Professional Bum

You are unemployed and homeless. Despite sounding like its not a profession, it actually can be as you learn quickly how to survive on the streets and in the wilds and know how to do what it is necessary to survive. Professional Bums excel with character and mercantile skills as well as basic survival skills but have a hard time fitting in with society and with the more educated skills. They can easily use what they have on them or around them as a weapon, which usually is just their fists, but will be awkward at using anything that would have to be purchased.

The Professional Bum Profession is all about survival and surviving without having to get a real job. Basically, they are professionally lazy.

1. Bonuses and Penalties

You already know that playing as a professional bum allows you to gain 1d% worth of shillings per day that you are in a town from pan-handling. However these are not the only benefits a professional bum receives.

  • A professional bum gains +2 success rate and +1 failure rate for character skills, as well as a +1 success rate for any skill that deals with survival.

  • A professional bum knows what it is like to do without and therefore does not receive any penalties for not eating or drinking for up to 3 game days.

  • Professional bums do not gain failure rate for magic skills or any knowledge based skill. They also cannot acquire Study Habits.

  • Professional bums can easily disguise themselves, giving others a penalty equal to the bum's mental stat of seeing past their disguise.

  • A professional bum can exchange skill points for shillings at a rate of 1 skill point = 10 shillings. This is explained by the bum receiving charity.
  • Professional bums have their Influence % always decreased by 25%.

2. Effects on Weapon Usage

Being survivors, professional bums have learned how to effectively use ordinary objects lying around as weapons. Doing so, they are able to inflict double damage with ordinary items, as well as crude bashing weapons. All other weapons require the use of a support action as well as an attack action to use as they are clumsy with them.

3. Effects on Armor Usage

Bums cannot use heavy or expensive armor, however they can spend their SA to temporarily boost their PR or MR at a rate of 2 SA = 1 PR or MR for that instance. This would be a free defensive action.

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