× The Kingdom of Asteria takes up the largest of the sky lands in the eastern part of Chalcedonia. The oldest kingdom of the Sixth Era, its land was once the Kingdom of Triskel in the Second Area and comprises of the Auster Lands, the Chalcedon, and the Chalcedonian Jungle. Asteria is the most powerful of the three kingdoms though lately it relys more and more on trade for metals. It is also the most diverse of the kindgoms.

The capital of Asteria is Aureas, a city of the Second Era completely rebuilt and restored by Taal Zodo as his gift to his nephew Ian Mercleis. The current king, and only king in its long history, is none other than Ian Mercleis. Asteria has been regarded as the Holy Kingdom due to its king's close relationship to the divine Taal Zodo.

The path before her...(King)

2 months 1 week ago #168 by mythus
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"Princess!" Galen's voice bore the full weight of the title given to him, "You know that I'd never abandon you like that. Never would I forsake my oaths and our friendship to abandon you. No one could command me to do so, not even the king, Cithrel Na'Dir, himself."  Galen sighs, "It was just a dream m'lady. A terrible one yes, but a dream all the same."

In the back of his mind, Galen could almost hear the stern voice of Anna's father and his liege. 'If you truly want to protect her,' he'd say as he had said time and time again, 'you must get her to drop this foolish dream of hers. Looking for the long dead and lost only ends in madness.' Perhaps now, with her truly feeling the weight of all of this, could Galen finally convince her to just drop this quest of hers.  She might resent it, but she'd live. After all, what good is there in finding the body of an ancient king, long dead and likely swallowed by the flames of Ablution?

He had planned to do just that. Secretly, or perhaps not so secretly, Galen shared Cithrel's wish. They had both hoped that this little diplomatic mission would finally get the princess off of this foolish quest. They both had figured that the Asterian King, Ian, was wise and would help to show the foolish princess the errors of her way of thinking. To call Galen surprised when Ian seemed to encourage her quest is an understatement. Surprised, and perhaps a little disappointed. But something about the dream he too had made the guard question things.

Sighing, Galen smiles warmly, "Tana is right. You have this connection with our legendary king that I could never understand, and even the Asterian king, in all his wisdom, seems to believe you to be the one to find Tannhauser. As eager as I was for you to stop chasing such a dangerous dream.... " Galen left it at that.

"So princess, please, tell me this dream that bothers you so."

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2 months 6 days ago #170 by AnnaNadir
Anna smiled as Tana apologized for notbeing there when she woke from the dream. “You have no t failed me,
my dear friend, merely for being away from my side when I dreamt what
I did. You have to see to your own health. And Galen was here as was
Merik outside the door.” She nodded to the other soldier who took
this moment to bow and silently close the door with the assurance
that his Princess was in capable hands.
The woman's reaffirmation to help hermade her smile though it was tired and weak. “I know you will
follow me. You have always believed in me and I rely on that strength
more than you know, Tana.”
She sighed and closed her eyes amoment, grateful for Galen's hard, real, presence holding her up. But
as the weight of her title fell from her lips, she stiffened
slightly. He had been one who had tried to get her to turn from her
path and see the magi for way to get the dreams to stop. He feared
for her safety, and sanity, and she knew he asked from a place of
love and devotion.
But as the weight of her title fellfrom her lips, she braked herself, tensing up in his arms. He was
going to use this to tell her once more the foolishness of her
pursuit. But he surprised her. After his profession to never abandon
her as her dream foretold, he supported her need to seek out Tann
thru the venues that the King, and Taal, had given her.

She touched Galen's cheek and smiled.“You were only looking out for me. And I know you did it because my
father told you to, as well. But the dreams won't stop till I have
answers or I save him.” When he asked about the dream, she took a
deep breath, wiped the tears off and sat up to tell them what she had
seen and heard.

She kept one hand in Tana's and theother one alternated between wiping away tears and resting on Galen's
leg. “Then you looked at me Galen and walked away while I pounded
and screamed for you not to go. Then I woke up.” She looked down in
her lap as she realized, in saying it out loud, how foolish it all

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1 month 3 weeks ago #172 by Tiana
Replied by Tiana on topic The path before her...(King)
As Tana listened to Anna recount her dream, she never let go of her hand and occasionally looked around the room as if searching the shadows for hidden intruders.  For her, there were intruders in the shadows, whispers of memories she knew were not hers, echoes of stories she had been told before coming a full Shard, as preparation to being one of the few Shard to gaurd Lady Anna.

she mentally shook her head, trying to force those echoes away like she often did, but they persisted, echoing pieces of Anna's dream.  It was whispered that she had a connection to one of the old Shards, her many times great grandfather Sheilis, though the only connection she knew of was the amulet that she wore.

After Anna finished telling her dream, Tana frowned, coming to a decision, "this only makes me more certain that you are the one who has to find Lord Tann.  Some one wants the past to be known and brought back to the light, a balance to bring the Elven kingdom back into balance again." She let go of Anna's hand and slowly reached up and took off the amulet that she wore.  To any who glanced, it was identical to all the amulets of a similar rank wore, which on the outside it was.  She had done that on purpose to hide her mst prized possesion.

"Before we embark on that journey, there are answers to be had, and perhaps some are here, but more are waiting for us." She unclasped the outer amulet to reveal a very old Shard amulet, one of the first to be given.  She turned it over, "but I think there are a few answers in your dream," she rubbed the back of the amulet and the inscription could be just made out 'Sheilis, my loyal protector of body and secrets,'.  "I have been told that the first captain of the shards had an identical amulet, but the inscription read different."  Tana shrugged her shoulders "I do not know if that is true, but this leads me to think your dream is trying to help point the way."

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1 month 2 weeks ago #180 by mythus
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Galen rubs his chin deep in thought as he tries to process all of what Anna had told him. Shaking his head he sighs, "It seems like this 'shadow' is giving you a hint or clue of some kind." He reaches forward, grabbing Anna's hand gently, "It's taunting you by telling you you can't have him to make you want to try even harder." Galen chuckles, "It seems even this shadow has heard the stories that you can't tell Anna no."

Galen smiles, "Think about the things it said to you though. The clues it seemed to give you. For example, who is this girl of the open book? What facts of your past, family and self, could you possibly not know?" Galen shakes his head, "It is hard to even consider the High Queen ever having an affair with her guards or a god...." Galen let that last bit trail like a silent 'but'. A hint perhaps that if the two of them did seem to share some romantic feelings then perhaps her ancestor did as well with her trusted guard. Surely it isn't unheard of, few relationships could be as intimate as a queen and the one sworn to protect her very life, after all. "We have always believed that Queen LieAnia did commit suicide though. It is in our history lessons, even though no one could ever really prove it. How this is related to you though, perhaps it is a warning to not give up as she and Queen Tira?"

Galen then ponders, "And that riddle.... what was it again? 'Things off this world forgotten laying to be found in another. A key hidden, a power worth a bother? Sleeping king sleepless squatter, rising
only if forgotten remembered

Galen shakes his head, "I agree with Tana. Before we go rushing off, lets find the answers we can here first. Perhaps we should speak with King Ian about the riddle? He might even have some clue on this girl?"

Characters: Ian Mercleis Poppy

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1 month 2 weeks ago #182 by AnnaNadir
Anna listened and sighed. At least they weren't talking her out of her mission. As long as her father didn't find out how serious things were getting, she should be ok. She gave a half laugh as Galen mentioned the affair. "I doubt she had an affair with Zodo. I get the feeling, from the dreams, it wasn't exactly mutually wanted. At least from her end. She seems almost sad about it when I sense it. And when Taal mentioned it, he, too, seemed almost reluctant to mention it." Her own mind had gone where his had in regards to her many times great grandmother having an affair with her guard. "And I don't think she would have done more than find comfort in the arms of her guards as I do with you. The Shard have always been faithful to the Na'Dir line," her mind finished the sentence in silence with 'sometimes to a fault'.When Galen remembered the riddle, her whole body shivered in response. She chalked it up to being tired and nightmare jostled, but she had the feeling it was more than that. "I don't believe Lie'Ania committed suicide. I think she disappeared and lies with Tann. I don't know if she is alive or not, but I am sure, in time, we will find that out as well." She glanced to the two on her bed and smiled. "I don't think a Princess or Queen could be so lucky as I am. I think you are both right, as well, that we need to find out more before heading out of the palace in search of something we know nothing about. Galen, you recall the riddle better than I. Please see that it's written down and kept in secret on you, and a copy to Tana. I want no one else with copies till we know more about it. Tomorrow we will see King Ian and see if he can shed more light on the information we have been given. Perhaps he 'does' know this girl. And if not, we head into town and see what we can gleen there."A yawn escaped her lips as a hand rose to cover it. "I think we all need a bit more sleep, though." She was still exhausted and the nightmare hadn't helped any. And something told her Galen hadn't been asleep near long enough to continue to watch over her in the morning at this rate. "Tana, will you see to it that the guard at the door get a relief soon. Tell them we are not to be disturbed unless the King wishes audience with us. We will be sleeping in because of a late night."She waited till Tana moved away before giving her parting words to Galen. "Stay if you feel you must. But you need to sleep. Unless you want another guard watching over me tomorrow, you need to sleep as well, my dear shadow. Promise me you will not compromise your safety, or mine," she rested her hand on his chest, "merely to remain at my side. I need you, but not at this price." She was smiling to take the sting from her words but she hoped he understood. Surely Lie'Ania hadn't had an affair while married to Tann, but that didn't keep her from wondering what waking up in Galen's arms would feel like.

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Tana smirked faintly at the unfinished sentence her lady said, and seeming to read her mind about her father, "It is good that King Ian believes you m'lady.  Your father will not push so hard for your return with Lord Ian backing you."

She saw the glances exchanged between her lady and Galen, and she mentally sighed. They were growing closer, and while she saw nothing wrong with it, she knew the rules and etiquette that constricted all of them would punish both of them harshly. She picked up her anulet and put it back on as she listened to Galen and Anna.

She slipped off the bed and bowed, "yes Lady Anna."  She stepped back and turned slipping into the shadows practicing her shadow walk and giving her Lady and Galen privacy.  She slipped out the door and said quietly said to Merik, "go get some sleep."

Merik glanced around, finally spotting Tana, "you're getting good at that." He stepped away from the door, "you taking over?"

Tana nodded as she came out of the shadows, "come relieve me at dawn.  Signal on the door when you come.  Lady Anna will be sleeping late as she has had a rough night."

Merik nodded, bowed and walked back down the hall to get some sleep. Tana watched him a moment, it was a well known fact that she didn't sleep much, especially at night.  The drive and uneasiness she always felt made it difficult to sleep, and when she did, often she dreamed.  She learned at a young age to wake from the dreams silently, though some of them were nightmares, fear showed a weakness. 

Tana came back in shutting the door quietly and settled down in front of it, one sword across her lap, the other on the ground in front of her,  She contemplated what Lady Anna had told them, Galen's musings, the secrets that had been whispered amongst her father and mother.  The voice that drove her forward to be always on guard hissed in the back of her mind, 'secrets are power, secrets are key.  Information will always give you an edge.'

She frowned slightly, she often gathered information for Anna's father, finding out what the court was grumbling about and who they were grumbling about.  And if anything, they wanted to do about it.  They had some pieces, but not enough to draw a full picture, perhaps Lord Ian would have for them.  She made a mental note to try and ask Lord Ian about Sheilis, though that was low priorty.

She settled back and prepapred to keep watch until dawn, when Merik would signal he was back on watch and she could rest for a few hours.

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