What are Professions

Profession is what your character does for a living. Your character's profession is initially decided upon during the Character Origins part of Character Creation and shows the job that your character is currently doing when you have started actually playing your character. If you have chosen not to make use of Character Origins then you do not need to worry about using Professions, unless of course you wish to do so. If you have used Character Origins to help create your character, then you need to read this page to better understand how your character's profession affects your character's growth and development.

What all does Profession affect?

You already know from character origins that your character's profession gives your character a weekly salary. It might have also given your character some other bonuses. That's not all that your character's profession affects though. Your character's profession also affects the following:

  • The rate and which your character learns and masters skills: skills that fall into your character's profession will be easier for your character to learn and master while others may be more difficult
  • The effectiveness of the skills your character uses: skills that fall in your character's profession might be more effective while others might be less effective
  • How effective your character is with certain weapons: your profession might make your character better with daggers than other characters not sharing your profession, for example
  • How effective your character is with certain armor: perhaps that heavy armor doesn't slow your character down as much because of your character's profession

Since your character's profession is chosen during creation, it is treated as a life profession. This means that you cannot change your character's profession later on, so you should carefully consider the benefits and negatives of your character's profession. Luckily your character's profession doesn't prevent you from using other skills or equipment. Instead, it may make them more difficult to use or master.

The Different Professions

Here are the different professions so you can better understand what they are.

Self Employed or Freelance: This is basically an open profession. You have no real profession so your character gets none of the benefits or penalties associated with any profession. Basically this would be playing the game as it is with no profession guidelines or restrictions.

Professional Bum: You are unemployed and homeless. Despite sounding like its not a profession, it actually can be as you learn quickly how to survive on the streets and in the wilds and know how to do what it is necessary to survive. Professional Bums excel with character and mercantile skills as well as basic survival skills but have a hard time fitting in with society and with the more educated skills. They can easily use what they have on them or around them as a weapon, which usually is just their fists, but will be awkward at using anything that would have to be purchased.

Merchant: You excel at trade and can always get a good deal. You know the worth of an item far better than a layperson. You would however find it difficult to fight and to survive out in the wilderness. You prefer light armor and flashy clothes to anything heavy.

Mechanic or Smith: You excel at making and repairing things.  You can easily tell what something is made of and easily deal with traps. You aren't a warrior but you aren't completely clumsy in a fight either. You would leave the talking and spell casting to others though.

Law Enforcement or Guard: Being a noble guard, member of the city watch, or patrolman (depending upon your campaign and setting) means that you belong to a group of dedicated servants to society. You are there to protect the peace and are rightly equipped to do so. You know how to defend yourself and others, are decent in a fight, and have great investigative abilities. You can't tolerate thievery and have no stomach for policy making and backroom deals.

Military Professional or Warrior: You may be a solider in the King's Army or you may be a gladiator. Perhaps you are a sell-sword. The point is, you know how to fight and fight well. You handle the great swords and battle axes with ease and heavy armor is nothing to you. You are the tank, plain and simple. What you are not is a master of magic or light on your feet.

Thief: Thief, rogue, conman - they are all basically the same thing. You excel at stealth, lifting and stealing things, and getting into locked places. You might be noble in your pursuits but your skill-set causes others to find you hard to trust. Knives, daggers, and other small weapons that you can easily conceal are your tools of the trade and you can move around in light armor as if you were never even there. Don't try to wear heavy armor though and stay clear of the heavy great sword.

Bureaucrat or Noble: Or perhaps even simply a rich kid to a wealthy and important family, or maybe you have inherited a family business. You don't fight, you hire others to fight for you. You are good with words and charm, and you know how to make money. Many may regard you as a psychopath and heartless but why should you care, you own them. You just better treat them right because you need them to defend you since you are basically useless in a fight.

Researcher or Alchemist: You deal with research, and in most cases this is in the field of alchemistry though depending on your setting and campaign it could be different. You are great at making things and are great in the role of support. You might even be the healer of the group with your like-magic potions.

Magician: You have spent your whole life focusing on magic. You can cast spells faster than most and with greater effect. You however have a hard time dealing with heavy weapons and armor, but your spells more than make up for it.

Farmer or Hunter: You know how to live off of the land. You excel at tracking, can tell what is edible and is not, and can identify that strange creature with ease. Piercing weapons, throwing weapons, and projectile weapons are your tools of trade and you can easily become a part of the environment you are in - as long as that environment isn't a city. You leave the heavy armor and the heavy weapons to others.

Scholar: You have made it a career to know things. You learn skills well but you have a hard time with combat and violence. You approach everything academically.


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