You have made it a career to know things. You learn skills well but you have a hard time with combat and violence. You approach everything academically.

The Scholar Profession is all about learning and education. It is not a profession that focuses on combat or making money. This profession is probably the best profession for you if your goal is simply to learn and master skills quickly and easily. This is not the profession for you if you  wish to play the warrior or wish to excel at combat.

1. Initial Bonuses and Penalties

You already know that playing as a scholar increases the character points you are rewarded by x 1.5. You also know that it causes you to lose 25% of your character's shillings per week towards your educational loans and that all of your currency must be converted to shillings by the end of the game week to prevent from cheating on this penalty. However these are not the only a scholar receives.

  • A scholar also has a better Character Point to Skill Point exchange rate. The rate for a scholar is double that of a normal player.
  • A scholar also gains an automatic +1 to Success Rate and Failure Rate.
  • Scholars however always deal 25% less melee damage in battle, except for when using staffs or rods.

  • Scholars can elect to go later in combat. If a scholar has a greater initiative, they don't have to go if they aren't ready to do so. Most scholars will choose to go last in combat so they can better observe the flow of battle and better be prepared.

2. Extra Bonuses

Scholars can receive an additional bonus of +1 to Success Rate and Failure Rate when learning skills in their chosen school of study. A school of study must be chosen at the start and cannot be changed until all of the skills in that school of study are mastered and all related abilities are obtained. For most scholars, this will be their school of study for life.

The schools of study are:

  • School of Combat: the scholar chooses to focus on offensive combat study
  • School of Defensive Strategies: the scholar chooses to focus on defense
  • School of Commerce: the scholar chooses to focus on the skills and abilities that deal with trading, buying, and selling
  • School of Cultural Studies: the scholar chooses to focus on the skills and abilities that deal with cultures and cultural study, the study of languages, and interacting with others
  • School of Magical Study: the scholar chooses to focus on all things magic
  • School of Archaeological Study: the scholar focuses on skills and abilities that deal with exploring ancient ruins and societies

3. Effects on Skill Learning

Unlike many other professions, scholars do not suffer any penalties on skills and skill types. Their whole purpose is to learn, so they gain the automatic +1 to Success and Failure Rate as well as an extra +1 to Success and Failure Rate if the skill falls into their school of study.

4. Effects on Weapon Usage

Scholars are not warriors. They are less effective at any kind of weapon usage, including unarmed combat, and therefore automatically deal 25% less damage in melee combat than other characters would. This penalty only applies to melee weapons, not projectile or thrown weapons. This penalty also does not apply to staffs and rods. Therefore a scholar would be wise to wield either a staff, rod, a throwing weapon, or a projectile weapon.

Scholars are actually more effective with staffs  and rods and deal 10% more damage with those weapons, as well as increase their block value by 20%.

5. Effects on Armor Usage

Scholars are unable to wear heavy armor. They must stick with cloth armor. They also cannot use shields larger than bucklers.

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