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After having talked with a few of you, I decided to go ahead and scrap the fifth era Children of Ablution forum RP. I have been trying to force myself to do a steampunk-style with magic forum RP for years now, and lets face it, I'm just not a steampunk kind of guy. I enjoy fantasy better, and from what I could tell by chatting with you, you all do as well. It is my  ferverent hope that having a setting I'm more interested in will not only help me to want to post despite my crazy work schedule, but also be more fun and entertaining for us all. There is no question that our best roleplay have come from a fantasy setting, so perhaps a fantasy setting is where we should return to.

Long ago I did do another fantasy setting, a so-called Fourth Era roleplay that was during a time of evil ruling Nor'Ova. It was great, and it's climax that resulted in the evil being overthrown and defeated was what was used to start the Fifth Era. But try as I might, the fifth era could not hold me. Yes, I still think that a post magic apocalypse setting with steampunk teck is interesting and has potential, it just doesn't have potential with me running it.

So I've went back to a fantasy setting. I'm running a fantasy setting on my tabletop game and enjoy it, and always enjoyed posting in it in the past on the forums. When deciding to make a fantasy setting for the forums again, I did briefly entertain the idea of just redoing the successful Fourth Era roleplay, but I ultimately decided against it. It's been done, we know the end result, and we need something fresh. So I decided to go with the Third Era. We haven't done the Third Era on the forum before. The Third Era is the second longest era in Nor'Ova's timeline, there's lots that can be done with it, and thanks to the idea of multiple timelines we don't have to have the same end result. Heck, it would take many years of forum roleplay to even reach such a point anyway.

I have the forum setup, and I even made an info page on the primary kingdom - Asteria. So feel free to go ahead and make your characters and lets get roleplaying!

If you want your old Children of Ablution character profiles, please let me know. I have them archived.

Anyway, I am hopeful for this new forum RP. Lets make great, epic, fun stories again!

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