× The Kingdom of Asteria takes up the largest of the sky lands in the eastern part of Chalcedonia. The oldest kingdom of the Sixth Era, its land was once the Kingdom of Triskel in the Second Area and comprises of the Auster Lands, the Chalcedon, and the Chalcedonian Jungle. Asteria is the most powerful of the three kingdoms though lately it relys more and more on trade for metals. It is also the most diverse of the kindgoms.

The capital of Asteria is Aureas, a city of the Second Era completely rebuilt and restored by Taal Zodo as his gift to his nephew Ian Mercleis. The current king, and only king in its long history, is none other than Ian Mercleis. Asteria has been regarded as the Holy Kingdom due to its king's close relationship to the divine Taal Zodo.

The path before her...(King)

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"Princess!" Galen's voice bore the full weight of the title given to him, "You know that I'd never abandon you like that. Never would I forsake my oaths and our friendship to abandon you. No one could command me to do so, not even the king, Cithrel Na'Dir, himself."  Galen sighs, "It was just a dream m'lady. A terrible one yes, but a dream all the same."

In the back of his mind, Galen could almost hear the stern voice of Anna's father and his liege. 'If you truly want to protect her,' he'd say as he had said time and time again, 'you must get her to drop this foolish dream of hers. Looking for the long dead and lost only ends in madness.' Perhaps now, with her truly feeling the weight of all of this, could Galen finally convince her to just drop this quest of hers.  She might resent it, but she'd live. After all, what good is there in finding the body of an ancient king, long dead and likely swallowed by the flames of Ablution?

He had planned to do just that. Secretly, or perhaps not so secretly, Galen shared Cithrel's wish. They had both hoped that this little diplomatic mission would finally get the princess off of this foolish quest. They both had figured that the Asterian King, Ian, was wise and would help to show the foolish princess the errors of her way of thinking. To call Galen surprised when Ian seemed to encourage her quest is an understatement. Surprised, and perhaps a little disappointed. But something about the dream he too had made the guard question things.

Sighing, Galen smiles warmly, "Tana is right. You have this connection with our legendary king that I could never understand, and even the Asterian king, in all his wisdom, seems to believe you to be the one to find Tannhauser. As eager as I was for you to stop chasing such a dangerous dream.... " Galen left it at that.

"So princess, please, tell me this dream that bothers you so."

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Anna smiled as Tana apologized for notbeing there when she woke from the dream. “You have no t failed me,
my dear friend, merely for being away from my side when I dreamt what
I did. You have to see to your own health. And Galen was here as was
Merik outside the door.” She nodded to the other soldier who took
this moment to bow and silently close the door with the assurance
that his Princess was in capable hands.
The woman's reaffirmation to help hermade her smile though it was tired and weak. “I know you will
follow me. You have always believed in me and I rely on that strength
more than you know, Tana.”
She sighed and closed her eyes amoment, grateful for Galen's hard, real, presence holding her up. But
as the weight of her title fell from her lips, she stiffened
slightly. He had been one who had tried to get her to turn from her
path and see the magi for way to get the dreams to stop. He feared
for her safety, and sanity, and she knew he asked from a place of
love and devotion.
But as the weight of her title fellfrom her lips, she braked herself, tensing up in his arms. He was
going to use this to tell her once more the foolishness of her
pursuit. But he surprised her. After his profession to never abandon
her as her dream foretold, he supported her need to seek out Tann
thru the venues that the King, and Taal, had given her.

She touched Galen's cheek and smiled.“You were only looking out for me. And I know you did it because my
father told you to, as well. But the dreams won't stop till I have
answers or I save him.” When he asked about the dream, she took a
deep breath, wiped the tears off and sat up to tell them what she had
seen and heard.

She kept one hand in Tana's and theother one alternated between wiping away tears and resting on Galen's
leg. “Then you looked at me Galen and walked away while I pounded
and screamed for you not to go. Then I woke up.” She looked down in
her lap as she realized, in saying it out loud, how foolish it all

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