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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Legends of Nor'Ova. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Laws of NorOva

    1. Welcome to Legends of Nor'Ova! In order to provide a safe place to role play where everyone who wants to write can do so, we have created the following rules with which to govern conduct on our site.

      Participation: Legends of Nor'Ova is a structured free form post-to-play shared writing experience. It is free-form in that there are no complicated dice mechanics or other such rules to govern how you can participate. It is structured in that there is a setting involved, an over arching plot to moves the general story, and that you are limited to the settings, races, and technology of the setting. By being a participating member here you can craft your stories within the world of Nor'Ova, as long as your stories do not go beyond what the world has to offer.

      Types of characters allowed: You are able to make any type of character that is feesible in a medieval-like fantasy setting. The restrictions are that you would not have access to technologies such as guns or automobiles, and that your character must be a character born on and raised upon the world of Nor'Ova. Therefore your race must be one of the listed races, nor can you come from some other world. Given that the story does involve a little bit on realms, there are some allowances. For further discussion on this, please speak to a member of the staff team.

      Illegal Activity: You cannot use this forum for the purpose of illegal activity, such as the sharing or distributing of cracked or pirated software, ways to obtain such things, or pornography of any kind. Nor can you use this site to engage in hate speech, calls to violence, cyber bullying, or other such acts. You sshould only use this site for the enjoyment of and participation in our shared writing experience.

      No Autoing: Autoing is the act of posting an action for a character that is not your character. You cannot do that here without posted permission from that character's poster given in advance.

      Don't take things personal: This is a forum RP and all characters here are fictional. Therefore it should be understood that anything done or said to your character is also fictional. It is not an attack on you personally. Given that this is a dark fantasy RP, you can expect to witness and even be on the receiving end of terrible acts. Don't take it personally.

      You must post in character as the character: We use an account switcher here, and there is a how-to-guide available. You should create an account for your character, that account is your character profile. While posting as that character, you should be using that character's account.

      No advertising: This is a forum for roleplaying in, not advertising in. There are many great advertisement sites out there, some of which you can find in our site footer. So please leave your advertising practices there and use this site for forum rp only. That said, we will allow a tasteful link to your site in your signature. #
    2. Here you can find more specific rules for your membership and accounts.

      Each Character is an Account: As stated in the participation rules, you must have an account for each character. Please refer to the How-To guide on how to do this, and if you need help please ask. We make use of an account switcher here that makes it easy to post as different characters, and each character account is that character's profile. This way it will be easy to see the character responding and make the role playing experience more immersive.

      You can have a separate main account: While not required, it is recommended to have a main account that isn't a character that your characters are linked to. You can use this main account to post in OOC (out of character) site topics.

      Your character cannot be a god or god like: No gods allowed. Nor'Ova already has its gods and goddesses, and only the site staff are allowed to post directly as them if needed. You can of course reference them in your posts though. Your character also can not be god like. It ruins the enjoyment for everyone in the end if your character can not be bested, hurt, surprised, or whatever. Everyone has a weakness, and no one knows everything. So to keep the game fun and always keep that sense of danger, your character must be fallible.

      Your character must be Nor'Ovan: No LotR characters. No Star Trek or Star Wars characters. No travelers from earth or some other world. Your character must be from Nor'Ova and must be one of the listed races.

      Your character name must not be offensive: You cannot use an offensive word as your character name. Site staff have the final say on this.

      Your character name cannot be the same name as a staff member or god: For the obvious reason that this could infringe upon the "no god characters" rule, and that it could be confusing. #