1. Basic Info

Type: Moderate Size Reptile

Alignment: dark

Moral Points: -25

Build: small

Habitat: Phades tend to inhabit dark, dank places where they can be left alone. Their diet consists mostly of molds and fungus, supplemented by the occasional vermin.

Appearance: Humanoid, though pale and ghostly. One can often see through the Phade entirely with only a milky clouding to indicate where the being is. The Phade is a physical being and very solid, and not at all undead. No Phade has eyes, or ears, but are covered with a semi-reptilian Tympanic Membrane.

Runic Element: Space

Runic Element Information:

  • Effects on Magic Damage: There is a 20% chance of your psionics magic damage being increased by x 1.5 .
  • Effects on Magic Defense: There is a 20% chance for immunity to space magic.
  • Supportive Effects: Automatically increase Influnece or SA by 10. You can only choose one and it is a permanent effect.

2. Vital Stats

Stat Name Current Full Modifiers
 HP 80 80  
 SA 100 100 +10 (runic element)
 EP 80 80  

3. Armor Stats

Stat Name Current Full Modifiers
 PR 77 77 Natural PR: 25; no armor protection against axes
 MR 96 96 Natural MR: 25; +1 MR against life magic
 Block 0 Weapon 20 Armor Does not block against axes or piercing weapons; Does not protect against axes; +5 to Block against magic


4. Main Stats

Stat Name Stat Race Max Modifiers
Fortitude 40 80  
Speed 65 95  
Mental 50 95  
Strength 40 60  
Luck 30 70  
Will 15 30  

5. Secondary Stats

Stat Name Stat Modifiers
Influence 15  
Perception 35 Perception: +10
Weight Limits Carry:  120
Lift 1H:  20
Lift 2H:  40
Success Points 6  
Failure Points 4  
Move Rates World:  6
Area:  60
Battle:  9
Area Ranges Throw:  4
Jump Up:  6
Jump Across:  8
Battle Ranges Throw:  8
Jump Up:  12
Jump Across:  16
Aim 25  
Actions Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Support: 1
Magic: 1
Attack: +1
Defense: +1
Support: +1
Initiative 6  
Evade 49  
Offense Melee:  4
Throw:  6
Bow:  2
Critical:  35
Bow: +20
Magic Stats Magic Power:  5
Critical:  40

6. Equipped Weapons


Location Item Attack Block DP Range Weight Rune Stone or Enhantments
Right Hand Phade Red Bow 3 + 1d4 0 50 10 0.75 always perfect aim
Ammo 20 Steel Arrows + Serrated, Ripping 5 + 1d6 + 1d8 0 50 0 0.3  


7. Equipped Armor

Location Item Block PR MR Weight Other Information
Arms Leather Bracers + cured, enchanted, leather sleeve 20 4 6 1.63 Does not block against axes or piercing weapons; Does not protect against axes; +5 to Block against magic
Over Garment Leather Cloak + cured, enchanted, cowl
Leather Robe + cured, enchanted
0 19 25 6.11  
Torso Leather Brigandine + Cured, Enchanted, Belted, Gold Chain Mantle 0 29 36 20.5 no protection against axes; +1 MR against life magic
Legs Leather Greaves + cured, enchanted 0 25 29 13 no protection against axes
TOTAL ARMOR VALUES 20 77 96 41.24 no protection against axes; +1 MR against life magic; +5 to Block against magic

8. Other Items

Location Item Descrption Space Taken Weight
Back Medium Quiver gives storage space of 25 arrows 0 1.6

Skills & Abilities

Skill or Ability Effect Stat & Action Cost Range & Area Duration Skill Points to Skill Mastery Skill Mastery
Phade Shot This skill allows the phade to spend EP into its bow shot to increase its total damage. Every 1 EP
spent increases the total damage by 2.
EP spent;
1 support
weapon's range affecting 1 target instant 2 skill points =
1 skill mastery %
Precise Shot This skill causes your attack to ignore 1/2 of the target's armor so that 1/2 of your damage immediately goes to the target's HP. 20 SA;
1 attack
weapon's range affecting 1 target instant 1 skill point =
1 skill mastery %

Combat Notes

Phades leave most unintelligent beings alone unless they need to defend themselves. They give intelligent creatures a warning to leave immediately before attacking to drive them out of their territory. Phades are very territorial.

Phades learn to move quickly and quietly from an early age. They see the space of things without eyes, and light and darkness means nothing to them. In fact, they are technically blind and cannot sense light from any source at all, only able to detect things like fire from it’s heat. They often fashion things like crude bows and slings which have uncanny accuracy. Some
Phades train as assassins and are highly dangerous since they are cunning, devious, and are used to working in the dark. They do not make melee weapons for themselves but are more than capable of using any that they find. Phades are usually encountered in groups of two to ten though higher numbers is possible.


11. Spoils

2d% worth of Shillings: You may loot the body for 2d% worth of shillings. If you are trying to pick pocket or steal the money from a living target, you will first need to determine how much shillings the target has by rolling 2d%. Then on a successful pick pocket or steal you will roll the percent dice again, getting a percentage of the target's money.
Any and All Available Loot: You may loot the body of any weapons, armor, and other goods. Only the holster and back pack can be stolen from a living target.

0/5 : Not rated


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