Table of Conents

1. Quick Race Guide


Race Maximums


Weight Ranges

Height Ranges

Life Expectancy



Fortitude: 75

Speed: 100

Mental: 65

Strength: 55

Luck: 100

Influence: 50


S: 45-60

Male: 2’5” - 3’1”

Female: 2’4” - 2’9”

Male: 310

Female: 340



2. Brief History

The Kaba’ni can trace their origins clearly back several thousand years, before the skies caught fire and Scorched the land. The ancestors of this diminutive race fled to their only surviving holy site, an underground cavern beneath the roots of their deity, the Mother Tree. There they built their only present settlement, the grand city of Yvintha’anati. For generations, the Kaba’ni have eked out a meager living beneath their Goddess and have awaited a Sign that it is time to return to the World Above. In all this time the Kaba’ni have avoided any contact with other sentient forms of life that live beneath the surface. Guided by four prophets known as the Leaf Sages, the Kaba’ni have lived a relatively normal, productive existence. Yet unrest is beginning to move in the hearts and minds of the Mother Tree's children, and whispers of dark forces rising have many jumping at shadows.

3. Positives & Negatives

By and large the biggest flaw that the Kaba'ni have is that they are xenophobic.

Quick List of Modifiers

Increase Geomancy magic effects by x 1.5
+10 to Luck
+5 to Initiative
Natural PR of 10
Natural MR of 10
Natural Weapon Attack Value of Strength x 1.25 (Claws)

Their legends tell of many demons and monsters out there in the Underwilds ready to tear them limb from limb and devour them. They are also largely color blind. They however are small, resourceful, quick, and have claws as natural weapons – which have an attack value of their strength x 1.25.

4. Lifespan

Kaba'ni have several stages in their lives. Whelps are completely dependent on their parents for protection and nourishment and are similar to human infants. Kipa seem to have boundless energy and resistance to physical harm. Like human children, they are voracious and inquisitive in this stage, prone to getting into trouble when they aren't eating or sleeping. Gina are the adults of the Kaba'ni, having reached their full height and average weight. At this time they will take their place among their people and assume the duties and honors due their clan. Tinda are the elders of the Kaba'ni, and spend their autumn years in contemplation and instructing their clanmates in their vocation so that their accumulated knowledge is not wasted. Tinda will spend their last year of life solely in prayer and meditation awaiting the end that they might be with the Mother Tree.

5. Appearance

Kaba'ni are short when compared to other races, with stocky-to-thin frames. Short, soft fur covers their entire bodies and the shades range from light tan to deep charcoal; rarely a Kaba'ni will be born with pure white fur, the mark of holiness, and will be tested as a potential Leaf Sage. Kaba'ni also have markings on their foreheads, back, and paws that are dictated by clan birth; these range from stripes to whorls to blotches. A Kaba'ni's fur will be slightly longer on their heads and grow at human average, and is often braided or put up. Kaba'ni have a single tail that is somewhat prehensile, but functions mainly for balance; the fur on a Kaba'ni's tail can be short or bushy. Their eyes are large and almond shaped, with bright gem-like hues. Thick and slightly-pointed nails decorate a Kaba'ni's paws. A Kaba'ni has ears on the sides of their head between six and eight inches in length, and are directional like that of a cat.

6. Living Habitat

The Kaba'ni are largely found in the underground city of Yvintha'anati, and are accustomed to tunnels and caves. Before the Scorching the Kaba'ni were a tree-dwelling race. After the Great Rebirth (The True Ablution), a large portion of Kaba'ni have left their underground city, with some returning to the forests and others making homes within the cities of the great floating continents of the sky.

7. Food & Sleeping Requirements

Kaba'ni eat two to three small meals a day consisting mainly of vegetables and roots, with a small amount of meat if available. Kaba'ni drink water or teas as a mainstay, though fresh berry juice is always a treat. Kaba'ni will eat raw meat to survive as a last resort, preferring their food purified by fire and their drink fresh; Kaba'ni will not drink anything fermented or “unclean.” They require a full cycle of sleep or else face fatigue (-5 from endurance per missed hour).

8. Culture

Kaba'ni are studious and dedicated to their duties to the rest of their race and their Goddess. They are extremely religious, almost to the point of superstition, always looking for signs and portents from the Mother Tree. Many Kaba'ni are mischievous and playful, enjoying a good joke or game or story. They are also very communal and altruistic, almost childlike in when it comes to the needs of their people.

9. Racial Relations

The Kaba'ni have not been seen on the face of Nor'Ova for thousands of years, so it is difficult to say how other races will react to them, or vice versa.

10. Racial Skills & Abilities




Racial Ability

The Kaba'ni senses work together to form a greyscale picture of the world around them when in very low light, though small details are elusive to them. This is a constant effect that takes place in low to almost no light.

Climbing - Speclialized

Non-Combat Support

Tier 1

This ability allows you to climb difficult to climb areas successfully. Kaba'ni specialize in Mountain Climbing. There is no need for climbing ability for easy to climb trees and other areas that can be climbed without training. Each specialization grants you the ability to climb those difficult to climb situations at the EP cost of climbing, refer to Exploration and Gameplay rules for more details.

Group Channeling

Racial Ability

With this ability a kaba'ni can channel his or her magical energies into a friend who possesses the same runic element. For example, if the ally and the Kaba'ni are both mystics who have the Essence Bolt spell, with this ability the Kaba'ni can cast the same spell as his or her friend at the same time, combining the effffects of the spell as one spell. This effect can only work if the Kaba'ni hasn't used his or her magic actions. The player would simply indicate they are going to channel the same spell when another player of the same element is casting a spell, and combine the kaba'ni's spell casting and magic power into that of the other player character's spell. If the other player fails at the spell or the Kaba'ni fails at the spell, no channelling takes place.


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