× The Kingdom of Asteria takes up the largest of the sky lands in the eastern part of Chalcedonia. The oldest kingdom of the Sixth Era, its land was once the Kingdom of Triskel in the Second Area and comprises of the Auster Lands, the Chalcedon, and the Chalcedonian Jungle. Asteria is the most powerful of the three kingdoms though lately it relys more and more on trade for metals. It is also the most diverse of the kindgoms.

The capital of Asteria is Aureas, a city of the Second Era completely rebuilt and restored by Taal Zodo as his gift to his nephew Ian Mercleis. The current king, and only king in its long history, is none other than Ian Mercleis. Asteria has been regarded as the Holy Kingdom due to its king's close relationship to the divine Taal Zodo.

The path before her...(King)

2 weeks 1 day ago #137 by AnnaNadir
Anna managed to smile for the King asGalen stepped back to offer his hand to help her stand. “I don't
know about courage,” she laughed slightly as her old self slowly
seeped back under her skin. “But desperation cloaked as courage, I
can live with that.”

She let Galen help her up then he movedonce more to the guard position with the rest of the King's
entourage. But as the other guards fell back at the entrance to the
temple, Galen's steps never faltered.

The impressiveness seemed just rightfor the history of Zodo that Anna knew. Not too ostentatious, but
enough to know that it represented a revered person, or god, that was
cared deeply for by those who worshiped him.
When they stepped in and Ian motionedto the alter, Anna frowned slightly. “I don't understand.” She
looked around wondering if she had missed his initial directional
lead. Was there another door or opening to something beyond this room
they stood in?  

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2 weeks 1 day ago #138 by mythus
Replied by mythus on topic The path before her...(King)
Ian steps towards the glowing symbol as he explains, "He doesn't live here in my castle, Anna, but in a castle that floats above the lands. A place called Xenopolis, which for a long time was..." Catching himself going into another discussion on history, he chuckles, "My apologies Princess, I am sure you already know all of that." Being near Anna made the king want to ramble, something he hasn't done in many years. Usually he is more stoic and quiet than this. 'Perhaps I should speak to a healer later,' Ian thought to himself.

Now right next to the sigil, Ian clears his throat, "What you probably were asking was 'what door'?" He points down at the glowing golden eternal flame, "This is the door, well in a sense. It doesn't look like a door, but standing upon it will take it to his castle within the twinkling of an eye. It is old psionics magic, a permanently afixed teleportation spell."

He holds out his hand, "Shall we go together? Or shall I go first?"

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2 weeks 1 day ago #139 by AnnaNadir
Anna looked around and saw the sigilthat Ian spoke of on the floor. “Teleportation... nice...” she
smiled with a nod of impressiveness to the King for his skill.

“Together is fine with me.” Whileher hand barely twitched, Galen was at her side like he had been
called. “I am ready.” She said, though her voice didn't hold the
conviction it should have. Whatever was to come was for Tann and her
House. She may not be old enough to recall wars and strife. She had
only learned of things of the past thru tomes and scrolls and words
of those who were there.

But she knew she had to do this,whatever the cost.
A flicker went thru her mind then. Didher father know this was what she would find here? And if he didn't,
what would he think of her going to face a god man he revered,
despite her contempt of him?
She straightened her back, lifted herchin and stepped up beside the King. “I am ready.” She said a
final time. This time the conviction was steady and true.

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2 weeks 1 day ago #140 by mythus
Replied by mythus on topic The path before her...(King)
With nothing but a silent nod, Ian steps with the others onto the sigil, and true to his word within an instant they found themselves in another place. They were within a great throne room, a similar sigil like the one they stepped upon behind them. Brilliant light flooded the seemingly ancient room, shinning upon seven great thrones, three each flanking a center throne curved around the room. Within the room great, massive paintings were hung each depicting different events and different eras. The thrones sat empty.

Ian sighed before turning back to the princess, "Worry not. He doesn't fancy this room and since few visit he rarely makes use of it. I bet that we would find him tending to the garden." Ian turns and makes his way to a great door and beyond it to a large courtyard garden where bloomed any flower one could have imagined.

Within the garden was a woman in white. She seemed both ageless and young, long blond hair cascading over her crouched over form as she revives a dead flower. A white eternal flame seems to glow upon her pale, thin arms. When the three enter the courtyard, she stands to face them and Ian in return bows before her.

"M'lady K.." he starts to say as the young woman makes her way to them, but she interrupts him as she rushes to embrace Anna. "LieAnia, is that truly you?"

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2 weeks 1 day ago #141 by AnnaNadir
The room was impressive. The thronesmade Anna wonder just who all would occupy them. She had figured this
a place merely for Zodo. She couldn't bring herself to think of the
Taal side of him. The side that had been good... that had been
corrupted. She only knew of the man who had set Tann in his current
condition that caused, if rumors were true, for his beloved Nia to
take her own life a couple generations later.
As he mentioned the god being in thegarden, she raised a curious eyebrow. King, god or guard... gardening
seemed an odd hobby. Almost 'mundane' in nature. Yet she enjoyed it
on occasion. Perhaps she shouldn't think so badly of it.
When they entered the garden and Ianaddressed the Lady in white, Anna was impressed. The almost
unearthliness of the female made her first think of the angels of
stories. White beings made of light that guarded those us the lesser
races they looked after.
She put on her best smile thinkingperhaps this was the man's spouse or Mistress. It wouldn't do to
insult her.
But the cry of surprise and the embracemade the Princess freeze. Despite her arms being almost pinned at her
side from the hug, she managed to lift her hand just enough to stay
Galen as he tensed. The man's jaw working with tension as he debated
just how far to let it go.
“Forgive me... ummm, M'Lady. But I donot know you...” She tried to pull back without causing offense and
the surprise on her face now was as plain as the fear and anger had
been below in Ian's own Keep just moments before.

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2 weeks 1 day ago - 2 weeks 1 day ago #142 by mythus
Replied by mythus on topic The path before her...(King)
"Ky, this is not LieAnia," Ian, who was just as surprised as Anna, finally states. The lady releases Anna, looking a bit embarrased, "Oh, sorry. But you look so much like her...." Ian nods, "That could be because Anna here is a decendant of her."

Ky smiles warmly and curtseys, "Oh, how do you do Princess Anna? I am Kymara Zodo." Ian turns to Anna and Galen, "Kymara, or Ky, is the Aspect of Life. She lived and died every era until the Awakening. It was her purpose to undo the corruption of Will which had darkened Zodo, and to thus save Nor'Ova. Everyone knew her, though they never knew it because the Will was cunning and had her name erased from the collective memory and histories of the world. Instead, she was simply known as the Mogen David."

Ky shakes her head, "Ian likes to talk. But Anna not come all this way to hear Ian talk so much! Please, what can I do for you? We owe you so much."

Characters: Ian Mercleis Poppy
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2 weeks 1 day ago #143 by AnnaNadir
Anna smiled as the woman apologized.Many had said she looked like her many times grandmother. “You
flatter me with your mistake, Lady. Thank you.”
As introductions were made, Anna noddedin respect. She had, of course, heard of the Mogen David, but this
certainly wasn't how she pictured it. And when the Lady Ky, the
incarnet of a goddess, herself, asked what the Princess was there
for, she suddenly felt foolish. “Ummm... I came to see Zo.. Taal
Zodo and ask...” she paused a moment wondering if this was such a
good idea.

Galen's hand came to rest lightly onher shoulder in reassurance and she took a deep breath. “I have
come to ask for knowledge of how to find Tannhauser Na'Dir... my many
times great grandfather.” She didn't let on about what she already
knew and experienced. All things in time.

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2 weeks 1 day ago #144 by mythus
Replied by mythus on topic The path before her...(King)
Ky watches her fumble for words, blinking slowly as she observes the elf girl patiently and curiously. When Anna finally got it out, she smiled warmly and widely, almost like she was excited. "Oh that is so wonderful! You are right to come here to ask Taal where to find him! He has been worried that no one would seek out Tannhauser."

She clasps her hands in front of her chest while still bearing a warm smile, "This means the sleep will be over soon! If you came, then he is calling you! He is trying to wake up then, trying to find his way back!" She looks down, a sudden wave of sadness seeming to wash over her, "So few break my brother's curse. Even with his rehabilitation, parts of Will's darkness still..... It is like something is still calling upon it, that dark power that seeks nothing but oblivion." Ky looks back up at Anna with water-filled eyes, "But you, you are a different light. You, with others also hearing his plea, can finally find Tannhauser and help him find his way."

Ky motions towards the back of the garden, "Taal is back there, asking souls and memories for forgiveness." She turns back to Anna, "Be brave, and go speak with him. He has so much he can tell you, if you only ask him to."

Ian nods, "Thank you Ky." He turns to Anna, "Don't worry, I'll come with you." But Ky shakes her head, "No, Ian. You should stay. This is something the Princess needs to do herself." She faces Anna and places a hand on Anna's chest, "So much Anna needs to see, needs to know. So much hurt. If she wants to help heal her people and chase away their darkness, she needs first to face hers."

Characters: Ian Mercleis Poppy

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