RP taking place in the western lands of the continent of Chalcedonia. This consists of the lands of the Republic of Tyr, Kingdom of Eleusia, and Kingdom of Acadia.
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Daffodil had no idea where she was. Somewhere in the west still was about all she could discern. Had it been days, or weeks since she had left the place she where she had buried her friends and relatives. It had taken a long time to dig the graves, but she had done so with tears in her usually stoic face the entire time. She had said a prayer over each grave, telling them all that she would go on and find another group to join. Daffodil had no idea whom or what that group would consist of, but she longed for the companionship and easy camaraderie she had had with her kin and friends.

Though she had no clue as to where she was, all of the land was beginning to look the same to her, she knew that she needed water and food before too much longer. But hunting had been scarce and water even more so. Oh sure, she had the water in her water skin, but it was nearly gone, and the food from her last hunt, a measly creature it had been, had been gone for two days now. She had not eaten since and was conserving what water she had until she could find more. 

Growing weary of her trek across the land, she spotted a large bolder up ahead that would provide her some shade from the heat of the sun. Daffodil made her way towards it and sank gratefully into the shadow of the huge rock. Wiping sweat from her brow she made herself as comfortable as she could and closed her eyes. Maybe after a short nap she'd be able to find some water and hunt some game. Either way, she was too tired to do it right now. Her staff close at her side and her items strung about her person, she slowed her breathing and focused on falling asleep, rather than the lack of food in her stomach. 
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