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Name: Tana Delana
Runic Element Earth
Race: Silver Elf
Age: 47
Description: Stands about  5' 4" with platinum blonde hair held back  in an intricate braid by twin silver dagger pins that can also double as weapons or lock picks in a pinch. SHe has silver grey eyes, a family trait, set in a heart shape face. She has an athletic build, ample curves that allow her some wiggle room for persuasion with some men. Wears a green tunic and black leggings, with twin blades strapped across her back. She wears sandals, and another blade strapped to her left thigh, and a pouch holding a few personal items such as her grandfather's medallion, her mother's locket and some money as well as a few medicinal herbs and bandages.

Personality: She is intelligent, both in books and street smarts. Quick to stand up for someone being picked on, she lives by a code that the legendary Shards live by, to a point. SHe is open minded about thieving, as she survives by doing so as well as some other criminal activity.  She speaks as little as possible, believing actions speak louder then words, much like her grandfather.

History: She was born to Jarius, son of Sheilis and Tasha.  She was raised from the cradle to become a Shard, learning the laws and strict code that shards live by.  Her father was 2nd in command of the legendary Shards, taking over the post his father had held after Sheilis's death in guarding the queen to allow her escape when the attacks came to the crown. Jaab Shard, Captian of the Shards was also killed in that fight, dieing in the line of duty along with his friend.  His daughter Delana married Jarius.  Infighting amongst the children of Lord Tannhauser broke out on who should be the king while their father fell victum to the sleeping death. Delana died a mysterious death, and Jarius sent Tana away with his friend Viggtu just before his own mysterious death.  She now travels with Viggtu, who she has since nicknamed Shadow, and he has nicknamed her SUnshine.  She plans to one day return to Elusia to take her rightful place as a Shard, it is her one dream.

Character Profiles:
Tana Delana | Viggtu Helver | Tala Mercleis
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