1. Quick Reference

Race Race Maximums Builds Weight Ranges Height Ranges Life Expectancy Genders
Aquilian Fortitude: 70
Speed: 100
Mental: 60
Strength: 60
Luck: 80
Will: 50
Small S: 80-120 Male: 5'-7'
Female: 5'-6'5
Male: 300
Female: 315

2. Brief History

Aquilians were originally thought to be nothing more than myth and folklore, passed on by those brave souls who dared to trek the harsh realms of Nor’Ova. However when they were first officially spotted, and forever written out to be factual beings. Aquilians do not speak about their believes of their origins, because they believe it pointless to worry about, however they are devout worshipers of the Mogen David, who’s lands and mountains they call home.

Aquilians are not present in the Saga of Ablution campaign.

3. Positives & Negatives

Aquilians are agile beings with well defined eyesight and the ability to transform into large eagles gives them the

Quick List of Modifiers

+30 to Perception %
+5 to Speed
+2 to All Jump Ranges
+5 to Evade
+5 to Aim
+1 to Defense Actions
+2 to Initiative
different bonuses in eagle form

distinct pleasure of flight. However, they are unable to amass much strength, or wear much weight as this would make them flightless.

Aquilians benefit from bonuses of +30 to Perception %, +5 to Speed, +2 to all Jump Ranges, +2 to Initiative, +5 to Evade, +5 to Aim, and +1 to Defense Actions when in man form.

In eagle form the aquilian gets +2 Support Actions, +50 to Perception %, and x 1.5 to Speed. Eagle Form aquilians also sport talons that do 50 damage and a powerful beak that deals 60 piercing damage. Eagle form aquilians can learn various eagle and bird skills. They share many behaviors from their eagle cousins and make great hunters and archers.

4. Lifespan

Aquilians have two stages of life, chick and adult. The first stage, which last from birth until 10 is when they are considered chicks. They resemble small human babies, and need to be carried for. During this stage they will grow like typical human children, of course never growing hair. Near the end of this stage they will learn to transform into their eagle form, and be expected to learn how to fly. Aquilian children who fail to do this are considered cursed, and left forever by their mother.

When they reach 11, they are considered adults and must leave their mother’s home and become a dependable member of the tribe. They usually die around the age of 300, if they managed to survive the world that long. Their death is a terrible one, resulting in stages from molting, bones breaking, losing the ability to fly, losing memory, losing their senses, and finally death. This process can take several years, or several months.

5. Appearance

In human form, Aquilians are tall and skinny, usually bearing a gold complexion to their skin. They have no hair whatsoever on their body, and have a pointy-shaped face, and a long, pointed nose. Their eyes are narrow and slanted and usually gray. In eagle form they resemble large eagles, usually of a golden color.

6. Living Habitat

Aquilians can be found in the plains, forests, and mountains, usually isolated from the rest of civilization. Though aquilians do travel, most would not know they were aquilians, unless they knew just what to look for.

7. Food & Sleeping Requirements

Aquilians require 3 meals a day of insects, small woodland creature, small fowl, fish, and water. They must sleep two full cycles a night, or suffer from fatigue (-5 endurance per missed hour).

8. Culture

Aquilians are a proud and peaceful race. They tend to group together in small flocks consisting of no more than five families and no less than two families. They are monotheistic believing in Mogen David, but are not part of any structured religion. The celebrate life and the seasons.

Aquilians do not use surnames. Instead they will refer to the tribe that they are part of, for example, Arquin of the Steel Talon. First names are often very beast-like.

9. Racial Relations

Aquilians have actually had very little interaction with most races partly because most of them live in the more remote areas of the world. Thus aquilians generally do not have a per race relationship, it is more of a per individual or per tribe relationship with their relationships being based on need, desire, or circumstance.

10. Racial Skills & Abilities

Skill Effect
Offensive Ability
With this ability you can increase your damage against a predetermined beast type by + 10. You must make it know to the GM the type of beast you are wishing to hunt when you acquire this ability or before you can ever use it, which are: insect, small mammal, moderate size mammal, large mammal, small reptile, moderate size reptile, large reptile, small fowl, large fowl, skeleton, spirit, zombie, vampire, dragon, a particular race, water creature, etc. Once you have determined what you are hunting, the effects of this ability will only work for that type of target. If you wish to hunt another type, you will have to acquire this ability again. Pick one.
Race Ability
Racial ability that allows the aquilian to take on either a humanoid form or a giant eagle form. Please see the Positives and Negatives section for the differences between man and eagle form. Aquilians in eagle form lose the ability for human speech and use of weapons but can communicate with those that have Animal Talk. It cost 5 EP to use this ability.
The Better Anthropoid
Race Ability
Spending 20 EP at the beginning of the day to activate this ability allows you to use your transforming skills as much as you want during the game day with no EP cost. You must purchase this ability to have it, you can do so by spending 100 skill points.

11. Eagle Form Skills

Skill Effect Stat Cost Range & Area Duration Skill Points to Skill Mastery Mastery
Dive Bomb
Tier 1
With this skill the eagle form aquilian will fly into the air and dive into the target, beak first. This will do beak damage of 60 + melee power + 2d10. There is a 35% chance of knocking the target down and a 15% chance of knocking the target out for 1 round.  10 EP;
1 attack action
Jump Across Range instant 1 skill point =
2 skill mastery %
Flying Weapon Rush
Tier 2
With this skill the eagle form Aquilian can jump in the air as if about to preform a Dive Bomb. One of the Aquilian's allies will toss the aquilian a spear or sword with no action cost to themself, which the flying aquilian catches with his or her talons. The Aquilian then preforms a dive bomb with the equipped weapon in his or her talons, doing the damage of dive bomb (including any upgrades) plus the weapon damage. Must master Dive Bomb first.  20 EP;
1 attack and 1 support action
Jump Across Range instant 1 skill point =
1 skill mastery %
This skill allows for flying at triple movement rates. Aquilians can only use this skill when in eagle form. If the aquilian is carrying more than 50% of its weight limit, then the aquilian cannot fly. It costs 5 EP to use.
Damaging Shrill
The eagle form aquilian can let out a blood curdling shrill that causes 1d10 + Magic Power damage to any target, ally or enemy, that is within 3 hexes of the aquilian. It costs 1 Support Action and 5 SA.

0/5 : Not rated


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