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Character Name: Ara Yavok
Runic Element: Air
Race: Angerian
Gender: Female

At 5'8 she stands on the taller side of average for a humanoid woman. Her hair is a deep blue black in color, thick and  most straight, it reaches to her lower back when she wear hair loose and free falling down her back. Her skin tone tends towards a light olive in color dependent about on the amount of time she spends out of door. Her eyes are large and almond in shape, light brown in hue they can look amber if she is viewed in direct sunlight or under bright light. High cheek boned and with a high bridged nose that has a slight hook to it, she is not entirely classicaly beautiful, nor is she remarkably ugly. Full lips, a firm jaw and a slightly pointed chin finishes out her face. Her build is sleek rather than slender, and while she is not well muscled she is toned. With long limbs, a small waist, and narrow hips and shoulders.

She prefers finer clothing as benefits some one who is a higher ranking servant. While she will wear pants for easier traveling she will most often wear long and flowing skirts and dresses. Often times they are highly embroded and decorated along the helms and collars as well as through out the dress itsself. She is also fond of jewerly and while she is tasteful enough not to be dripping with it, she normally has one at least one or two pieces on display.


She tends to be social able in nature, not really like to spend time alone. She also tends to be practical even bordering on pragmatic when it comes to most things in her life. When it comes to relationships Ara is loyal to a fault often siding with people to the determined to herself. When it comes to the rest of the rest of her life she tends to be rather focused on the task at hand, preferring to handle one thing at a time. Ara also takes a rather disciplined approach to life, the one thing she fails on is the fact she can be aggressive and will often dive into things without thinking before hand. It will often manifest itself in assertive behavior with other people more so if she feels pressure in the social situation that she has found herself.

Other Information:
Ara is a rare black winged Angerian, her family line can be traced to dark winged Angerians who managed to scratch out a living, hence it is a genetic trait.


Ara grew up in a fairly normal family setting, in a setting that was not wealthy nor in the dregs of poverty. Silver smith's by trade. Ara for the most part spent her early childhood running with a pack of local children engaging in whatever game they were playing at the moment. As she got holder she was required to help her mother and sisters with house hold chores and her freedom was curtailed some what.

While not her favor activities Ara proved to be compliant if not gifted in the skills of household management. However, when she was able to get some free time she would indulge herself by roaming the streets and neighborhood with the local boys and occasionally girls. For Ara being able to keep up with the boys and beat them every now and then in their games was a point of pride for her. While her mother might wish she stayed home and was easier on clothes Ara was carrying out her duties at home as well and her parents allowed her to carry on even if they did not completely condone what she did in her free time.

As she got into her teenage years she also began to sneak out to back alley fights that were held amongst her friends. Ara would both watch and join in in the fights herself. While none among them were rich enough for decent weaponry in these fights training weapons and cheaper less well made were used allowing Ara to develop those skills for herself. Another development was as she grew older Ara got a place in one of the wealthier house holds as a ladies maid. This extra income allowed her to to purchase her own weaponry, although she was careful to keep fact from her mistress who she doubted would understand.

It was about this time Ara caught the eye of her ladies husband who being bored and not all that fond of his wife took advantage of his position of power to launch an affair with Ara who while not attracted to the man herself was about being fired should she say no to his advances.

As some times happens Ara ended up pregnant from the whole affair, eventually her condition became impossible to hide. Her mistress guessing what had happened got rid of her maid, being in the middle of what turned out to be a difficult pregnancy and later birth prevented Ara from traveling. Once she was delivered and able she left her Ara on the door step of her former employers hoping the child would be taken in and seeing her chance for reemployment low in Ara left.
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