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Basic Information
Character Name: Tala
Race: Xodian(though mother was mercury dragon/silver elf, father was of true xodian blood)
Runic Element: Earth
Age: 476 years
Gender: Female
Height and Weight: 5'6", 145 pounds

She stands 5'6" tall, with long silver blond hair held back in a complicated braid. Her eyes are amber in color, and her skin is pale. She has almost elven features, though not quite She wears a dark blue tunic and leggings, with leather sandals and a heavy hooded black cloak.She has twin swords strapped across her back, and a pouch at her waist that holds a few belongings and money. She has 3 piercings in eacch ear, the first set made of orbs of mercury, in honor of her mother's clan, the next set silver balls in honor of her mother, and the last set onyx orbs, in honor of her father. She wears 2 necklaces, one a leather cord attached to a pouch, which holds her Great grandfather's bloodstone, the other necklace is a chain linked around the hilt of a sword. The sword piece had belonged to her mother, and had been given to her when she passed.

She is gentle and soft spoken, though quick to stand up for those who are being taken advantage of, and protective of those she considers friend and/or family. Not one to judge others by their looks or heritage, she takes people as they are, but judge them by their actions and their words. Intelligent, and a fairly good sword fighter having been taught by both her mother and father when she was young

Equipment and Goods
Pouch with a change of clothes, some gold coins, 3 stone wards that help her travel, 2 swords,

Brief HistoryShe is Taal Mercleis and Tiana Ecarias's daughter. Being Taal's daughter, she is full blooded Xodian, though was raised by bother her parents. Her upbringing had been interesting looking fully human in comparison to her mother, and dealing with the whispers that she wasn't truly her mother's daughter and the treatment that came with it. Never fully accepted amongst her mother's kin, and her father being who he had been, her childhood was often lonely, and when her mother passed, it drove a wedge between daughter and father, as Tala blamed her father for her mother's death. When her mother was on her death bed, she passed on her 2 most important possesions on to her, the hilt of a sword that was a necklace, and her great-grandfather's bloodstone, what was left of it. It had been damaged in the Abultion war, though her parents never told her how or why. After her mother's death, she left to wonder the world, trying to find out more of how the world had been before the war, and what had happened.Now she is looking for her father to ask questions that she believes only he has the answer to, and she is willing to put aside her anger to find those answers.

Character Profiles:
Tana Delana | Viggtu Helver | Tala Mercleis
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