Table of Contents

1. Quick Race Guide


Race Maximums


Weight Ranges

Height Ranges

Life Expectancy



Fortitude: 70

Speed: 100

Mental: 60

Strength: 60

Luck: 80

Influence: 70



S: 80 - 120

M: 121 - 180

Male: 5' - 7'

Female: 4' - 6'

Male: 750

Female: 750



2. Brief History

It’s unclear how the Namara came to be, just that they emerged from the forests of the floating lands not long after the Great Awakening. A curious folk most at home in the wilderness, the Namara are known to live primarily in clan based villages hidden from the eyes of civilized nations, with it not being rare for them to be just as at home in the chaotic wilds of the surface. They are a mostly peaceful people, but certain Clans are known to be more warlike than others.

3. Positives & Negatives

The Namara are known to be excellent guides and hunters,with ar lifestyle makes them adept at hunting and gathering.

Quick List of Modifiers

Increase Geomancy, Pyromancy, Aquamancy, and Aeromancy magic effects by x 1.5
Decrease all other magic effects by x 0.8
+10 to Perceive
+5 to spell and skill ranges if more than just 1 target
Natural PR of 20
Natural MR of 20
+1 support and defense actions
Toxic Blood that deals 3d8 HP damage per round 

Namara seem to be able to navigate the most hostile and difficult of lands.

Namara benefit from the following: Immunity to poison, +10 to Perceive, +5 to spell and skill ranges should they have a range that isn't just 1 target, +1 support and defense actions, as well as a natural PR and MR of 20. Their magic spells effects are increased by x1.5 if they are earth, fire, air or water. If they use magic of any other element their spell power, healing and damage, is decreased by 20% (x 0.8).

By cutting themselves they can apply their blood to a weapon, a potent poison that deals 3d8 HP damage per round. In addition, their world or adventure movement is never reduced by terrain.

4. Lifespan

Namara are basically treated as adults as soon as they hit the age of 10. Before reaching that age, they are cared for by the whole clan. After reaching that age, they must build their own hut and start helping the clan, though the clan will always help one another. Elderly Namara older than 600 are treated with the utmost respect, and almost worshipped. Namara welcome death, seeing it as a right of passage to the spirit lands where they can be with their ancestors and where the bravest and most true Namara hold watch.

5. Appearance

Humanoid in size and shape, Namara are known to either have green, orange , yellow or brown leaf like hair, and their eyes are either green, purple, red, or yellow, their skin is either green brown, grey or yellow are covered in what seem to be fungal spore growths and their warriors are covered in ritualistic scars. Their hair grows more like a long vine with leafy like folicals. Namara warrior men never cut their hair, with their hair only being cut by the one who bested them. A namara man with a long "vine" is treated with respect, while one with a cut vine is either scorned or treated with the kind of sympathy you'd give a sick child.

6. Living Habitat

They live in a clan based system that usually includes a few villages, located in the many forests of the world. Most are found in the floating lands, while some do exists upon the darkened surface.

7. Food & Sleeping Requirements

Namara must drink water 3 times a day and sleep 6 hours a day, in order to not suffer any penalties. A namaran that doesn't spend at least some time in the sun light a day will suffer from anxiety.

8. Culture

 The Namara tend to revere nature, the winds, Ova and Norvus, and their ancestors.Their village leaders are often considered to be shamans and advise the clan leader, and they have varying festivals celebrating the changes of the seasons, as well as funerals to morn the passing of creatures and flora.

9. Racial Relations

They have a good relationship with most races. Any conflicts that have been known to occur have usually been resolved in a swift, sometimes brutal nature. Most find namarans to be a curiosity, while some even fear them.

10. Racial Skills & Abilities



Natural Resistance

Racial Ability

The namara can spend SA points to remove any status effect, except any that render them unconscious, incapacitated, or dead. Each status effect cost 10 SA to remove, and must be experienced for at least 1 round.

Solar Revival

Racial Ability

Tier 1

When within sunlight, Namarans will continously regain 1d4 HP per round (in battle) or 3d20 HP per hour (out of battle).

Blood Lettings

Racial Ability

The Namara can cut itself, and apply its blood to any weapon, giving the weapon a poisoning effect of 3d8 HP per round. Since each Namaran is different, it is impossible to gain immunity to this type of poisoning.

Spore Release

Anytime a namaran is hit with a critical hit, the namaran can make a luck check to release a cloud of toxic spores, at a cost of 20 EP. The cloud covers the adjacent hexes next to the namaran and inflict the targets in the area with sickness and visual distortion.

0/5 : Not rated


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