A knock at this hour?

RP taking place in the center of the continent of Chalcedonia. This consists of the lands of the Empire of Chaladonia, some of which are trying for independence since the death of King Ian Mercleis.
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Re: A knock at this hour?

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Rael nods and runs over to Sheilis, stone in hand. He didn't know if this stone would send them to where they needed to be or if it would send them to their doom. He could only hold on to the hope that the old man was not trying to trick them. He hated that. He hated this. The once rube knight had always been pragmatic, a thinker and strategist. Rael always knew what he was going into before he leapt, but in this instance he was not afforded such luxury. He had to do what he seldom did, trust in a hope.

But what choice did he have? Some how, some way, Zodo knew where they were... or where she was. Zodo wasn't one to let someone escape his clutches, and LieAnia has done that twice now. No, there was no other choice than to hope that the spell within this old hunk of ylem would whisk them away to Tannhauser.

Grabbing Sheilis's shoulder with his left hand, Rael sighed, "Taal save us...." as he pulled out the stone and thought hard into it, activating its dormant spell with his inner power. The stone glowed for a hot moment before it fell to the ground. Outside the sound of possessed soldiers rang out as they broke down the door to the old farm house. They drew their swords ready to take their prize, but alas, Rael, Sheilis, nor LieAnia were anywhere to be found.

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