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Ann'hauser Na'Dir

7 months 2 weeks ago - 7 months 2 weeks ago #60 by AnnaNadir
Ann'hauser Na'Dir was created by AnnaNadir
Character Name: Anna'haus Tiana Na'Dir
Race: High Elven
Runic Element: Death
Age: 21
Gender: Female
195 lbs
Soft auburn hair, color of fall leaves before winter.
Silver/blue eyes

Personality: Strong willed and stubborn. But capable of dancing the 'court two-step' with the best of them. She sets her mind to something and makes it happen. From learning sword play, to dancing. She was raised to take the throne and brought up to be herself. She made the most of both of those.

Other Information: Better than passing with a bow, and can hold her own like most first year guards with a sword. And can do most court dances with the grace of the Queen.

The Na'Dir lineage times their first born to be born under the Life Rune. Originally started as a way to counter the Death Rune life of Samhein in the Third Era. His necromancer ways nearly got him killed during the necromancer purge though it killed his entire family, with the exception of Tannhauser, who escaped as a child. But he wasn't fast enough and a bit of magic residue caught him causing the tell tale deformity of this ears.
Since then every House has sworn its first born, the one who would reign, would be a Life Rune child. This was to ensure a stable future for the Elven Royal Houses. While the reasons were mostly lost, it's still tradition for the ruler to be a Life Rune.
Anna's parents timed their child to be a Life Rune birth, but a fatal accident caused her mother, Shala, to die several weeks before giving birth. Unwilling to lose the child as well, Cithrel, her father, chose to open Shala and retrieve the premature child. It was first believed the child would not live. But when she did, the stigma of being born to early became evident. She was born a week before the end of the Death Rune cycle. While it was not announced, it could not be hidden. Every time the child acted up, someone would claim it was the Death Rune rising to cause evil within her. But Cithrel's love for his daughter, and a family and Court not willing to give up her raised a woman worthy of ruling.
But there was an unexpected side affect to being a Death Rune. Starting at age 5, Anna started dreaming of her five time great grandfather, Tannhauser Na'Dir. Cithrel chalked it up to the child's overactive imagination and court talk of her likeness to the distant relative in both a 'Rune Touched' sense as well as looks. By the time she was 15, she quit speaking of the voices. Everyone believes she 'outgrew it'. But the truth was, she had found Tira Na'Dir's journals in a secret compartment in her favorite reading nook in the library. She learned Tira, her Great Great Grandmother, had also heard Tann from his deep sleep in the Dark Paralysis. A coma like sleeping state created by Dark Magic. Anna decided, then and there, she would find Tann's fabled resting place that was lost when the world split into Above and Below.
At age 19, Anna renounced her place as the Princess Heir. But with no siblings, her father and The Council impressed upon her the necessity of her ascension. After over a year of arguing, Anna was granted permission to search for Tann, but only till her 49th birthday. She would then return to prepare to rule the House. But there was a catch. Asteria was seeking delegates for a Senate Council. Anna was to represent Elusia and the interest of the Royal Houses. She would serve at least 3 years.
With reluctance, and a retinue of guard and servants, the young Princess departs on the Senate Ship to head for Asteria. Her Guard Captain was Galen Gorwynn, a distant cousin by marriage. He is descended from the original Shard line of guards that her 5 time great Mother had bend their knee to her for her and the Na'Dir House's protection for all time. The Shards were long gone, but every once in a while, a descendant would rise and pledge themselves to the royal line once more.
Galen had been in her personal entourage since he was a boy. He was first a playmate till the age of 12 then learned the skills of the Court and Guard till he became a full guard at 16. And now, at age 25, he was the leader of the six uniformed escorts she now had in tow as she set out on her own.
There are also two Ladies with her. Merlyn ages 30 and Priden age 44, as well as Priden's 12 year old son, Dirtan as her male servant.
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