Mechanic or Smith

You excel at making and repairing things.  You can easily tell what something is made of and easily deal with traps. You aren't a warrior but you aren't completely clumsy in a fight either. You would leave the talking and spell casting to others though.

The Mechanic or Smith Profession, depending upon your campaign setting, is a laborer who specializes in crafting and repairing. Which profession you are depends upon your campaign, for here on they will be referred to as smiths.

1. Bonuses and Penalties

You already know that playing as a mechanic or smith grants you a 100 shillings per week salary and 100 skill points during character creation. However these are not the only benefits a mechanic or smith receives.

  • A smith has a +2 to Success Rate and +1 to Failure Rate for any skills that deal with crafting, smithing, and repair.

  • A smith also starts out with the basic metal smithing and basic crafting abilities.

  • Smith's can repair item in half the time needed by doubling the stat cost of the repair ability.

  • Since they know all about armor, smiths do double damage to a target's PR.

  • Smiths receive no failure points for magic spells or character skills.

2. Effects on Weapon Usage

Smiths are not warriors. They can't use heavy swords or axes. They are however more effective with war hammers and mallets, dealing 25% more damage with those weapons. They also always do double the amount of PR damage to a target's armor.

3. Effects on Armor Usage

Smiths can wear light to medium armor but can't use shields.

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