked down due to it, so I either had to get a larger server or delete stuff. TMD's rates for larger servers was a bit crazy so I shopped around, and got us a fully managed VPS for $24 a month. Not to shabby given all the resources and the fact that they will fully take care of the server and stuff for me.

Those that have been with me for a while might remember that I used to have a cheap unmanaged VPS for the site back in the day. Back then I had more time to manage a server, but ended up going to a shared hosting plan when I no longer had that time. This time I have a managed plan. That means that they will take care of all the server work, all I have to do is administer the site and post. Sounds good to me. And since I went with a monthly rate, I won't have to worry about the renewal price hike. We were going to renew with TMD in January, it was going to be $285 for the next two years which monthly ain't too bad but that's a bit high for one payment.

Anyways, now that we got that all taken care of, lets get back to posting!
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