1. Quick Refernce

Race Race Maximums Builds Weight Ranges Height Ranges Life Expectancy Genders
Gnome Fortitude: 70
Speed: 40
Mental: 100 
Strength: 60
Luck: 70
Will: 80
Small S: 50-80 Male: 1'5-3'5
Female: 1'5-3'
Male: 800
Female: 700

2. Brief History

Gnomes were always treated as an inferior and harmless race by Zodo, and thus were never hunted down. Therefore gnomes have lived a basically peaceful live.

3. Positives & Negatives

Gnomes are senile and stingy. Gnomes are usually short and a bit chubby, so it’s hard to imagine there being any

Quick List of Modifiers

+10 to Mental 
+2 to Success Rate
+1 to Failure Rate
+2 to Success and Failure Rates when using support skills
+10 to Evade
+15 to Perception % when detecting illusions
+1 to Battle Support Actions
-2 from Initiative

advantages. But there are. Gnomes are extremely smart and crafty. Gnomes can easily pick up skills of crafting and inventing three times faster than other races, and they boast a great mending skill. But being short does have it’s disadvantages. A gnome is slow and clumsy. They tend to be the last one to move in battle, unless accompanied by an orc, and have a hard time doing normal task such as carrying multiple things in their arms and climbing.

Gnomes benefit from bonuses of +10 to Mental %, +2 to Success Rate, + 1 to Failure Rate, +2 to Success Rate and Failure Rate when using support skills,+10 to Evade, +15 to Perception % when detecting illusions, and +1 to Battle Support Actions. They have a penalty of -2 from Initiative. Gnomes are highly clever beings, needing to be to find ways to survive in a world full of much larger beings. Because of this they make great inventors, alchemists, and are decent mages.

4. Lifespan

Gnomes have two stages of life, childhood and adulthood. Childhood, which last from birth until 16, the child is completely dependent of his or her parents for every need. This is the stage the gnome learns to take care of himself, and begins to learn how to craft.

During adulthood, which last from 17 until death, the gnome leaves his parents and tries to make his own way in the world. Gnomes can still depend on their parents, in fact gnomes usually live very close to their parents. A gnome usually doesn’t search for a wife until he is 100.

Gnomes appear to become elderly around the time they turn 500. Female gnomes die 100 years before male gnomes, basically because of the childbirth process that takes so much energy from them. If a female does not ever conceive a child, the female will live to be the same age as the male gnome. When a gnome reaches their max age, they die of a severe heart attack.

5. Appearance

Gnomes are short and chubby and have tanned, coarse skin. Gnomes do not have any facial or body hair, no matter the gender. They have either black, gray, or green eyes that are basically an oval shape. Their hair is usually gray, and is long and matted.

6. Living Habitat

They live in hilly regions, and love to travel, especially in the search of treasure or lost artifacts.

7. Food & Sleeping Requirements

Gnomes must have 3 meals each day consisting of meat and fungus, and drink water with each meal. They must sleep at least 1/2 a cycle or they will suffer from fatigue. (-5 from endurance per missed hour).

8. Culture

Gnomes are similar to dwarfs in that they have a love of craftsmanship and hard work. However they are far more mischievous than even the most laid back dwarf would be. They enjoy more the art of tinkering and invention, and love to come up with new and exciting ways to do things, especially new ways to deal with their most favorite pastime, treasure hunting. Gnomes are very family-centrist, but if the rumors of the treasure are large enough, they will leave everything behind to find it. Gnomes are polytheistic.

Gnomes make use of the family name as their surname now days, but this is a recent custom that only started during the Second Era. Their family names originally came from what craft they were a part of or something they were famously known for. First names are chosen much like with any other race, they pick a name they like and give it to their offspring. Typically it is the father that names the children, and this is done only when the child turns one. Before that time the child is simply known as “Baby Gnome”.

9. Racial Relations

Gnomes get along with dwarfs far better than a dwarf gets along with a gnome, meaning gnomes love to work with dwarfs but dwarfs find them annoying and immature. Gnomes will also gladly work with any of the human race, beast men, and other races of lore. They tolerate the saurians but steer clear of the other reptilian races. They have a distrust for the elves and the anthropoids, and a fear of the orc races.

10. Racial Skills & Abilities

Skill Effect Stat Cost Range & Area Duration Skill Points to Skill Mastery Mastery
Tier 2
With this skill you can repair an item. Just using this skill alone allows you to repair an item's DP by 2 x Mental + Strength. For armor, this skill allows you to repair 1 point of PR or MR each use. You can increase the amount by using tools found in the Crafting section. 15 SA & 15 EP;
Free Action
touching range instant 1 skill point =
1 skill mastery %
Material Identify
Tier 1
This skill lets you identify any material and know all of its properties. 5 SA;
Free Action
within 2 squares or 12 feet instant 1 skill point =
2 skill mastery %
Double Leap
Racial Ability
Being so short, a gnome has had to develop abilities that would let him or her navigate in a world built for larger beings. This is one such ability. Using this ability, the gnome can jump up or across double that of their Jump Up and Jump Across ranges. To use this ability simply spend 5 EP.
Item Combination
Support Ability
Using this ability allows you to combine two or more items to create a new item. You cannot use this to combine alchemical potions, as there is a separate ability for that, but you could combine alchemical tools.
Basic Construction
Support Ability
This ability allows you to build basic structures or items.
Basic Metal Smithing
Support Ability
This ability allows you to build basic structures or items.
Design Improvement
Support Ability
This ability allows you to improve upon existing designs.
Gnome Tinkering
Racial Ability
When a gnome makes something, it is 10% better than when someone else makes the same thing. Therefore, any item a gnome makes has every stat increased by 10%.
Support Ability
This ability allows you to get an accurate value of an item. You simply need to spend 5 SA to use this ability.

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