Law Enforcement or Guard

Being a noble guard, member of the city watch, or patrolman (depending upon your campaign and setting) means that you belong to a group of dedicated servants to society. You are there to protect the peace and are rightly equipped to do so. You know how to defend yourself and others, are decent in a fight, and have great investigative abilities. You can't tolerate thievery and have no stomach for policy making and backroom deals.

The Guard Profession is all about defending others.It is the profession of the City Watch, the Kings' Guard, and other related professions. The Guard makes a great tank character.

1. Bonuses and Penalties

You already know that playing as a guard grants you company issued equipment (type depends on GM and campaign but usually is a basic set of iron armor with a short sword), 25 stat points during character creation, and a 100 shillings per week salary. However these are not the only benefits a guard receives.

  • A guard has an extra defense action.

  • A guard is regarded well by society and typically receives a small reduction in prices, typically 10%.

  • A guard gains an extra success and failure rate for defense skills.

2. Effects on Skill Learning

A guard gains an extra success and failure rate for defense skills. A guard does not gain failure rate for skills that deal with thievery of persuasion. Guards also start with the Parry ability and the Block skill mastered.

3. Effects on Weapon Usage

Guards are defenders, not warriors. Therefore while they can use all kinds of weapons, tye typically use only weapons that have a block value.

4. Effects on Armor Usage

Guards can use any armor or shield.

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