Special Weapons

Item Attack Weight Space Taken Other Information Cost
TNT 7d10 1 1 Explodes covering a 4x4 square area 50.00
Fire Bomb 5d10 1 1 Explodes in fire covering a 4x4 square, burn damage to affected of 2d20 HP damage for 6 rounds 75.00
Lightening Bomb 4d12 1 1 Explodes as a small lightening storm covering a 4x4 square area, 25% chance to stun affected targets for 1 round 100.00
Flash Bomb 3d6 1 1 Explodes as a flash of light covering a 4x4 square area, causes all to need to make perception checks to move, attack, or defend for 3 rounds 35.00
Spreading Disc 1d10 per disc 10 5 Disc that seperates into 3 discs that can hit a single target or hit 3 targets within 2 hexes of each other 25.00
Magicteck Knuckles 6 5 2 Adds magic power to your punching attack and adds the elemental effect on attack only against element you are strong against 15.00

0/5 : Not rated


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  • mythus
    mythus  1 week ago

    Dryads, awaken! :P

  • mythus
    mythus  1 week ago

    version 8 update still in progress. lots of improvements and fixes going into the RP

  • mythus
    mythus  3 weeks ago


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