Researcher or Alchemist

You deal with research, and in most cases this is in the field of alchemistry though depending on your setting and campaign it could be different. You are great at making things and are great in the role of support. You might even be the healer of the group with your like-magic potions.

The Researcher or Alchemist Profession is all about research and discovery. In most campaigns and most settings, this would simply be an Alchemist profession, however, in some campaigns there could be other story-based research professions. In the Saga of Ablution campaign for example you could be a researcher in magicteck technology. It is not a profession that focuses on combat or making money. If you want to deal with potions or other campaign-specific research, this is the profession for you. For ease, we will simply call this the researcher profession.

1. Initial Bonuses and Penalties

You already know that playing as a researcher grants you an additional 100 skill points at character creation as well as a salary of 100 shillings per week. However these are not the only a scholar receives.

  • A researcher gains a +1 to success rate for all support skills.

  • A researcher can make a free luck check each time he or see fails at a skill to double their failure rate for that instance.

  • Researchers always deal 25% less melee damage in battle, except for when using staffs or rods.

2. Extra Bonuses

Researchers can receive an additional bonuses depending upon their field of research. A field of research must be chosen at the start and cannot be changed until all of the skills in that field are mastered and all related abilities are obtained. For most researchers, this will be their field of research for life.

The schools of study are:

  • Alchemistry: the researcher chooses to focus on alchemistry and as a result the cost to acquire for all alchemistry related skills and abilities is cut in half. This means that for example Create Basic Potions costs the researcher 25 skill points instead of 50, and if it is a skill their rate at mastering that skill is effectively doubled. Their potions are also 10% more effective.

  • Magic: the researcher chooses to focus on magic. They immediately decrease the magic spell's Skill Point to Skill Mastery conversion rate down one level so that a 1 skill points = 2 skill mastery becomes 1 skill points = 3 skill mastery and 5 skill points = 1 skill mastery becomes 4 skill points = 1 skill mastery. They also can acquire magic abilities at half their cost. Their spells are automatically 10% more effective.

  • History: the researcher chooses to focus on history. Any abilities that deal with lore and history can be acquired at half their cost, including any abilities that deal with translation. They also gain double their success rate and failure rate at any skills that deal with exploration and would help them with their historical research.

  • Campaign Related: this field of research would be specific to the campaign you are in and not usable in any other campaign. You would have to confer with your GM regarding your campaign. Saga of Ablution is the only official campaign currently released that this could apply to, and that would be Magicteck Research. Such would be treated the same as Magic research with the added bonus of acquiring crafting abilities at half cost for the construction of magical devices.

3. Effects on Skill Learning

Unlike many other professions, researchers do not suffer any penalties on skills and skill types. Instead they gain a +1 to success rate for all support skills. They also can make a free luck check each time he or see fails at a skill to double their failure rate for that instance. due to their nature of learning through failure and research. They may gain other bonuses depending upon their field of research.

4. Effects on Weapon Usage

Researchers are not warriors. They are less effective at any kind of weapon usage, including unarmed combat, and therefore automatically deal 25% less damage in melee combat than other characters would. This penalty only applies to melee weapons, not projectile or thrown weapons. This penalty also does not apply to staffs and rods. Therefore a researcher would be wise to wield either a staff, rod, a throwing weapon, or a projectile weapon.

5. Effects on Armor Usage

Researchers are unable to wear heavy armor. They must stick with cloth armor. They also cannot use shields larger than bucklers.

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