Red Imp

1. Basic Info

Type: Moderate Size Xenic Creature, Imp

Alignment: dark

Moral Points: -15

Build: small

Habitat: Red Imps dwell in caves, living off of others’ toils.

Appearance: A short humanoid of about three to five feet in height, they have overly long arms and overly short legs with knotted, stringy muscles and lank, greasy hair. Their eyes glitter red in the dimmest of lights and their teeth are little more than sharp fangs.

Runic Element: Fire

Runic Element Information:

  • Effects on Magic Damage: Increase magical damage done against those of the earth element by  10. Decrease magical damage done against those of the water element by -10.
  • Effects on Magic Defense: 20% chance for immunity to fire and earth magic attacks.
  • Supportive Effects: Automatically increase offensive powers (melee, bow, and throw) by 5.

2. Vital Stats

Stat Name Current Full Modifiers
 HP 20 20  
 SA 6 6  
 EP 30 30  

3. Armor Stats

Stat Name Current Full Modifiers
 PR 24 24  
 MR 0 0  
 Block 29 Weapon 0 Armor  


4. Main Stats

Stat Name Stat Race Max Modifiers
Fortitude 10 50  
Speed 18 45  
Mental 3 30  
Strength 15 50  
Luck 10 60  
Will 5 20  

5. Secondary Stats

Stat Name Stat Modifiers
Influence 5  
Perception 12  
Weight Limits Carry:  45
Lift 1H:  7.5
Lift 2H:  15
Success Points 1  
Failure Points 1  
Move Rates World:  1
Area:  10
Battle:  4
Area Ranges Throw:  1
Jump Up:  1
Jump Across:  3
Battle Ranges Throw:  2
Jump Up:  2
Jump Across:  6
Aim 2  
Actions Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Support: 1
Magic: 1
Initiative 1 -4 (armor)
Evade 11 Small Target Bonus: 5
Offense Melee:  1
Throw:  3
Bow:  -1
Critical:  13
Melee, Bow, Throw: 5 (runic element)
Melee: 5 (combat notes)
Magic Stats Magic Power:  0
Critical:  7

6. Equipped Weapons


Location Item Attack Block DP Range Weight Rune Stone or Enhantments
Right Hand Steel Pole Arm 12 29 70 3 11 20% damage to HP


7. Equipped Armor

Location Item Block PR MR Weight Other Information
Helmet Steel Sallet 0 3 0 1  
Torso Steel Plate Cuirass 0 21 0 25 Sneak penalty of 10; - 4 to Initiative
TOTAL ARMOR VALUES 0 24 0 26 Sneak penalty of 10; - 4 to Initiative

8. Other Items

Location Item Descrption Space Taken Weight
Back Small Back Pack gives storage space of 30 0  
Back Spear & Trident Holster stores spears 0 0.1

Skills & Abilities

Skill or Ability Effect Stat & Action Cost Range & Area Duration Skill Points to Skill Mastery Skill Mastery
Crushing Grip Leaps up and grabs onto the target's neck, holding on and doing 4 x melee power damage per round. 5 EP;
1 attack
1 hex affecting 1 target 1d4 rounds 2 skill points =
1 skill mastery %
Frenzy With this skill the imp flails madly at the target. The imp has to roll a 1d6. The number showed on the 1d6 represents how many hits land onto the target, each doing 6 plus melee power damage. The target can try to evade each claw individually or defend against the entire attack, but cannot evade against the entire attack. 10 EP;
1 attack
1 hex affecting 1 target instant 4 skill points =
1 skill mastery %
Berzerking Blast Produces an invisible magical attack which makes the target go berzerk. 4 SA;
1 support and 1 magic
5 hex affecting 1 target berzerk for 1d3 rounds 2 skill points =
1 skill mastery %
Trained Strike With this skill you preform a trained strike at an enemy with a weapon of your choice. This attack does 8 points of damage in gives a 5 to Critical Hit%. 5 EP;
1 attack
weapon's range instant 1 skill point =
2 skill mastery %
2-Hit Combo This skill lets you quickly attack twice. This skill does Melee Weapon and Melee Power damage with the first hit, but the following hit you only add your weapon damage. You can attack a seperate target per hit as long as you can reach that target without moving. This counts as two seperate attacks for the purposes of evading or defending. 20 EP;
1 attack
weapon's range affecting 1 to 2 targets instant 1 skill point =
1 skill mastery %

Combat Notes

Red Imps are barely more than animals, fighting among themselves and raiding for supplies and equipment. They tend to not cook their meat, and do not manufacture any items on their own. Some of the more advanced groupings capture slaves of other races and force them to serve them until they die (usually of malnutrition or from being beaten). It is not unheard of for a red imp to exchange their own baby for a human child of comparable age, only to let the human child die and recover their own offspring after it has been raised by its adoptive parents.

The red imp either attacks with it’s crushing grip or pounds a relentlessly and gracelessly with whatever scrounged weapon it has. A surprising number actually carry spears and use them correctly. They automatically do an extra 5 points of damage do to savagery. Red Imps are often encountered in groups of five to twenty five. Whenever there are two red imps next to each other, there is a 50% chance they will attack each other.


11. Spoils

2d% worth of Duram: You may loot the body for 2d% worth of duram. If you are trying to pick pocket or steal the money from a living target, you will first need to determine how much duram the target has by rolling 2d%. Then on a successful pick pocket or steal you will roll the percent dice again, getting a percentage of the target's money.
Any and All Available Loot: You may loot the body of any weapons, armor, and other goods. Only the holster and back pack can be stolen from a living target.

0/5 : Not rated


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