1. Quick Reference


Race Maximums


Weight Ranges

Height Ranges

Life Expectancy



Fortitude: 80
Speed: 60
Mental: 60
Strength: 50
Luck: 70
Will: 100


S: 90-110
M: 111-150
L-B: 151-280
L-F: 260-400

Male: 5'-7'
Female: 4'11-6'2


Male: 100
Female: 105
Hermaphrodite: 80


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2. Basic History

Humans are perhaps Nor’Ova’s largest race. Having a short life span, humans have eagerly threw themselves into the limelight. Building large fortresses, creating kingdoms and empires faster than they can reproduce, the human race has had a vibrant history. Despite having only been active on Nor'Ova since the Second Era, humans have greatly affected the world and its history more so than any other race.

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3. Positives & Negatives

Humans are innovative and upbeat, however they are often influenced more by emotion and desire instead of intellect.

Quick List of Modifiers

+5 to Fortitude
+2 to Influence
+1 to Success Rate Modifier

Humans enjoy a bonus of 5 points to Fortitude, 2 points Influence, as well as a +1 Success Rate Modifier. This is your average race – not great or bad at any one thing.

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4. Lifespan

Humans have three stages of life. The first stage, which last from child-birth until they reach the age of 13, is called their childhood. During this time they are completely dependent upon their parents for support, and are still developing certain skills needed for survival as well as their appearance as an adult human.

The second stage, which last from 13 until 21 is their adolescence. It is at this stage in their life they begin trying to develop just who they are, and where they fit into this world. They also become anxious and seek more and more independence and tend to rebel against their parents. Though they are not yet considered full-fledged adults, some leave their parents in this stage.

Their final stage, adulthood, last from 22 until death. During this stage most humans are already separated from their parents but keep close relationships with them. They generally have become more matured and stopped their growing and developing by now. Their death can be painful or painless, and generally comes when they are in their late 80’s. There is only a 60% chance humans will reach their max age, and a 20% chance they will live longer (20% per additional year).

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5. Appearance

Humans are typically various shades of peach and brown, have either blue, brown, or blue-green eyes, and have hair of many different colors.

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6. Living Habitat

Humans typically live in cities, though can be found anywhere.

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7. Food & Sleeping Requirements

Humans require one meal every three days, though can and usually will eat several times a day. They need to sleep at least 6 hours (one 1/2 cycle) every night or suffer from fatigue (-5 from endurance per missed hour).
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8. Culture

Humans enjoy celebrating a wide assortment of festivals and parties. They are a very social race who enjoys engaging with other races, though are often filled with prejudices and fears against other races. Humans are settlers and conquerors. Most humans are monotheistic in their beliefs.

Humans often have a first and last name, with the last name being a family name. Many even have middle names, usually added to appease some other family member or to pay tribute to some other figure.

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9. Racial Relations

Humans will work well with most like-minded people. There remains some prejudices and feelings of superiority when engaging with humans of other shades and cultures. Humans bear some resentment and envy towards elves of all type. They have a fondness and respect for dwarfs, are interested in races of lore and especially in Angerians. Most tolerate though with feelings of superiority towards half beasts and anthropoids. They are distrustful towards Talusians, Deztunians, reptilian races, and especially so of xodians.

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10. Racial Skills & Abilities



Stat Cost

Range & Area


Skill Points to Skill Mastery


Tier 1

This skill allows you to negotiate for 20% off of the asking price of an item or service, if you are the customer. If you are trying to sell the item or service, you can use this skill to negotiate for a 15% increase of the asking price. This is a free action.

2 SA

1 item in hands


1 skill point =
2 skill mastery %


Natural Learning
Racial Ability

Humans have been able to progress so fast throughout history because they can pick up and learn observed skills and traits quite easily. Using this ability your character can learn any recently observed skill as long as your character meets the prerequisites, without spending any skill points to do so. When using this ability you simply make a Mental Check. If successful and if the skill can be learned by your character due to meeting prerequisites, your character gains that skill at 10% mastery.

Study Habits
Support Ability

This ability helps you learn and master skills faster, which helps you improve your character faster. This ability is a great ability for any character that is just starting out. What this ability does is it increases your success point rate by +2 and your failure point rate by +1. To use this ability with a skill or spell, you simply spend 10 SA.

Scholarly Study
Support Ability

With this ability you can use your stat points to improve the rate at which you learn and master skills. For every 10 stat points you can have a skill’s skill point = skill mastery % drop by 1. Basically, if a skill’s rate is 2 skill points = 1 skill mastery %, then for 10 stat points, you can have that change to 1 skill point = 1 skill mastery %. Spend another 10 stat points and it will change to 1 skill point = 2 skill mastery %. You can only drop a skill’s rate twice. The change on the skill is permanent.

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