Everyone born under the Nor’Ovan sun is born as some form of race. Just as there are various racial divisions in Earth, there are many in Nor’Ova. However, there are far more races in Nor’Ova than in Earth. Some races get along fine with one another, some races hate one another. There are racial tensions, admiration, and variations of culture. The race you pick for your character is entirely up to you, and any race may use any skill. However you will soon find that some races are better suited at using certain skills, such as a xodian being best suited for magic, while some races have a hard time with certain skills, such as an orc taking a longer time to master skill sets.

Here in the next few pages you will be presented with a list showing the many races and providing you with some quick information about each one of them. Following the list you will find pages of information on every single race, detailing their life cycles, their positives and negatives, and more. You should choose carefully the race you want to play based on the skill types and play style you are most interested in. You should study not only their racial stat maximums, but also their positives and negatives to make sure you will enjoy playing that race. You should also take heed into how they react with other races, and if playing in a group try to make sure your race will get along with everyone in the group. Be certain to record all the information that is useful to you; not only their weights and builds, but also their skills and food requirements. It is up to you to know about your race. The GM will be busy with many races and may not remember everything about your particular race.

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Reading the Race Information Charts

At the top of each race information page is a chart describing the basics of the race. Here is a guideline on how to read the chart.
  • Build: This is your character’s body type. Build is used in determining your character’s weight and lifting limits.
  • Race: This is the name of the race. This is what you would write in the Race field on your character sheet.
  • Racial Maximums: This is the maximum stat caps that race allows for. The maximum number should go into the Race Maximum field located with each of the six main stats on your character sheet.
  • Builds: This is where you will find the build ranges for that race. You choose the build that you want from this range and record it in the Build field on your character sheet. S = Small, M = Medium, L-B = Large-Buff, L-F = Large-Fat, D-S = Dwarf-Small, D-M = Dwarf-Medium, O-L = Orc-Large, D-L = Dragon-Large.
  • Weight Ranges: This is where you will find the weight ranges for that race. These ranges are categorized based on the build you had chosen. Once you have determined the weight you wish for your character, record that information in the Description field on your character sheet.
  • Height Ranges: This is where you will find the height ranges for that race. These ranges are categorized based on the gender you want for your character. Once you have determined the height you wish for your character, record that information in the Description field on your character sheet.
  • Life Expectancy: This is how long this race can typically live to be. There is usually a different life expectancy per gender. Choose the life expectancy that fits your gender and record this information in the Life Expectancy field on your character sheet. When choosing your character''s age you should consider the race''s life expectancy and lifespan.
  • Genders: This shows the type of genders available for that race. You would record which gender you want for your character in the Gender field on your character sheet.
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Concerning Half Breeds and Mix Breeds

Some races are able to combine into half-breed races. If you are desiring to play such a half-breed, first check with the GM and if the GM agrees you simply need to take half of each parent race's bonus, ranges, and such and add them together to get your new race stats. When dealing with skills, your mix breed race will likely not carry any of the racial specific skills, unless those skills are used by both races. For other skills, your half-breed race will acquire them at half of their mastery rate.

An example would be a half elf, using cosmopolitan human and silver elf. You would take of each item for each race and add them together. Below is what you would get:
Race Race Maximums

Racial Bonuses
Builds Weight Ranges Height Ranges Life Expectancy Genders

Half Elf
(Cosmopolitan Human Silver Elf)


Speed: 65

Mental: 65

Strength: 45

Luck: 70

Will: 100

2 to Influence;

1 to Fortitude;

2 Success Rate Modifier;

1 Failure Rate Modifier;

1 to Melee Power, Throw Power, and Magic Power;

3 to Critical Hit % using a Bow


S: 90-120;
M: 121-200

Male: 5'2 – 7'2;
Female:4'10 - 6'5

Male: 300;


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Race List

  • Human
  • Deztunian
  • Talusian
  • Xodian
  • Dwarf
  • Wood Elf
  • Plains Elf
  • Dark Elf
  • Rune Elf
  • Cathar
  • Canid
  • Adolfite
  • Aquilian
  • Liontaur
  • Yeti
  • Fae
  • Goblin
  • Angerian
  • Gnome
  • Dragonian
  • Saurian

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