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Arcessomancy is a unique form of magic. Unlike the normal, natural magic of Nor'Ova, Arcessomancy is non-elemental and requires components to use. Normal, natural magic is the effect of manipulating the magical element that your character is born under. Arcessomancy is the effect of summoning power from an outside source, spirit, or deity. In short, Arcessomancy is Summoning Magic and therefore is treated differently than normal magic.


1. The Fundamentals of Arcessomancy

Before you can begin to use and master Arcessomancy, you should understand the fundamental facts of Arcessomancy. Mainly, you will need to learn how Arcessomancy is similar to magic and skills, how Arcessomancy is different, and how Arcessomancy is used.

  • Arcessomancy is a form of magic and is part of the Skills System. Just like magic and skills, Arcessomancy spells can be obtained and mastered by using skill points. Mastery of Arcessomancy spells counts as a mastery of magic spells towards stat cap growth. And using Arcessomancy requires rolling at or below your mastery of that spell to succeed and cost stat points.

  • Arcessomancy is unlike any other form of magic. Unlike magic on Nor'Ova which is elemental, Arcessomancy is not elemental. This means that it is not strong against or weak against any element and anyone can learn Arcessomancy despite their runic element. Arcessomancy also cannot be upgraded unlike traditional spells and skills. And finally, Arcessomancy doesn't use or benefit from rune stones.

  • Arcessomancy spells require the use of components. Perhaps the one huge difference with Arcessomancy is that Arcessomancy spells have a component cost. These components are alchemical ingredients that you can find in the wild or purchase, and a successful use of Arcessomancy uses up components. The use of components means that the stat cost is lower but there is a monetary cost since you have to keep enough components for your Arcessomancy spells.


2. Understanding Components

Unlike skills and magic, Arcessomancy makes use of components. As described above, these components are alchemical ingredients that you can find or purchase. The component cost is basically your offering to the outside force that you are trying to summon to assist you. If you succeed at the summon the the component cost is accepted by the outside force in exchange for the effect of the spell being preformed.

Basically, if you succeed at the spell you will deduct your component cost, but if you fail at the spell you will not. The stat cost will still be deducted regardless, but the component cost will only be deducted if you succeed at your Arcessomancy spell.

Being that Arcessomancy can be highly influenced by the RP campaign, there may be times when a successful use of Arcessomancy doesn't have any affect. This would only happen if the GM declares that the being you are summoning ignores your call, which could happen based on story needs. Some GM's may also decide that if you succeed at the spell but the being does not answer you for whatever reason, that you still will not lose the component cost. That of course is up to the GM.


3. Mastering Arcessomancy

Arcessomancy spells can be mastered the same way any other spells and skills can be mastered, by using the spells and spending skill points into the spells until their mastery gets to 95%. But there are also other factors you will need to understand to truly be successful at Arcessomancy.

One factor is making good use of your other skills and abilities. Being a form of magic, your skills and abilities that affect magic will also work with Arcessomancy. This means that you can uses skills such as Magic Theory and skills like Quick Cast to really improve your power with Arcessomancy. Also do not forget that unless the spell says otherwise, Magic Power is always added to a spell's healing or damage effect value.


4. Why Use Arcessomancy

With the component cost of Arcessomancy spells you might be wondering why you should bother with it at all. While it is possible that Arcessomancy might not benefit you, it will prove to be very useful to the right player. The lower stat cost alone might be a big benefit, but also Arcessomancy provides very powerful effects that often effect either all enemies or all allies. Arcessomancy also provides a way for those who couldn't learn healing spells to be able to heal and can even make your normal magic much more effective.

In short, Arcessomancy isn't meant to be a skill set on its own. While it is powerful by itself, Arcessomancy shines best at being able to greatly improve your power and ability with other skills and spells. A mage or a warrior can be even more effective with the help of Arcessomancy than without.


5. Anima Stones

As noted before, Arcessomancy does not benefit from rune stones. Instead, Arcessomancy makes use of Anima Stones. Anima Stones are soul stones used by advanced arcessomancers to call forth a stored spirit. There are several types of Anima Stones.

  • Blood Stone: Blood Stone is an Anima Stone that holds an ancestral spirit. These tend to be passed down through families of once great arcessomancers. These are popular among dragon and dragonian tribes, with the most sought after blood stone being that of the Great Dragon.

  • Angelus Stone: These are Anima Stones that call forth angelic spirits, including angels of Elysium. Unlike Blood Stones or most Anima Stones, these don't hold the full spirit of an angelic being. Instead they hold a part of it that is just enough for the arcessomancer to summon the angelic being when needed.

  • Daemon Stone: As its name suggests, these are Anima Stones that call forth the demonic spirits of Xodod. Some Daemon Stones will contain a full fledge demonic spirit, which often is a lesser demonic spirit or demon. Demon Lords and Demon Princes though will sometimes provide Daemon Stones that contain a portion of their essence so that they can be summoned by the arcessomancer.

  • Bestia Stones: Bestia Stones contain the spirit of a magical creature or spirit. These are the most common Anima Stones simply because they are the easiest to create.

  • Aduro Stones: Aduro Stones contain the spirit or essence of a being from the Light Realm. These are very uncommon.

  • Umbra Stones: Umbra Stones contain the spirit or essence of a being from the Shadow Realm. These are more common than Aduro Stones and Angelus Stones, but still somewhat rare.

5.1. Creating Anima Stones

Creating Anima Stones require 0.5 pounds of Pure Crystal – that is crystal that has yet to be affected by elemental magic and thus is clear. Also only skilled Arcessomancers can create Anima Stones. The method of creating Anima Stones varries based on the type of stone, but they all require use of the Create Anima Stone ability.

Creating Bestia Stones: These stones are the easiest of the Anima Stones to create. You simply spend 25 SA with the Create Anima Stone ability next to the recently killed beast. It takes 3 full rounds to create a Bestia Stone and you cannot be interrupted or distracted. The Bestia Stone must be created within 3 rounds of the creature's death. Bestia Stone's cannot be created from any killed beast. Instead they can only be created from specific magical beast types and spirits. The following are the Bestia Classifications of foes that can be turned into Bestia Stones: Imp, Elemental, Dragon, Spirit, and Undead.

Creating Blood Stones: Blood Stones can only be created by the arcessomancer at the moment of his or her death. Basically, knowing that death is coming, the arcessomancer will use the Create Anima Stone ability and channel all his thoughts and feelings into the stone. The stone will catch his spirit at the moment the arcessomancer draws his or her last breath.

Creating Angelus of Daemon Stones: Creating Angelus Stones and Daemon Stones with demon lords or princes require making a pact with the creature. Once a pact is made, the Create Anima Stone ability can be used to create the stone. For all other Daemon Stones you create them in the same fashion that you create Bestia Stones.

Creating Aduro or Umbra Stones: You can only create these stones if you can make pacts with one of the two realms. You can only make pacts with one of the two, once you make a pact with a realm the other realm will refuse you. Making a pact should be an RP campaign.

5.2. Using Anima Stones

In order to use an Anima Stone, you use the Use Anima Stone ability. As the description of the ability describes, the cost of using an Anima Stone depends upon the type of stone and the power of the spirit attached to the stone. Since Anima Stones and what gets put in them would vary greatly depending upon the campaign and the GM, it would be impossible to list all the potential costs of using an Anima Stone. That should be up to the GM. However here is a guide that could be followed based on stone type.

  • Blood Stones: The cost of the Blood Stone shouldn't vary greatly as it would be deeply connected to the Arcessomancer. 15 to 25 SA should be a good range.

  • Angelus or Daemon Stones: The cost would depend upon the power level of the angelic being or the demon. A low level being could cost 20 SA while an arch angel or demon prince could cost 50 SA.

  • Aduro or Umbra Stones: These would be similar to Angelus or Daemon Stones, so would vary from 20 SA to 50 SA.

  • Bestia Stones: The cost of using a Bestia Stone would depend on the kind of beast stored in the stone.

    • Imp: 5 SA

    • Undead: 10 SA

    • Spirit: 15 SA

    • Elemental: 25 SA

    • Dragon: 45 SA

Again the above costs are simply suggestions. The GM could assign other costs to using Anima Stones. When in doubt, ask the GM.


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