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Runic Element Space
Race Dark Elf X Xodian
Gender Male
Age 800+ years

Description heritage, He stands and 5' 9" is with covered dark in skin scars. common Someof from hsi beating dark elf he
suffered as a child, others from beating he recieved in adult hood, but most from himself carving symbols into his skin. He has a scar on his face starting an inch aboe his left eye, going through and carrying down to his chin on the left side of his face. He has blood red eyes, though his left one is slightly lighter then his right. His hair is just past shoulder length, held back in a simple pony tail, and is silvery white. He wears a cloak with a deep hood to conceal his identity when needed, and dark leather pants with a few hidden pockets that hold trinkets, smoke bombs and other defensive or offensive gadgets that he has collected or
crafted over the years. He wears no shirt, unless the weather requires it. He has 4 earings in his left ear, a moonstoon stud, a silver hoop, a small silver dagger and a gold stud.

Personality Slightly insane. Quick with a verbal jab or sarcastic remark. Often takes things as a joke, or tries to make everything into a joke. When serious(which is rare) he is very serious and precise.Protective of those he sees as weaker then him, or at a disadvantage. Will occasionally have flashbacks to times in the 4th Era, similar to a waking dream, happens a bit more frequently in Capa City then anywhere else.

History He was born during the 4th era, when Taal Zodo ruled and was there during the final battle before Abolution. He surived the following after math, and actually became more sane after the abolution then before during the 4th Era. Became close friends with Sheilis Delana, before Sheilis had become a shard, and the friendship remained up until the time he died, and the friendship remained between he and Sheilis's son, though he kept his distance due to the Elven Courts. Though he was raised as a dark elf, he believes strongly in helping others and that a balance must be maintained. Most of the self inflicted scars are religious symbols to try and atone for the evil his kind has done, and some of the evil he had little choice but to do. He doesn't belive the tatoos fully atone, but it is a step in the right direction. Was contacted by CAptain Shard to take charge of his friend's daughter, as the captain feared for her safety if she remained.Though she was old enough to take the oath, and more then qualified, Captain Shard had misgivings about it as his friend and 2nd in command fell ill so quickly after his wife had. Even the wife's death made
him suspsicious, the timing had been to convient, and there were grumblings in the court. Viggtu agreed, and took charge of Tiana and quickly swept her away into the world. He was sworn to secrecy about Captain SHard's suspicions, and Viggtu agreed that it was better if she didn't know. They traveled the world together, he seeing her as the little sister he always wanted when growing up. He called her his sun, and she called him her shadow. They worked well together in thieving, and spying on the occasion that he felt it was needed. He brought Tiana to Capa City to possibly meet Xyster, if he could finagal a way to do it.

Character Profiles:
Tana Delana | Viggtu Helver | Tala Mercleis
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