× The Kingdom of Asteria takes up the largest of the sky lands in the eastern part of Chalcedonia. The oldest kingdom of the Sixth Era, its land was once the Kingdom of Triskel in the Second Area and comprises of the Auster Lands, the Chalcedon, and the Chalcedonian Jungle. Asteria is the most powerful of the three kingdoms though lately it relys more and more on trade for metals. It is also the most diverse of the kindgoms.

The capital of Asteria is Aureas, a city of the Second Era completely rebuilt and restored by Taal Zodo as his gift to his nephew Ian Mercleis. The current king, and only king in its long history, is none other than Ian Mercleis. Asteria has been regarded as the Holy Kingdom due to its king's close relationship to the divine Taal Zodo.

The path before her...(King)

2 weeks 1 day ago #146 by AnnaNadir
The woman's glee made Anna suspicious,but she had come too far to turn back now. “Others? Others have
heard him? There were rumors that a great cousin of mine once heard
him. But was driven deep into depression because of her inability to
Her intial shock past, Anna started toremember other things she had said. “You said others have broken
'the spell'? So Tann wasn't the only one trapped in the Sleep?” The
woman's hand on her chest somehow gave her a small surge of bravery
and desire to see it through no matter what was to come.
The hope in Anna's voice made Galen'schest tight. She wanted it so badly that hope was like a dagger to
his heart. He remembered stories of Tiania Na'Dir. A granchild of Nia
and Tann who had been the first to hear Tann's pleas for help. Her
young age and the lack of knowledge of what to do dropped the poor
woman into a deep depression till was little more than a waking dream
of a Queen. She ruled well enough, but it cost her dearly and she
died in childbirth due to poor health. Galen had spent his whole life
trying to make sure Anna didn't suffer the same fate. He stepped
forward as the woman bid Anna go see the man.
Anna glanced at her guard and gentlyshook her head. “Galen.. I have to do this. She is right. I have to
face whatever I must for Tannhauser.” She walked over and in a very
unprincess like gesture, pressed her palm to his cheek and smiled as
she lowered her voice for his ears alone, though not caring if the
others heard. “I am not Tia, Galen. I will be fine.” She dropped
her hand and smiled that smile meant for him alone when no one else
was alone. “Just be here for me when I come back... be here and I
will always be all right.” She didn't let him respond but turned to
Ky and nodded.
“I am ready to see him.” She noddedto the Lady, then Ian and without another look at Galen, headed back
into the garden where the Woman in White had directed her.

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2 weeks 1 day ago #148 by mythus
Replied by mythus on topic The path before her...(King)
The great garden sprawled before her with all manner of flora. It would have been enough to get lost in, but somehow Ky's direction persisted like a glowing beacon, unraveling a path forward. At the end of this path was a waterfall, but it was unlike any other. Instead of a cascading stream of water, it was names that flowed from it. Names of those who suffered and died during Taal's corruption and possession, as well as those who suffered because of his guilt and fear in the era following. Kneeling before it was a man who from behind would seem similar enough to Ian with his blond hair. Yet this man wore simple clothes and had an aura of light about him.

Sensing her coming, the man stood slowly, but for a moment didn't turn to meet her. It almost seemed like he was scared to do so. Slowly he did though, his ice blue eyes heavy and his face wrought with unspeakable pains. He could have been Ian's twin if not the effects of guilt and what Power had done to him back in the days when it was twisted and darkened by Will's malice.

"Princess Ann'hauser Na'Dir," he finally spoke with heavy words. "You have finally come."

Characters: Ian Mercleis Poppy

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2 weeks 22 hours ago #149 by mythus
Replied by mythus on topic The path before her...(King)
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Anna followed the path, though she felt more like she was being led. The scene as she came upon it made her gasp. It was unreal in it's creation, yet somehow made sense to her.

She took a long look at the man god as he rose and turned. Her face an open book of surprise... and pity.

"I... I didn't know you were expecting me."

The man shakes his head,  "Expecting? No. More of a hope. I've had visions of a Na'Dir coming before me at a most crucial time, but as with all things the future remains ever in motion. The fears and doubt you'd have faced to even stand seeing me is not unknown to me, so it was just as likely that you too would not come."
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She understood his concerns. She'd been told many times that the future people saw were merely glimpses of various possibilities. "My fears and doubts have no place in this." Despite saying it, she couldn't quite put enough conviction behind it. "Tann is all that matters."Taal lowers his head, his gaze tracing back to the falling names behind him, ".... When I learned that he fell to Ablution's darkness... I...." He gulps, letting out a soft sigh, "Long have I prayed never to see his name fall. A name among names but one precious to me, to be another dear friend that had fallen to my madness... my darkness... Many times I've dreamt of seeing his name, and feeling only then why Will so sought oblivion."He looks back up at Anna, "But tell me please, why does he matter so much to you, a forebearer you've never gotten to know?"
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"He's in pain..." The answer seemed so simple to her. "He calls to me. How could I ignore him? He's my blood." She furrowed her brow slightly, wondering if he truly 'didn't' understand, or was merely seeking to find out if she 'did'."And what causes this pain?" Taal sighs, "The sleep.... it is ever so long and dark. Within you see, feel, experience with your whole being as if you were awake and alive. It may be a world of your darkest, worst memories, or it may be a world you knew not of but feels as real and as dark. Only briefly do you catch glimpses to let you know you are stuck in something not of your own reality - voices, feelings, pains and fears from the waking world. What is it that causes Tannhauser this pain that keeps him asleep..."He smiles as he recalls a distant memory, "When I first met him, he was dealing with a problem none of us should have to bear. His grandfather, Samhein, wanted him dead, and not just him alone. It would have been so easy for Tannhauser to have hid. None would have blamed him. But Tannhauser is of higher quality than that, so despite the deep wounds to his soul it would cause, he sought out his grandfather and delivered justice."

Taal sighs, looking down, "Such pain he felt. He was regarded as a hero, but ever did he feel like a murderer. It would haunt his dreams even to this day."

Taal looks back up at Anna, "Tell me please, what is going on now that could haunt him more?"
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Anna shook her head. "I don't know.. here comes to me. He says "I'm here". But there is anguish there.She closed her eyes trying to remember it deeper. Her head slowly shook from side to side as she tried to fight it off and seek it out at the same time.

When she opened her eyes they flattered with tears. "He feels alone... Abandoned... Punished somehow..." She didn't have the words and it troubled her that it might make the difference.Taal nods, "Yes.""I asked you why he meant so much to you. Such is not a question that should be so readily asked of anyone seeking their family, yet the question is a part of the very answer."

Taal waves his hand and current day Eleusia appears before Anna, "Tannhauser should not feel so alone, so abandoned. What family is it that would not seek out another that is missing, dead or alive?" He waves his had again and a dark cloud grows within Eleusia. Words of anger and fear populate this cloud and blood rains from it.

"A darkness has grown within your family and they have collectively not only forgotten Tannhauser, but made sure no one would know where to find him. If I were to ask any of them the question I asked you, what answer would they give?"
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The worlds he showed tugged at her like a long being torn off. The darkness and blood rain made her actually lift an arm as if she would be able to fend it off.His words made her think hard of her answer, this time. She shook her head as reality crashed down to crush desire a different answer. "They would day he is dead and there is nothing to be done. They say merely dreaming of things I read about. That I should settle to the crown resign myself to putting away childhood fantasies about a man I never knew."

She would never had admitted that to anyone before today. Even now she didn't know what made her say it out loud.With her revelation Taal lets slip a small smile, "You are wise Ann'Hauser Na'Dir. You understand well I think his pain."Taal sighs, "How disgusted I felt, and how saddened I was to know that not long after his collapse into the darkness, a generation removed had already forgotten him. No, it is perhaps better to say they virtually killed him. His own grandchildren, within them grew a darkness that tore your family and our country apart. One great land became four, each trying to undermind the other for a small advantage. It felt like the petty jealousy of Samhien all over again, though this time magnified."

He shakes his head, "Even now such exists. Never have your cousins sought to come together and find Tannhauser. No, it would seem they grew better benifit for him to remain lost."

Taal raises his gaze by to Anna, "There was another, a great grand daughter who remembered him. She was chastised beyond measure for her desire, her "foolish dreams". I am sure you know her story well."

Taal smiles faintly, "I am glad though that one is here who remembers, and cares. Your heart is pure. If you ask of me where Tannhauser slumbers, I shall tell you. But you must be prepared for when you find him, of not only how to save him from his darkness, but also of how to save him from your own."
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The history of her tainted bloodline, falling from his lips, brought a half forgotten pain to her heart. It was something she planned to strive for when she took the throne in a few years. To reunify the country and make it whole again.Taal's mention of Tia made her jaw tighten. The girl had ridiculed and ousted until she believed their words, thought herself mad, and allowed it to consume her. Anna refused to give in to those voices whispered behind her back as well as spoken to her face.

Then he said what she wanted to hear. All she had to do was ask. The warning brushed side though she heard it and would heed it. "I am willing to do whatever it takes. I would even trade places with him." For the first time since leaving home, the conviction in a stolen statement had no waver, no hitch, no feeling of pulling it back. She truly would trade places with him.

She took a step closer till they were barely an arms length apart. "Where does Tannhauser Na'Dir slumber?" It wasn't a command to be told, so much as doing exactly as he said."There." Taal states solemnly, his right arm flinging out and his index finger pointing with purpose to the image of Eleusia. The image grew as he spoke, zooming closer and closer to where his words described, "Near the mountains of his namesake filled with mythril and west of his forest with the last reminder of his last act to save the kingdom is one of the great trunks of Tre'Eryn. Like a protective mother, it shelters Castle Na'Dir, its opening lost to all except those who remember his words and his heart. Within the throne room he is entombed, watched over by an ancient spirit willed in existance by his mourning wife."The area was in full view now and soon to was the gate to the castle. Just beyond it, even though it were but a meer image, one could almost here Tann weep. It was within the Sundered Lands, the surface of Eleusia enveloped by the darkness of Tre'Eryn's shade - within the Kingdom of the Underdark.
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Anna too a step towards it, hand out as if you open the door. Biting her lip, she drew her hand back, crossing her arms as an imagined chill ran down her spine. "Tre'Eryn... In the old Castle..." Defeat and chastisement colored the words. "Why didn't I think of that?" She whispered as if wanting to beat herself for the lack of foresight. She turned to Talk to and tilted her head. "He was your best friend once... Wasn't he?" Her hand rose as her voice did. "You claimed you sit here to wait for how name to drop. Proof he's truly dead because of you. Why didn't YOU go find him!?" She was shaking now. Anger replacing earlier helplessness.

Without realizing it, she had stepped into him and shoved hard with both hands. The palms thumping against his chest. "You could have saved him long ago!" The held back tears fell. All this time... He had known and done nothing! She had thought he'd give a riddle, a clue, a shrug to its meaning. But no... He knew... Showed her the door! Suddenly she felt like the whole world had turned upside down. That Fate was mocking her... Laughing... Rolling over at some great cosmic joke, and she had somehow become the punch line. She felt betrayed more than anything else."I..." he tried to speak as she shoved into him, both physically and emotionally. He felt deeply the very feeling behind her words. They were like sharp daggers burning hot with holy fire. The guilt grew within him rapidly, like a green climber wishing to cut off his airway and devour him whole.(more coming)
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(C)Finally his voice cracked, "I... I... couldn't...." Taal wanted to yell, to scream, full of Anna's torn emotions. He held them back but he could not hold back his own tears. Looking down, he finally stated, "I... I did try." His gaze raised back to meet hers, "I tried, and I failed. What good is it to have the very powers of creation and destruction if you can't use it to save those who you care most about?" He shooked his head, "The torment I feel, on a daily basis, over the fact that I know where he is and can do nothing, it is perhaps greater than any other guilt I have experienced. Before I became.... became this again I looked hard for him and could not find him. When it happened though and the aspects of Zodo split between Tyrius and myself, I was flooded with such knowledge, including Tann's location. I raced there immediately, only to be repelled!"

Taal sighs, "I have only dominion of the light, which does not reach the surface in this day. Such lands belong to the darkness. So.... I tried to raise Castle Na'Dir. I grew the Na'Dir Root, wishing to bring the castle and its sleeping guest upwards through Tre'Eryn to the light. But.... that too failed."

Taal turns to the falling names, "My name should be there. Feel free to blame me, to hate me. It is well justified. I know where my friends are, and I am powerless to help them. Instead I must pray that someone comes alone who can do so in my stead." He spits, "Pathetic. Useless. I've done so much to them both, and now that I have the power to make things right, I can still do nothing but wait."(done)
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She had turned away when he stammered. Unable to even walk, she'd collapsed on the bank of the name fall and rested on her knees, spent. She was going to yell at him, tell him he didn't deserve to live... Tell him she hated him.But then his confession slipped into the hardened shell of her self righteousness. He was a god. He should have triumphed. But he had limits.

Hey voice was soft, designed, apologetic. "I'm sorry..." She didn't look up at him. But she said what needed saying... To save them both. "I'll go."

She blinked and looked up at him. "I'll bring Tann home... Awake." Slowly she stood up. She sighed tried to imagine what her name would look like as it tumbled from the cliff the swirling mass below.

Turning to face him, she turned her palms up in surrender. "What do I need to do?" (E)Taal slowly turned back to her, "Finding him is perhaps the easy part, though full of danger. Of all the elven kings, it is Malnor Na'Dir, King of the Underdark, that would wish nothing more than the final death of Tannhauser. And you would be in his kingdom.Taal smiles thinly, "The tricky part is waking him. You are the key, but there is another part of the puzzle. One of which through my other aspect, spirit, I have been working on. A particular namara youth has been born with a special toxin. This toxin can help you awaken Tannhauser by taking you to him once you've found his body. So, I've had this Namara youth share in your dreams. It will make finding her and convincing her all the more easy."

He sighs, "She is within Asteria's capital city now, sleeping in a bookstore. But you should make haste. The shadow, it too knows of her and hunts her."

He smiles, "It was truly a pleasure to meet you again. Take care, and don't give up."

Characters: Ian Mercleis Poppy

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