Hope and Fear

RP taking place in the center of the continent of Chalcedonia. This consists of the lands of the Empire of Chaladonia, some of which are trying for independence since the death of King Ian Mercleis.
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Re: Hope and Fear

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Tiana stepped back from her uncle with a slight nod and smile as acknowledgement of his comment.  She turned her focus to Tann, there would be time later to play catch up, there is so much more other things pressing at the moment.

She saw Lady Nia behind Tann and she smiled faintly, it was good to see the two of them together again.  She had not been sure if she had come over from the dream after she had heard about the queen of Eluesia.  She also knew that queen had no interest in Tann, only the crown and her brows knitted together at the thought, trouble was brewing, and this may or may not connect to the bigger puzzle she had been working on since she woke up and found herself here.

She listened to Tann's plan, tilting her head to the side as she listened.  She sighed and carefully unfastened her cloak and folded it.  It was a fine gift that hid who she was, with the hood covering her face most would just see and feel an old woman, especially if she had her wings tucked about her like had learned to do in the dream.  She drapped it over her arm, revealing her twin swords at her hips, "Lord Tann, you only have to ask, I will help." The look in her eyes answered Tann's question, she knew Taal lived, and that he lived, Zodo was with him, wether fully asleep or awake she was not certain, but there.  

She had come to peace with that soon after the dream ended, her and Taal had many late conversations about Zodo, and how it felt things weren't over, though it was clear that it was.

She grinned, "so, shall I just waltz towards the chapel and demand an audience with Ammon?  As much as he may not want to harm me, capture me and torture he may be interested if he has the right cards up his sleeve."

Sheilis Delana
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Re: Hope and Fear

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Sheilis's eyes stayed for a few moments on his niece, still shocked to see her alive and well.  He thought since his sister, the one that had been her mother in the dream had died, she had died as well, or never been born.  Perhaps she hadn't, there were a few who just came to this world from the other dream, maybe she was one of those.

His attention turned back to his Lord, the battle against Ammon had been before he had become a shard.  He didn't frown, but his eyes darkened slightly as he processed his Lord's plan and finally slightly nodded.  "Force the demon's hand, what little would be left would be easy enough to handle."

His eyes focused on Lady Nia, and he saw her discomfort, and he took a step closer before pausing and paying attention to Minari for a few moments, memorizing her face and her look.  While that would be normal for Sheilis, the unsure look in his eyes was not he was very curious about this woman but there was no time to even attempt to satisfy it now.

Minari's face memorized as well as the sound of her voice, he turns his attention back to the matters at hand.  "Walking in head first would be bold, but not sure how wise," he looked to his lord but was silent as he waited for his lords thoughts.

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