× Before you can being role playing here in our forum RP you need to first make a character profile. This post will give you the form that you need to copy and paste into a new topic and explain how to complete the form. If you have any questions, please ask.

The Character Profile Form

The Character Profile Form will appear in the posting screen. Just replace the text next to each label and submit.

How to Fill Out the Character Profile Form

Here is a set of instructions on how to complete each part of the character profile form.

1. Character Name: This is the name of your character. Be creative. This will also be the subject of your post.

2. Race: This is what race your character is. You can use the races from the general race list in the wiki. You can also use the campaign specific race list. When choosing your race, do not worry about stats, skills, or abilities as those pertain to the tabletop version of the game and not the forum rp.

3. Runic Element: You can choose a runic element from the wiki. Your character must be of one of the eight runic elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Life, Death, Time, and Space. There are no runeless characters in the Sixth Era so your character cannot be runeless.

4. Age: This is how old your character is. Some races can live to be very old, however they all reach adulthood around the age of 20. Therefore you could pick any normal age if you desired.

5. Gender: For the most part, races have two biological genders. Humans are the only race with three, the third being hermaphrodite. Regardless of your personal views on genders, you need to choose a biological gender for your character that fits with one provided by your race.

6. Description: Here is where you can describe your character, including height, weight, build, hair color, eye color, and so on. You can even attach a picture of your character here if you desire.

7. Personality: This is what your character believes in, how your character acts, and so on.

8. Other Information: This is an optional field for you to use if there is anything else you want known about your character but the form didn't have a field for it.

9. Backstory: Here you can write out or post a link to your character's backstory, if so desired.

Again, if you need any help, please ask.

Tana Delana

6 months 4 weeks ago - 6 months 4 weeks ago #21 by Tiana
Tana Delana was created by Tiana
Character Name: Tana Delana, 

Race: Rune Elf X Wood Elf

Runic Element: Earth

Age: 26

Gender: female

Description: She stands about 5' 4" tall, long brownish blonde hair with emerald green eyes.  Small but athletic build, with ample figure if dressed to show it off, a lot of males(and females) would notice though she rarely dresses like that.  If often in light leather armor, a sword strapped across her back bearing her family's crest on the hilt, and a dagger at her wait that was her great grandfather's.  Keeps hair braided in an intricate braid held with silver clips that were her great-aunts.

Personality: Is almost invisible around most people expect for Anna Nadir, who is her charge to protect at all costs.  Around Anna when they are alone she is friendly and gentle, sees Anna as close kin though never forgets her place.  Is very protective of her, but understands her wanting to be able to do as she pleases, so often helps her escape watchful eyes for small bouts  of time. Blends vey well into the shadows and background.

Other Information: She talks very little, preferring to use actions.  She has slight stutter, but it only comes out when she is very upset, which is very rare and another reason why she prefers not to talk.

Backstory:  She is the 4 times great grand daughter of Shielis Delana, the 2nd in command of the Order of the Shards.  From the time she was a small child she was initiated into the order and trained on how to fight and protect THe Na'Dir family.  She is well versed in hand to hand combat as well as protecting against magic and using earth based spells and magics. Tana was speciifically assigned to Anna Na'dir, Tannhauser's 5 times great grandaughter.  She takes her assignment very seriously, as has all her family before her has.
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