This is a unique, birth “deformity of the soul”. While everyone is usually born under a rune,  occasionally someone is born incapable of runic connection or with a strange connection to something else. One would think that being runeless would leave that person incapable of using magic, and for the most part that is true as many runeless are incapable of using magic. However, there are a few recorded cases of men who performed magic that seemed to be uninvolved with any rune. One case tells of a man who controlled sound as if it was a rune of its own. This extremely rare situation is determined case by case, since some gifts involve simple focusing on an aspect of a Rune instead. These people are highly sought after by scholars of magic for study, since their characteristics are highly variable and quite possibly highly unstable. No one knows how to explain this phenomena yet.

Runeless have the chance of the following: not being able to use any kind of magic, using light magic, using shadow magic, using sound magic, or being all-elemental. Runeless have no strengths or weaknesses to any of the runic elements since the runeless possesses no runic soul. Runeless of any kind are incapable of using momentary magic.

Please refer to the below chart for the type of runeless your character is if you choose to be runeless. You may be asked to roll for it (1d6) or may be allowed to choose your type.

Number Rolled Runeless Type Description
1 True Runeless Cannot use magic of any type.
2 Light Element Can use photomancy.
3 Shadow Element Can use shadowmancy.
4 Sound Element Can use audiomancy.
5 Omni-elemental Can learn 1 spell from each element. Must learn and master 1 spell of each element before progressing to the next Tier. Spell prerequisites do not matter, however stat costs are doubled and the skill points needed for skill mastery are increased by 2.
6 True Runeless Cannot use magic of any type.

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