You excel at trade and can always get a good deal. You know the worth of an item far better than a layperson. You would however find it difficult to fight and to survive out in the wilderness. You prefer light armor and flashy clothes to anything heavy.

The Merchant Profession is all about making a quick shilling. They can sell ice to an Eskimo but they aren't so good with a sword.

1. Bonuses and Penalties

You already know that playing as a merchant grants you 100 skill points during character creation and a 100 shillings per week salary. However these are not the only benefits a merchant receives.

  • A merchant can take out a loan for their Luck x 10 worth of shillings. Once the loan is accepted, the merchant will lose 10% of his or her shillings each game week until the loan + 10% interest is paid. The merchant cannot take out another load until the loan is paid.

  • A merchant also gains a +1 to Success Rate and Failure Rate when using character skills and an additional +1 Success Rate if the skill is related to buying and selling.

  • A merchant starts with the Trade ability and the Haggle skill mastered.

  • Merchants do not gain a Failure Rate for combat skills.

  • Merchants can use haggle to increase the character point reward, any combat spoils, and any currency found by 25%.
  • Merchants can use haggle to give themselves a 10 point bonus to Influence %, which they can use to talk their way out of a battle.

2. Effects on Weapon Usage

Merchants are regrettably cowards and are not skilled in combat. For this reason, merchants can only use light and small weapons like knives and daggers, small swords, throwing weapons, projectile weapons, and whips.

3. Effects on Armor Usage

Merchants only wear cloth armor, which often times is made to look elaborate, and can not use any shields larger than bucklers.

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