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The Character Profile Form

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How to Fill Out the Character Profile Form

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1. Character Name: This is the name of your character. Be creative. This will also be the subject of your post.

2. Race: This is what race your character is. You can use the races from the general race list in the wiki. You can also use the campaign specific race list. When choosing your race, do not worry about stats, skills, or abilities as those pertain to the tabletop version of the game and not the forum rp.

3. Runic Element: You can choose a runic element from the wiki. Your character must be of one of the eight runic elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Life, Death, Time, and Space. There are no runeless characters in the Sixth Era so your character cannot be runeless.

4. Age: This is how old your character is. Some races can live to be very old, however they all reach adulthood around the age of 20. Therefore you could pick any normal age if you desired.

5. Gender: For the most part, races have two biological genders. Humans are the only race with three, the third being hermaphrodite. Regardless of your personal views on genders, you need to choose a biological gender for your character that fits with one provided by your race.

6. Description: Here is where you can describe your character, including height, weight, build, hair color, eye color, and so on. You can even attach a picture of your character here if you desire.

7. Personality: This is what your character believes in, how your character acts, and so on.

8. Other Information: This is an optional field for you to use if there is anything else you want known about your character but the form didn't have a field for it.

9. Backstory: Here you can write out or post a link to your character's backstory, if so desired.

Again, if you need any help, please ask.

Ian Mercleis

2 months 44 minutes ago - 2 months 34 minutes ago #4 by mythus
Ian Mercleis was created by mythus
Character Name: Ian Mercleis

Race: Xodian

Runic Element: Time

Age: 1240

Gender: Male

Description: See attached image, that's his general appearance in travelling/adventuring attire. Being king though he also wears when absolutely required kingly-type robes.

Personality: Ian is at most caring and patient, though he has no room for new love in his life. Ever reminded of his  long lost love, his affection is only now reserved for the people in general and their general welfare. He is even tempered, and very passionate about the oddest things such as history while perhaps not passionate enough about ruling.

Other Information: Ian Mercleis is King of the Kingdom of Asteria, one of the three kingdoms of the Sky Lands of Chalcedonia. He is a xodian born to the Fifth Era and was the Hero of Chalcedonia and one of the heroes responsible for the reunification of Zodo and the great balancing of power. Ian is also related to Taal Zodo and Tyrius Zodo.

Backstory: His backstory is perhaps too long to share here for his history could fill many volumes. So we'll cover the highlights:

He was born in Culus in Chalcedonia in the Fifth Era, around the year 625 of the Fifth Era. He was disguised for a long time using rune stone embedding and illusionary space magic to be a human named Ian McPherson - a fact he didn't realize until sometime after getting exiled from
Culus by the demon-worshipping priest Lord Bishop Anton, along with a girl he had grown attached to called Chi. They had a short but intense romance while trying to survive the magically desolated wastes of Chalcedonia until Chi was killed by the Fellowship of Amos.

Fuelled by anger and later a desire to make sure no one else would suffer as she did, Ian united many mutants, wild men, and the Templars of Mercy to oust the Fellowship of Amos and the Will of Zodo from Chalcedonia. Over time he would prove instrumental in helping Tyrius and crew in restoring the world by reuniting Zodo and balancing the light and darkness of Zodo within two vessels, which caused an equal balancing within the world of Nor'Ova.

Aided by the duopoly, Ian Mercleis was able to protect his people and founded the Kingdom of Asteria, where he reluctantly ruled ever since.

Never finding a place in his heart for new love, he has not yet wed or had any offspring. Thankfully for Asterians he is xodian and therefore immortal, and despite the attempt of some assassins, he is also a skilled fighter and has the divine protection of Taal Zodo and Tyrius Zodo.

Characters: Ian Mercleis Poppy
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