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Race Race Maximums Builds Weight Ranges Height Ranges Life Expectancy Genders
Goblin Fortitude: 50
Speed: 90
Mental: 80
Strength: 50
Luck: 100
Will: 50
Small S: 60-85 Male: 3'-5'
Female: 3'-5'
Male: 80
Female: 80

1. Basic History

Goblins have a long history of playing tricks on other races and inspiring horror stories and fear. Often referred to as gremlins and even mistakenly as imps, goblins share a closer family tie to the gnome and dark dwarf.

2. Positives & Negatives

Goblins are erratic, aloof, and love to play tricks on others. Goblins, being so small, seems to be at a

Quick List of Modifiers

+3 to Initiative
+3 to Success Rate when using support skills
+1 to Failure Rate when using support skills
+1 to Support Actions
+5 to Evade

Saga of Ablution: +10 to Magic Stability for geomancy

disadvantage. But they do have some advantages. Goblins have a natural aptitude towards geomancy, pyromancy, and necromancy. Also being so short, they can fit into places that other races cannot. But being short does have it’s disadvantages. A goblin has a harder time dealing with heights and are aggressive and easy to anger.

Goblins benefit from a +3 to Initiative and a +3 to Success Rate and +1 to Failure Rate when using support skills. They have a +1 to Support Actions and +5 to Evade. They also have increased magical healing or damaging power, with the increase depending upon their element. If the goblin is a geomancer, the increase is x 1.4 (40%) . If the goblin is a pyromancer, the increase is x 1.3 (30%) . If the goblin is a necromancer, the increase is x 1.2 (20%) . All other forms of magic enjoy an increase to healing or damage power of x 1.1 (10%) . They are highly clever and inventive, making them great as saboteurs, explorers, wizards, and inventors.

In the Saga of Ablution campaign, goblins have a natural +10 to their chance for casting stable magic if it is geomancy.

3. Lifespan

Goblins have two stages of life, childhood and adulthood. Childhood, which last from birth until 10, the child is completely dependent of his/her parents for every need. This is the stage the goblin learns to take care of himself. During adulthood, which last from 11 until death, the goblin leaves his parents and tries to make his own way in the world.

Goblins often forget about their parents and any family they have, and it is not uncommon that, because of this, the goblin's mate ends up being related to the goblin. A goblin male constantly is searching for a mate, but never settles down with one significant mate. Instead the goblin male will during the adult stage have as many as ten different mates a year. Female Goblins on the other hand seem contempt with being alive simply for mating, as it is taught to them during their childhood what their purpose in life is. When a goblin reaches their max age, they die of a severe heart attack.

4. Appearance

Goblins are short and thin and have wrinkled, folded over skin that is coarse and can be in colors of black, white, green, or a mixture of each. A goblin cannot grow facial or body hair. They have either black, gray, or red eyes that are basically an oval shape. Goblins have no hear on their heads, and have 2” to 4” long ears which stick out horizontally from the sides of their heads as well as crocked, sharply pointed noses.

5. Living Habitat

They live in mountain regions, and rarely travel.

6. Food & Sleeping Requirements

Goblins consume 2 meals a day consisting of meat, and drink water or other liquids with each meal. Goblins prefer raw food over cooked food. They must sleep at least 4 hours a day or suffer from lost endurance (-5 EP per missed hour).

7. Culture

Goblins are tricky, crafty, and mischievous, but despite popular belief, are not necessarily evil. Goblins are often atheists and have no celebrations. Instead they love to poke fun at others and simply cause mischief.

Goblins do not use a last name or family name. This is largely due to the fact that they often forget who their family is. Goblins only use a first name which can really be anything that the goblin mother thinks of when the goblin is born.

8. Racial Relations

Perhaps due to their love of mischief, their appearance, their name, or stories about them; many races either fear or despise Goblins and often want to have nothing to do with them. Which is a shame really because goblins are not prejudiced, and love playing tricks on any race as well as tagging along with others, especially if treasure is involved.

9. Racial Skills & Abilities

Skill Effect Stat Cost Range & Area Duration Skill Points to Skill Mastery Mastery
Identify Traps
Tier 1
Use of this skill allows you to know what a trap is and what a trap does just by observing the trapped area.

5 SA;
Free Action

any trapped area in line of sight instant 1 skill point =
2 skill mastery %
Trap Setting
Tier 1
This skill grants you the ability to use trap knowledge abilities to set traps. You will use this skill with either basic, better, complex, advance, or magic trap knowledge when ever you wish to set a trap. 10 SA;
1 support
self instant 1 skill point =
2 skill mastery %
Basic Construction
Support Ability
This ability allows you to build basic structures or items.
Trap Proof
Racial Ability
Being masters of trap setting and disarming, it should come as no surprise that the goblin can simply ignore and be ignored by most traps. By using this ability the goblin can spend SA to get past a trap without disarming it and without springing it. It costs 5 SA per trap level to use this ability.
Detect Traps
Support Ability
This ability increases your Perception % by 10 to aid in locating traps. This is a permanent effect ability that only applies to making perception checks to find traps.
Tricky Goblin
Racial Ability
If the goblin is next to another ally or enemy target when the goblin makes a successful evasion, the goblin will duck behind that target and that target will get hit instead.
Relentless Mockery
Racial Ability
The goblin will mock endlessly any one hearing target that is within 6 hex. The hearing target must make a will check, if the target fails the target will receive Depression/Loss of Self status effect for 1d8 rounds. It costs 4 SA and 1 support action to use this ability.
Night Vision
This talent gives the character night vision, allowing the character to see as well in the dark as he or she can in daylight. This talent removes any perception penalties due to lack of light.
Basic Traps Knowledge
Support Ability
This ability gifts you with the knowledge of how basic traps work so that you may be able to disarm or set them. This ability doesn't disarm or set traps, it just gives you the knowledge on how to do so.

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