1. Quick Reference

Race Race Maximums Builds Weight Ranges Height Ranges Life Expectancy Genders
Angerian Fortitude: 60
Speed: 90
Mental: 70
Strength: 60
Luck: 60
Will: 80
S: 80-100
M: 101-135
Male: 4'-6'
Female: 3'5-5'
Male: 700
Female: 710

2. Brief History

Angels are a constant in almost every single known religion on Nor’Ova. They are supposedly the chosen messengers or warriors of various gods. Angerians often use this to their advantage, trying to proclaim supernatural knowledge and power, when in reality these ‘Angels’ only resemble artistic depictions of real angels and in reality are not real angels.

3. Positives & Negatives

Angerians are resistant to most poisons and diseases (30%), and have a higher learning rate than most races.

Quick List of Modifiers

+3 to Success Rate
+2 to Failure Rate
+5 to Fortitude
+3 to All Jump Across Ranges
+2 to All Jump Up Ranges
+5 to Will 
+1 to Support Actions

Saga of Ablution: +10 Magic Stability using mysticisim

Using their resemblance to religious icons of their name, angerians also have a higher personality than most. But that could be because so many religious fanatics revere them. However angerians are expected to act a certain way, and often times are surrounded by admiring mobs or the first targets of those with dark intentions.

Angerians benefit from bonuses of + 3 to Success Rate, +2 to Failure Rate, +5 to Fortitude, +3 to all Jump Across Ranges, +2 to all Jump Up Ranges, and +5 to Will. They also have +1 to Support Actions. Furthermore, Angerians who are mystics (uses of life magic) enjoy an increase to their spell's healing or damaging power of x 1.5 (50%) . For any other magic type the increase is x 1.1 (10%) . They excel with life magic and make great leaders and clerics.

In the Saga of Ablution campaign, angerians  have a natural +10 to their chance for casting stable magic if it is mysticisim.

4. Lifespan

Angerians have three stages of life. The first stage, childhood, last from birth until 15. During this stage the young angerian grows and develops it’s many skills needed for survival. The young angerian stays at home during this stage.

The second stage, adolescent, last from 16 until 24. During this stage the angerian leaves his parents and lives with relatives. This stage is when the angerian learns what it means to be a man or woman.

The final stage, adulthood, last from 25 until death. During this stage the angerian travels the world, looking for a purpose for their life. Death is feared by angerians. They view death as a an end of life, and usually fight it to the very end.

5. Appearance

Angerians are tall and fit. They look like humans, but with angelic wings. Their wings are usually white, and eyes can be either black, brown, green, or blue. Their hair color can be any shade of blond, any shade of brown, black, or white. They have no body or facial hair. Occasionally an angerian can have black wings. These so called “fallen angels” are so feared that most are put to death the minute they are born. Those who survive have done so because their parents do not wish their death and hide them away from society.

6. Living Habitat

Angerians can be found all over, and it is common to see an angerian travel.

7. Food & Sleeping Requirements

Angerians require 3 meals a day consisting of meats and water. They must sleep a full night’s cycle every night or suffer from fatigue. (-5 from endurance per missed hour).

8. Culture

Angerians try hard to live out the life that is expected of them by others. Thus they try to be religious and clean. They are monotheistic with most worshiping Mogen David.

Angerians take great pride in the family surname which often can be traced back many generations. For first names, Angerians are often named after angels of myth or religious beliefs or heroes of the past.

9. Racial Relations

Angerians are revered by all but orcs and dark elves. Because of this angerians are able to work with most races quite easily.

10. Racial Skills & Abilities

Skill Effect Stat Cost Range & Area Duration Skill Points to Skill Mastery Mastery
Angerian Embrace
The skill allows the angerian to embrace the target. Doing so, the angerian can give the target HP, SA, or EP from its own stats. Or, the angerian can take 2d10 of HP, SA, or EP from the target to replenish his or her stats. This is a free action. Amount of stat given or 100 SA 1 target instant 2 skill points =
1 skill mastery %
Tier 1
This skill produces a certain glow about you, which increases your Influence by +10. 5 SA;
1 support
self 1d6 hours 1 skill point =
2 skill mastery %
Flying Rush
Tier 2
With this skill the angerian flies into the air and rushes the target with his or her sword or spear. This will increase total damage done by + 25 and there is a 35% chance of knocking the target down and a 15% chance of knocking the target out for 1 round. If the angerian isn't weilding a sword or spear, no weapon damage is added. 16 EP;
1 attack action
flying movement range affecting 1 target instant 1 skill point =
1 skill mastery %
This skill allows for flying at triple movement rates. If the angerian is carrying more than 50% of its weight limit, then the angerian cannot fly. It costs 5 EP to use.
Sense Alignment
Support Ability
With this ability you can spend 10 SA and know what the moral alignment of whoever you are facing is.

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