× The Kingdom of Asteria takes up the largest of the sky lands in the eastern part of Chalcedonia. The oldest kingdom of the Sixth Era, its land was once the Kingdom of Triskel in the Second Area and comprises of the Auster Lands, the Chalcedon, and the Chalcedonian Jungle. Asteria is the most powerful of the three kingdoms though lately it relys more and more on trade for metals. It is also the most diverse of the kindgoms.

The capital of Asteria is Aureas, a city of the Second Era completely rebuilt and restored by Taal Zodo as his gift to his nephew Ian Mercleis. The current king, and only king in its long history, is none other than Ian Mercleis. Asteria has been regarded as the Holy Kingdom due to its king's close relationship to the divine Taal Zodo.

Drifting Soul

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Drifting Soul was created by mythus
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"YOUR HIGHNESS!" The short tempered voice of a seemingly older attendant snapped the King back to
the present. Ian sighs as he looks at his attendant then back out at the
elder Kaba'ni and his attendants standing before the throne. "My apologies, Elder Leaf Sage, it appears that your captivating story has triggered a distant memory of my own." The attendant sighs, "Something that seems to be happening in greater frequency." King Ian nods solemnly, "Yes, again sir, you have my deepest apologies. Please tell me again, what was this about the Power Stones?"
The leaf sage, an elder Kaba'ni doing his best to hide both his frustration and his unease, clears his throat, "It be the Kliharas Powerstone, Asterian King." He fidgets with his paws, "As I was saying, the great Mother Tree gave us a vision, a darkness
covering the sacred runes of the powerstone, and the ground it protects
sinking into the burning oblivion."
Ian nods. He knew well the power stones and what they stood for. They were anchors of Taal Zodo's power giving protection to that part of the
land, so that even should Taal Zodo's attention be elsewhere, his
sacred light would still grace the area. They were sacred, yes, but
perhaps more so to the Kaba'ni than other folk. The kaba'ni seemed to
hold more superstitious beliefs than others, but that doesn't mean that
their concern should so easily be dismissed. Besides, Ian was aching for
an excuse to adventure. Being a king was a burden he reluctantly
accepted only out of the desire to help others. Adventuring and
uncovering the histories of old, those were his true passions.
"So, I can assume that you sent an envoy to this Power Stone, being that it lies within your particular forest, Leaf Sage?" "Yes, Asterian King," The kaba'ni nodded solemnly. Ian nods, "So,  what was it they found?"
The Leaf Sage's face darkened with fright, "One whole rune, completely erased, without a trace."
Ian nods, "I can understand your worry sir. I shall see to it personally that this is investigated, and if need
be, I shall reach out to the God of Light for his guidance." The Leaf Sage bows humbly, "Thank you, blessed Asterian King." He is then escorted out of the throne room.
The king's attendant turns to Ian, "Sire, you can't possibly be thinking of going there yourself." Ian smiles, "Johnathan, it is like you can read my mind." "But sire!" Johnathan raises his hands, "it is far too dangerous for you to travel to such a place, so far from the
protection of the Capital! I must insist, let your knights go!"
Ian turns to his attendant, "Johnathan, you forget yourself. Or worse, you forget just who I am. Recall, I am no greenhorn in the matters of self defense." "But sire!" "No buts, Johnathan," Ian cuts him off. "Besides, I'll bring help, if it helps put you at rest. It has been far too long
since I've last visited that part of the Kingdom anyhow. Besides," Ian smiles, "You know how easily the Kaba'ni over react to things. It is more than
likely nothing is wrong. If I go myself it will be easier to help calm
them than if I simply sent some knight they don't yet know or trust."
Believing things to be settled, Ian stands up, all excited and geared up for an adventure. Johnathan tries once more, "Sire, have you forgotten your other appointments for the day? The special
envoy from Eleusia that may be here at any moment? And what of Queen
Kymara's request?"
Ian sighs, "You know as well as I do that the Acadian Queen is simply offering me the opportunity to court
one of her daughters, a special arrangement that I've come to learn was
arranged by you yourself." Johnathan's face turns red, "Well yes, Sire. All these years and you've yet to consider the future safety of the kingdom with an heir." "Future safety... from WHAT?" Ian snaps, "I have no desire for courtships. My heart remains taken, and besides age has yet to catch up with me."

Ian sighs, "But as for the other matter, I perhaps should wait another day. It is never wise to anger
distant friends, and for someone to come from Eleusia to me is a rare
thing indeed... Something more may be going on, than just the
disappearance of a single rune on a remote Power Stone..."


Lying upon the bed, her blue eyes closed and her long blue hair, for once unbraided and uncoiled,
swept out to the side on her pillow, Elwryn was not asleep but simply
resting her eyes, as her aged grandmother used to say. Though to any who
came into her room on the air ship, she'd appear to be sleeping what
with her breathing slow and even as well. Instead, Elwryn found that she
couldn't sleep at all. In fact, she hadn't slept any in the past 12
hours heading quickly to 24 hours. Perhaps it was being on an air ship,
or maybe even the fact that she was a part of this delegation heading
from her home in Elusia to the kingdom of Asteria. She'd never been part
of a delegation before, though she had been invited to be in the past.
What made her accept this specific request, she wasn't sure. It could be
that she was still attempting to make a name for herself amongst her
people, or it could be her need for an adventure. Perhaps both.
Regardless of the reason why though, she found herself unable to sleep
and right then she was trying desperately to get some much needed sleep.
It was starting to show in more ways than one that she lacked sleep.

Finally, when she could stand the silence of her room no more, she decided it was time to seek some
help. Who on this ship could help her sleep, she didn't know. All she
knew was, that if she was going to be of any assistance at all to the
delegation to Asteria, she needed to sleep before they got there. With a
sigh, she sat up and quickly brushed and braided her hair into one
massive braid that she piled on top of her head and secured with pins.
Then she headed out, but not before making sure that her dress covered
her to her satisfaction. Which to others the dress was short to the
point of being scandelous and equally as tight. Elwryn didn't care
though. She liked being talked about even if most of the talk was
negative about how she dressed. It actually tended to make her smile and
brighten her mood. Though sleep deprived, she smiled at her reflection
and left her room, locking the door behind her.

Figuring that the captain of the ship would know better than anyone if there was something or someone
on board that could help her sleep, she headed for the bridge. When she
reached the bridge, she knocked sharply on the door and without waiting
for an answer poked her head in. "Excuse me Captain, but I was hoping you might be able to answer a question for
me. Is there by chance a healer on board or a medical kit with a sleep
draught in it? I really need to get some sleep before we reach Asteria
if I'm going to be of any help at all." If there was anyone on the bridge other than the captain, Elwyrn didn't notice them and
probably wouldn't unless they spoke up. She could be single minded in
that respect from time to time. Elwryn entered the bridge more
completely and left the door open behind her as she looked at the
captain, waiting for his response and yet still not noticing anyone


While others had milled about, Anna had made straight for her room and sleep. She had wanted to sleep the entire trip, to make it pass
quicker, in hopes that it would make her entire next few years race by.
She didn't want to be a delegate, much less a royal one in a Senate. But
it was a condition of her 'release' and she wasn't going to scoff at it. At least she was away from Elusia. That was the main thing.
After a few hours of sleep, though, her desire for food overwhelmed her desire for rest. Getting up, she quickly dressed in tan breeches
tucked into black calf high boots, a sapphire tunic topped, belted with a
black braided cord, and her emerald colored cloak. The Elusian Royal
Seal was on the lapel, but she tossed that side over her shoulder,
effectively hiding it in the fold of material. While many on the ship
were royals or at least persons of peerage, she had no desire to
announce who she was. At least... not yet. Tucking a short silver dagger
into her boot, simply because it was 'unseemly' for a women to carry a sword when she had a retinue of guard with her, she was finally ready.
Moving into the hallway, her long auburn hair a quick coiled knot on her head, she glanced at the two guard on standby outside her room. “Tell Galen I'm going to fetch something to eat and perhaps take a step onto the deck for some air.” She turned to head away from them knowing, without a doubt, one would
follow, the other would run off to tattle to her Captain that she was up
and wandering around without waiting for her Ladies or her escort.
Exiting the personal quarters area and heading for the common areas, she hummed absently. She had never learned to whistle, much to her
Captain, and Father's chagrin. They tried in vain to teach her in hopes
she could use it to call for aid if needed. She argued that her scream
would certainly carry enough if the sound of their dieing breaths as she
killed the enemies herself wasn't enough.
The elven Princess, and Heir Apparent for the House of Na'Dir, entered the main deck with a half smile on her face that was expected of
her. She made her way to the small buffet that was kept continuously
stocked, according to her Ladies as they prepared her for bed earlier.
Filling a small bowl with some fruit and cheese, she took up a small cup
of fruit juice, nodded greetings to enough folks to be amicable, and
made her way to the large open doors of glass that lead to the outside
deck. There was no one else outside, the breeze obviously too much for
them to handle as the air ship sped from Elusia to Astoria, so she found
a quiet place to set her drink down and watched the world go by in
silence. Her ever present guard lingering just out of her comfort zone,
but always at her heel.
It wasn't five minutes and Galen showed up with another guard and one of the Ladies. “Your Highness, really!” He sighed, shaking his head like a disappointed father. “You know you should have sent for me before leaving your room. And at least
one of your Ladies should be with you. It's not seemly for a young
woman to be seen jaunting around without an escort and servant in tow.”
Anna smiled and popped a small piece of red fruit in her mouth. After swallowing it, she shook her head. “Seriously, Galen. How much trouble can I get on in this ship? I
promised I wouldn't leave the privacy of my quarters or the common
areas. So that severely limits my opportunities to be 'unseemly' as you
put it. As to having my retinue in tow... why? I am sure the Ladies will
be following me like multi sun cast shadows once we reach Asteria. I
see no reason to make them start practicing now.” The smile that she gave him then, one she had reserved only for him since they were
children, brightened her face as she laid a hand gently on his arm. “I promised Father I would behave, Galen. It was a condition of my
release. But I will not turn into some simpering, cow eyed upstart
simply because I am away.”
Galen smiled, patting her hand on his arm. “I don't think 'release' is the right term, Anna. Your Father misses your Mother, terribly. He
fears losing you and being alone. He isn't ready for that. Letting you
go on this expedition of yours was a hard thing for him. Please, do not
make light of it. You are still the only one able to claim the throne.
It's not something to shirk at.” He winked at her as he dropped his arm, reluctantly losing her touch as he did. “Besides, at least I can teach you the sword to your heart's content. If you behave... of course.”
She laughed and went back to nibbling her small bowl of sweet fruits. “Yes, Galen. I promise to behave.”


Within the captain's quarters, Captain Qael Norwin directed the latest source corrections to his helms men, "Adjust 2.5 degrees starboard, make it another 4 degrees every 10 clicks before correcting by 36 degrees portside." He smiles, "That should get us around Talus and into Asterian airspace. We'd only need
to make the jaunt around the cliffside then and follow it to Aureas." The helmsmen shouted their agreement and nudged the vessel in the direction as ordered.
Thanks to the higher winds of this altitude and the turbulence often encountered when within Chalcedonian airspace, course corrections were
of the most importance. A miscalculation could end up mooring the ship
on a floating fragment or crashing the ship into a cliffside. Neither of
which are desired. Captain Norwin had the auspicious duty of piloting  a
flagship of the Eleusian Kingdom of Na'Dir, with the very heir apparent
onboard. Safety was of the captain's utmost importance.
Therefore it shouldn't come to any surprise when at first the captain didn't hear one of the elven ladies desiring a sleep aide, nor enter
the bridge for that matter. "How's the ylem batteries holding?"
"Sir," One of the bridge helmsman calls out, "It appears that you have a visitor." "Well who the hell could that be?" The captain barks out in a frustrated huff as he spins on his heels,
his eyes following on the lady Elwryn, one of the Kingdom's delegation
to Asteria. Stammering, he bows, "M'Lady Elwryn, many apologies. Are you not finding your accommodations to your
liking? Perhaps the ship's concierge, Meridith, could be of some
Meanwhile one of the Eleusian attendants runs up to Galen, breathing heavily, "Captain sir. I'm sorry to say that Lady Elwryn is again out and about, this time pestering Captain Norwin, sir."

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Galen sighed as the attendant bore out his news. "Of all the twisted branches...." he muttered under his breath before continuing. A smile
lit Anna's face at the Captain's reaction and she turned to keep it from
being seen. "Where is her escort? Go find Fenril. He was supposed to be
posted outside her door. Make SURE he keeps up with her and later
reports to me. GO!" His final word was punctuated with a sharp jab of
his hand in the direction the servant should take... immediately.

The poor attendant nodded with apologies and scurried off to do as bid.
While Galen was Captain of Anna's guards in particular, he was also the
ranking guard on the ship and responsible for the rotation and
discipline of the other dozen or so guards on board looking after
several other delegates and persons of interest traveling with them. He
turned back to Anna and raised a curious eyebrow at her sideways glance.
"You find it funny that a guard isn't present at the Lady's door and
she is off wandering the ship on her own?" He crossed his arms and
tapped his foot, once more reminding her of a scolding parent.

"No, Galen. Of course you are right. But honestly, it's Elwryn is a more
strong spirited person than myself. Her guard should have known better
than to leave her alone, even when 'sleeping'." She took a step forward
to touch his arm in hopes of settling his seething glare. "Be at ease,
dear friend. There is hardly any trouble the woman can get into on the
ship. Worse case scenario, the Captain locks himself in his quarters and
cancels dinner this evening." She tried to get Galen to smile.

Galen took a deep breath and shook his head. "It's a wonder that females of
pearage haven't been outlawed from leaving their bowery, sometimes." He
smiled and nodded to her in reassurance as his arms uncrossed. "I
promise to go easy on Fenril. Likely he just went to grab a bite while
the Lady was 'sleeping' and didn't count on her rising this quickly." He
looked at her and laughed, shaking his head. "You are going to make me
soft, Princess... have a care."

Anna winked and took up her bowl of niblets once more. "With any luck at all, my dear Galen...
with any luck at all." They laughed and watched the ship as it banked
around the nearest land mass.


Elwryn just barely refrained from rolling her eyes at the captain's words. Of course things were
comfortable enough, she didn't know why she couldn't sleep, only that
she couldn't. And Elwryn had never been on a ship like this, one as fine
and luxurious as this one was. It, the delegation, the servants in mass
and the attendants, was all so new to Elwryn, who came from a
moderately well to do family, but one that had more influence in
government and maybe not so much money. Enough, of course, that they
held their position in society and Elwryn was referred to as 'lady', but
not so much that there weren't new and exciting things for her to
experience on almost a daily basis. Perhaps that was why she couldn't
sleep. The newness of everything and the luxury were things she was not
accustomed to. Oh she had had servants from time to time, but guards and

Elwryn sighed and shook her head. "The accommodations are more than adequate captain. I just can't seem to
sleep for some reason and I need to do so if I'm going to be of any use
to the delegation." Elwryn gave him a warm smile of reassurance. "I apologize for bothering you, but I was unsure of whom to go to for this
information. You, sir, seemed the most logical choice." Taking steps further into the room, Elwryn finally looked around. She saw a
good number of things that piqued her interest and she found a curious
desire to want to know more about this ship, how it worked, and the
people on it. Walking over to one of the helmsmen she stood next to him
and watched him work, seemingly and truly fascinated by what he was
doing. "What exactly is it that you are doing," she asked as she looked up at the anonymous helmsman.


The wood elf helmsman risks a glance up to see who it was that was addressing him, only to nervously and quickly avert his attention
forward. The lady's clothing left little to his imagination, the idea of
which flushed his face various shades of red. Stammering, he tries to
answer, "I... um.. I I... ppplot...."The captain nervously rushes over to his helmsman's rescue, "C..Can't sleep you say, m'lady?" He tries to get Elwryn away from his helmsman and back towards the door
of the bridge without touching her. Everyone knew not to touch a lady
of the court, and though the captain would be excused for doing so for
the safety of the ship, he was brought up knowing better."Surely Meridith can help you with that, Lady Elwryn. She'd know the right potion or the right mage to get
you the rest you seek. Should I have someone escort you to her?"

DreamWriter05:"I can be of assistance there, Captain," a young man's voice spoke up from the doorway. He was a tall for one of
their kind, and Elwryn had to look up to see his face. It was Fenril
and she couldn't help but sigh at his intrusion. Fenril was good at his
job, but hadn't been near her door when she had left her cabin. Elwryn
hadn't given him or his absence a second though until now. Not that it
mattered anymore, she would go to see this Merideth person with or
without a guard escort. It seemed though as if she would have one
anyway. This didn't make Elwryn very happy and she frowned in obvious
displeasure even as she remained at the helmsman's side.

"Oh, you can, can you?" she questioned Fenril. When he nodded with a self satisfied smile, she put her hands on her hips and glared at him. "Wipe that smile off your face. You have no reason to smile at me or
anyone for that matter. Where were you when I left my cabin? If you're
so helpful and so good at your job, explain why it is that you are just
now showing up." The glare still fixed on her face she did her best to keep calm but it wasn't working. His next words didn't help the
matter either.

"You were supposedly sleeping and I had reason to use the loo. Surely you
can't be upset about me stepping away to answer a call of nature." It seemed as if he had all the answers and this just infuriated Elwryn
further. With a growl of frustration she threw her hands in the air and
stalked off the bridge and out onto the deck, pushing past Fenril in her
anger. Fenril had the sense to look a little sheepish and said quickly
to the captain, "My apologies Captain. I'll see to it that she doesn't bother you or the helmsmen again." Then he ducked out and hurried after the now angry lady Elwryn. "Do you even know where you are going, my lady?" he asked almost nonchalantly as he caught up to her and fell into step beside her.

"Some guard you are," Elwryn said her voice spitting mad. She stalked on, in a direction she
didn't know, hoping to come across this Merideth person at some point.

"You know what I think," he asked.
"I don't care what you think," she spat back.
"I think you're just upset because I interrupted your little adventure," he answered anyway. She sniffed disdainfully.
"You're just a lowly guard. You job is to protect me, not stop me from doing what I want," she said as she continued stalking in the same direction.
He grabbed her by her arm, a thing he knew he shouldn't do, but the lady was getting on his last
nerve and his own anger was rising. "My job is to keep you and the others on this vessel safe," he said as he stopped her in his tracks and whirled her to face him. "And with the way you dress and the way you were simpering around that
helmsman and the captain, it could have spelled danger for us all."

"Get your hand off of me," she said in a growl. "Or so help me I'll scream bloody murder and you'll be out of a job before you can even blink." Fenril scowled back but released her arm, knowing what she said was
true. He shouldn't have grabbed her like that, but she was so
frustratingly beautiful and so frustrating in general, that he couldn't
help himself. Plus, her anger had brought out his anger and he had
reacted without thinking.

Straightening to his full height, he said. "You said you needed to sleep yes? Well Merideth can see that you do. I'll escort you to her."
Still angry but her anger merely simmering now, Elwryn just nodded curtly and with arms crossed
beneath her breasts, she followed Fenril all the while, hating him for
what he had done.


Merideth was in the Ladies' sitting room across from the main common room. Men weren't allowed in here, same for a single escort per Lady who
remained near the door with the other men. This was a retreat from the
boisterous rowdiness that many ships seen to aquire while in flight.
Something about being in the air made people ridiculously giddy and act
in ways that, when anchored to ground, they otherwise wouldn't.

The woman was near the doors to the probate deck, teaching a couple young
ladies the finer points of embroidery embellishment. They were adding
beads to completed pieces they had in their laps.

The elven woman, auburn haired with brown and silver eyes glanced up as the guard
and Lady arrived. Excusing herself, she rose and met them halfway.
"Thank you, Fenril. You can wait with the others. There are refreshments
across the hall if you need a break."

With that quick dismissal, she brightened her for Elwryn. "Lady Elwryn, did you enjoy your rest?
Please, come join us." She raised a hand to a young girl who scored to
fix tea and a plate of small morsals for the women. She let the to the
table where to younger girls were sitting and smiling at the newcomer.


Her anger merely at a slow simmer now rather than near to boiling, Elwryn sniffed when Merideth
mentioned that Fenril could take a break if needed. She glared at Fenril
as he gave her and Merideth an almost mocking bow before taking his
leave of them to join the other male guards.

With a heavy sigh, Elwryn did her best to push her anger down even further and turned to face Merideth. "I wasn't sure if you could help or someone else," she admitted. "Yet sadly, I have been unable to sleep and it's been over 12 hours now. I
need to sleep if I'm going to be of any help to the delegation at all," she said with a calm voice that was low so as to keep others from
hearing. Her fatigue showed in her blue eyes and would be able to be
heard in her voice by Merideth if the woman chose to listen to it.
Elwryn didn't really want to spend her time sleeping. She wanted to
explore the air ship and see all the new and interesting things she'd
only caught glimpses of. She was right though, a lack of sleep would
keep her from being effective with the delegation. So sleep must come
first and her curiosities second. Did or could anyone understand this?

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Meredith smiled as she peed the woman to the table where the
girls sat. As they settled down, Ann reached out to lay a gentle hand
on the woman's hand. "There is nothing unusual about that, my dear. Some
come into an air ship, sit down and pass out like a babe in seeing
being rocked by a summer breeze. Others get her and be it curiosity,
anxiety or fear, they pace and fret like an animal caged" She patted her
gently and pulled back as the tea and tidbits were set down.

"Have something to eat. I'm guessing you haven't since coming aboard. Once
you have something on your stomach, a can give you a powder for your tea
that will give you plenty of restful sleep." She winked to the woman
then nodded to the girls. "My gracious... Forgot introductions. Anryn,
Bridie, this is Lady Elwryn. M'lady, Anryn and Bridie. They are
traveling home after visiting family. Anryn is to be married next summer
and the girls are practicing to make betrothal gifts."

Anryn blushed but recovered and spoke up. "And don't worry if it's curiosity
that keeps you awake, Lady. I understand the Captain is proud of his
ship and always welcome to show her off when docked. It's only in flight
I hear he hates to be Disturbed. But tomorrow's dinner with him should
be a treat!" She bit her lip as Bridie nudged her silence.

Elwryn allowed herself to be led to where the other ladies were sitting and talking. Thankfully,
there weren't many of them and hopefully Elwryn wouldn't have to be too
sociable. It was one of the things about her station in life that she
didn't particularly care for, being sociable. Oh, there were times it
didn't bother her, much, but more often than not she felt awkward in
social situations.

She smiled at the other two and pulled her dress down so she could sit without revealing too much. She
still revealed quite a bit, as the dress itself was quite revealing and
left little to the imagination, but Elwryn could be lady like when she
wanted to be. Accepting some food from one of the women, their names
already forgotten, Elwryn nibbled on a cake and was careful not to let
any of it fall onto her chest or anywhere else. After she had listened
and had a few bites of the cake, she smiled ever so softly and shook her
head. "I hope the captain forgets that I was ever on board. I fear I might have made a fool of myself by going to him first." A now sheepish smile spread across her face. "But honestly, this is new to me. All of it and my so called guard wasn't at
my door when I left my room. So I went to the most logical place I
could think of for information." She sighed and set the half eaten cake down on the table on her plate. "In hindsight I perhaps should have waited for his return, but they say hindsight is perfect vision."

Merideth smiled. "You aren't the first to 'slip your leash' darling. Sometimes the guards have up relieve themselves or respond to something
nearby. Don't be too harsh on him for not being there. If he thought you
sleeping, you can't truly blame the man." She glanced over at Fenril
who seemed to be ignoring those talking nearby and paying more attention
to his charge than the others in the room.

The woman cocked her head slightly, her eyes narrowing a moment before turning back to
Elwryn. "You two argue often... Don't you? Her calls you spoiled and
frustrating... You advise him of not being attentive and sometimes being
too stifling?" There was a glint in her eyes and a small upturn to the
corner of her lip as she asked.


Finally feeling somewhat calm and clear headed, though also a bit sad at the same time, all of that
went away though when Merideth surprised Elwryn with her line of
questioning. She had been in the process of picking up her plate and
preparing to pick up her cake for another small bite, but fumbled the
cake and the plate in response to the surprising statement. "What?! No it's...not like that. I.." she busied herself with cleaning up her mess as the plate and the cake had fallen to the floor.

She didn't dare risk a glance at Fenril as she busied herself with the cleanup of her mess. Instead
she wished to get angry at Merideth for insinuating such ideas. Elwryn
found that she could not find her anger at that time though, perhaps due
to the shock of the statement.

Fenril, for his part, was paying close attention to the Lady Elwryn and though he couldn't hear
what the women were saying, he could see the sudden shock in Elwryn's
blue blue eyes and witnessed her dropping of the plate and cake. He
smirked almost in satisfaction as he watched her being so unnerved by
whatever it was the ladies were talking about. Though when Elwryn bent
over to clean up her mess and nearly fell out of her dress, Fenril found
it quite hard to not stare at her bosom. It took one of the other
guards tapping on his shoulder to get his attention away from Elwryn's
beautiful and almost bare physique.

"That Lady Elwryn is very pretty, wouldn't you say Fenril?" the other guard asked. To this question Fenril just grunted rather than
respond and turned his attention back to the other guards and away from
the Lady Elwryn. Yeah, Elwryn was beautiful, and the scandalous
clothing she wore, though highly inappropriate only served to make her
more desireable in his eyes. But it wasn't just her looks that attracted
Fenril to her and made him glad to be assigned to her. It was her
usefulness in negotiations and politics, her ability to feret out the
truth from others even when she herself had a hard time admitting to the
truth and it was so much more. He was glad to have her as his charge
and he risked one more quick glance at the blue haired, blue eyed rune
elf that was Lady Elwryn.

Her mess cleaned up, Elwryn took a quick look at Fenril, whose back was to her now, and she sighed. "You shouldn't startle someone like that," she admonished Merideth. "But yes, he does tell me often that I am spoiled and frustrating. Not that his words matter mind you," she said, her voice gaining and air of superiority that it hadn't held a moment ago. "He's a guard, plain and simple. He has a job to do and he needs to do it without judgement or prejudice."

"I see," Meredith smiled and nodded as a serving girl came to finish cleaning up and brought another small plate of morsels. She caught
Fenril's reaction out of the corner of her eye and smiled as another
guard grabbed his attention back just before Elwryn turned to glance
that way.
"Well, just remember, that man is the sword at your front and shield at your back. I wouldn't brush him aside so easily, dear. It's his arms
you may wish for before your time in Asteria is done. You will be part
of a very select group of people, those speaking with a rather loud
voice for the people of your homeland. There will be many who are not
happy, and a few others who wish to silence you." She leaned over
slightly to make sure Elwryn was captured in her gaze before finishing,
"Are you certain you want to make an enemy of possibly the only thing between you and trouble?" She patted the blue haired woman's hand
and smiled once more.
"Besides..." She picked up her tea and took a sip as she nodded to the corner, "I think he likes you, too." She watched to see what the
woman's reaction would be to that little bit of news.

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Elwryn's mouth worked but no sound came forth as she tried to respond to Merideth's comments. Elwryn
knew she shouldn't be so harsh towards the man, but he really was
infuriating. He seemed so nonchalant about guarding her, yet he truly
was always there, even when she had ventured onto the command deck of
the ship. She risked another glance his direction and thankfully his
back was still to her. Elwryn had to admit that he was quite handsome
too, but did she care for him, of that she wasn't sure about. It could
just be pure attraction and nothing more. Couldn't it?

Finally she shook her head and sighed, "If he does like me then he wouldn't be the first to do so. And..I...I won't disregard him , but he shouldn't be so forward." She was making every excuse she could think of to put things on him
rather than herself. She really ought to take stock of the situation and
admit to truth, but she just couldn't bring herself to do so.

"Anyway, I didn't come here to talk about Fenril. I came to get something to help me sleep," she said, deliberately changing the subject. She did need to sleep
which was probably why she was acting so odd and out of character. Or at
least, that was what she was telling herself.

"Of course, dear," Meredith smiled and slipped hand into her shawl pocket on the back of her chair. She handed the small paper square to
the woman. "And as promised. Your sleep remedy." 
Meredith nodded to the tea. "Pour it in your tea. It's natural so won't hurt you or bitter the drink. Go ahead..." The voice of a mother
seeped into the woman's voice as she smiled.

Elwryn looked down at the small square and felt sad, though she gently closed her fingers around the
object despite her sudden sadness. "If you don't mind," she said softly. "I'll take my leave of you now. I wish to take this in my room where it will be quieter." Her blue eyes glanced first at Fenril then locked onto Merideth's eyes.
The sudden sadness, the fatigue, it was all catching up to her and she
knew she'd be better once she had slept several hours.

Having caught Elwryn's glance, Fenril excused himself from the others and moved over to where Elwryn sat with the other women. "Are we proceeding to another destination, my lady?" he asked politely, almost stiffly. Elwryn nodded, "I'd like to return to my room."

To the others she turned and smiled sadly, "I apologize for cutting this short. Congratulations on your upcoming
nupituals my lady. I wish you great happiness in the years to come." She bowed to each woman in turn and then turned to Fenril. "Lead the way," she said gently though it was still an order. Fenril bowed to the group
of ladies as a whole and face a mask and devoid of emotion, he started
the two of them back towards the lady Elwryn's room.

Hallway back, Galen rounded the corner before them. "Last Elwryn," he nodded respectfully, "is everything all right? I understand you may not
be happy with your guard? I can reassign him if you prefer."

Fallen glanced at Fenril with a flare of disappointment, thinking the man had
done something pretty despicable. "I wouldn't want you unhappy on your
trip." He glanced back at her, his face softening instantly as he
misunderstood her fatigue as upset.

Fenril opened his mouth to speak, but was silenced by Galen's look before any words could come
forth. He kept his face a stony mask, totally unreadable, though he felt
inside a deep regret for having grabbed Elwryn as he had earlier. He
hoped and prayed that she would not be rid of him. Despite her mood
swings and her odd way of going about things, he found himself attracted
to her in more ways than one. He found himself wanting to protect her
and so much more.

After a few moments of silence between the three, Elwryn finally spoke. "That won't be necessary Galen," she said sincerely. "Fenril has done nothing to upset me so much as to warrant his transfer to another." She lifted her blue, fatigued eyes to the two men. "I'd like to keep him with me for the time being," she said in all honesty. Fenril's mask finally broke and he gave the
Lady Elwryn a slight smile of thanks. A smile to which she returned. To
Galen she added, "I believe it all was a simple misunderstanding. I'm certain you can understand. Yes?"

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Galen nodded and gave a half now, his arm out for them to continue. "As you wish, M'Lady. Mayn't I suggest you allow him to escort you to
your quarters. Perhaps traveling doesn't agree with you. You don't seem
yourself." Her nodded for Fenril to remain close.
"And fear not, lady. The man is much stronger than he appears. And twice as capable. I shall let Princess Na'Dir know all is well and it
was a misunderstanding." He stepped sidea to allow them to pass, hoping
in his heart she'd let herself lean on her guard. Prickliness as there
was between them, she looked about ready to fall over with exhaustion.

Elwryn nodded in thanks and even offered Galen a smile. Stubbornly though, Elwryn did not lean on
Fenril, instead her gait was normal though a touch slower and Fenril
kept pace beside her. Once they were out of Galen's earshot, Fenril
looked down at Elwryn and said sincerely, "Thank you for what you did back there. And I am sorry for not being there
when you got up and left your room. I seriously thought you had been
sleeping. But you haven't been sleeping at all on this trip have you?"

Elwryn shook her head slowly. "No," she answered. "I just can't seem to sleep and it seems to be catching up to me."
"You don't seem yourself," he responded. "I think perhaps that is due to your lack of sleep. Would you like to lean on me the rest of the way?" Fenril asked.
"I'll manage," she answered. "Besides, my room isn't much further from here I think."
They made their way the remaining distance in silence and once there, Fenril unlocked the door and opened it for her. "Would you please have some tea brought up? Camomile I should think, plus this medicine, should help me sleep," she told Fenril as she sat on the edge of the bed and started to remove
her shoes. He quietly did as asked, and though there was concern
evident in his face, he said nothing.

A short while later, her hair undone and unbraided, the tea and medicine finished, Elwryn laid on her
bed, staring up at the ceiling as she waited for the medicine to kick
in. Fenril sat in a chair near the bed, watching over her. But when she
could bear the silence no more, Elwryn turned her head to look at
Fenril. "Have you ever been to Asteria?" she asked him.

He nodded. "A few times, though only briefly and only in an official capacity. This trip is no different from the others."
"I see," she said and turned her eyes back to the ceiling, falling silent once
more. He thought perhaps he should say more, but felt awkward speaking
so informally to one of her standing. As her blue eyes closed, he stood
silently and walked over to the bed. She was sleeping now and she was
more beautiful than ever right then. He smiled down at her sleeping form
and gently stroked her long blue hair. "Sleep well m'lady," he whispered.

After the guards were spelled to sleep for the night, Fenril's relief being given strict instructions by him to not leave her door... ever.
And to not go in unless it was an emergency, morning came a little more
dreary than the day before. A light rain fell on the ship. The decks
outside the Ladies and the Common rooms were soaking and the doors were
shut, though the drapes were spread wide to allow in extra light.
After hearing Galen's reports, Ann thought it best to check on Lady Elwryn, herself. She headed down the hall and smiled brightly as Fenril
came into sight. "Good morning, Fenril. Is the Lady awake yet? I just
came to check on her. I understand she wasn't feeling well last
She was dressed in a gown of crimson with a light silver lace covering the whole thing. It seemed opulent, but it was sensibly cut and
draped to merely appear a beautiful dress. The woman had her hair up in
a braid that was coiled around her head and laced with crimson ribbon
that matched the dress, creating almost a crown like aura about her
The dress went down and stopped just shy of her ankles. The soft black suede boots came up to her calves but were hidden by the drape of
fabric. Her décolletage was low but not enough to show off cleavage to
the point of being obscene. A single silver torc around her neck, wolf
on one side, crescent moon on the other, hung about her neck and a
simple silver small orb stud graced each ear. And except for a bit of
crimson on her lips, she wore no makeup. Dressing up was somethin she
shared for the masses when she was called to receive the public or for
special occasions. "I thought perhaps I would check on her and see if
she wished to come out for breakfast." She smiled and paused in front of
the man.
Her own guard was several paces behind, pacing her from nearly half the hall length once they entered this one with another guard in it.
Till then, he had been half a sword length behind her since she left her
room. Arden nodded to Fenril in silence as he stepped a bit closer, but
didn't hover.

The sleeping draught that Merideth had given her along with the Camomile tea had done the trick
and the lady Elwryn had slept peacefully through the night and through
both guard changes. When she woke the next morning she felt refreshed
and even somewhat cheerful. That was until she looked out of her window
and saw the clouds and rain. Then her mood soured a bit but not
entirely. She just didn't know what she was going to do for a whole day
when the weather was such that not much could be done other than sitting
around. And sitting around was not a favorite pastime of Elwryn's. She
was more the type of person that liked to keep busy doing something,
anything at all really, so long as she wasn't idle. So it was though
that even as she was rising to get dressed into something clean, she was
grabbing her hair brush and started stroking her long blue hair with

Outside of her room Fenril stood, seemingly at ease but always on the alert for anything or anyone
that might harm the lady Elwryn. He smiled and bowed in greeting when
the princess approached, looking resplendent as ever. "Good morning princess," he said in way of greeting. He listened for a moment and then answered her question. "I can hear Lady Elwryn moving about inside her cabin so she must be
getting ready for the day. Would you like me to announce you and see if
she wants you to come in?" he asked. He secretly hoped that she did as he wanted a chance glimpse of something more, but he quickly
shoved that thought aside. The Lady Elwryn was beautiful, dressed
scandoulsly and left little to the imagination, but Fenril had quite a
good imagination and with his attraction to his charge and her beauty,
he couldn't help but want to see more.

It was with a steady face though that he maintained these desires to himself. It wouldn't do to
have others or even Lady Elwryn herself find out about his desires. No,
instead, as he had done since first he met her, he stomped down on those
feelings and shoved them to the back of his mind where they hopefully
wouldn't trouble him.

At the sound of voices outside of her door, Elwryn hurried to change her clothing quickly. She didn't
recognize both voices, only Fenril's and she couldn't make out all of
what was being said. Yet it was obvious to Elwryn that someone wished to
speak with her. Today she chose something different. Instead of a dress
she pulled on a tight pair of leggings that were a shimmery silver
color and paired them with a long tunic that had a v neck so deep it
might as well have been a man's button down shirt. The tunic, only
called that due to it's length, just barely covered her breasts and was
tight enough in that area to leave little to the imagination. Elwryn
liked how it looked on her. The black with the shimmery silver and if it
showed a little more than was necessary, she didn't care. It was a
comfortable outfit for her and she enjoyed showing off and being the
center of attention. That always served to brighten her mood. A silver
belt and black and silver trimmed boots completed the ensemble leaving
only her hair to contend with. Looking at herself in the mirror, Elwryn
brushed her hair some more and wondered just how she should put it up

When the princess nodded that indeed she wished to be announced, Fenril knocked on the door. "Lady Elwryn," he said. "Princess NaDir wishes to speak with you."
Elwryn stood from where she had been sitting and brushing her hair, and with brush still in hand,
walked over to the door and opened it. Her long blue hair trailed behind
her and she should have put it up first, but one did not keep the
princess waiting, especially when the woman had come to see Elwryn so
early in the morning. "Good morning princess," Elwryn greeted the woman with a proper bow. "Good morning Fenril." Then looking back to the princess she added, "I hope you'll excuse my appearance. I was not expecting visitors and so
was still putting my hair up. Would you like to come in?"

Elwryn stood aside and opened the door further so that the princess could come in. When she did Elwryn
smiled at and nodded to Fenril, who took up a stance outside the door
allowing Elwryn to gently shut it at his back. The room wasn't large,
but it was large enough for Elwryn and one more should one more person
be with her. Otherwise it was a cozy room with a medium sized bed, two
night stands, a dressing table with mirror and a wardrobe to hold
Elwryn's clothes. The wardrobe stood open revealing some of Elwryn's
more scandalous choices and some of her more conservative ones as well.
At the dressing table several pins and ties and selections of ribbons
lay out for Elwryn to choose from and do her hair with. Her hair being
the only thing she had left to do to get ready for the day.

After a moment or two Elwryn asked politely, "To what do I owe the honor of your visit princess?"

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"Captain!" One of the helmsmen cried out, "We're entering the Bellows now! Shall we begin docking procedures?" Captain Norwin smiles, "Ah, finally to have made it to our destination! A few days of rest and relaxation await us boys!" He chuckles, "Yes, prepare to dock into whichever dock we are escorted in. I assume we have the right colors up?" "Aye sir!" "Good, and look... our escort has arrived."
Out on the decks those who've never been to Aureas, the capital city of Asteria, rushed over to the rails gasping. Aureas was unlike any
elven city, though most of its designs and architecture was copied from
that of the long extinct Ascian Elf. Great marble and stone buildings of
various colors with crystal-glass windows came into view, as did the
palace and the crowded harbor with all manner of airship. Soon a pair of
Asterian airships flanked the elven airship, escorting it to an
awaiting dock where a large group of palace guard stood in wait with
their king.
Down at the dock however, King Ian Mercleis did not await for the ship in anticipation. Instead he kicked at some rock that had found its
way on the marble landing, his mind elsewhere on some grand adventure
and his heart longing to be anywhere but here...

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Ann stepped in and nodded to the guards as the door was closed. "You can call me Anna while we're informal," she smiled and nodded to the chair
at the dressing table. "And no need to apologize. I'm aware my early
hour was completely unexpected." She held her hand out for the brush. It
appeared she was offering to assist with Elwryn's hair. "Tomorrow I'll
send one of my ladies to help you. I apologise for not checking sooner
to see if you had the help you needed. The Captain of the Guard informed
me you weren't feeling well yesterday. Trouble sleeping?"

Elwryn wordlessly handed over the brush and sat down. The Princess began
gently brushing as she spoke. Knots were carefully extracted with little
to no pain. There was almost a tenderness to her administrations as she
set to work. "I wanted to ask you a favor... while I admire your
confidence in your attire, I wish to ask you for something more
conservative today." She glanced into the mirror to see the woman's
reaction. "You are admired for your body, but I wish them to be amazed
by your intelligence, first. To come to a discussion table in toned down
clothing, speak your mind and become just as much, if not a louder,
voice as it male counterparts is imperative." She set the brush down and
began plaiting the woman's hair. An intricate dance if fingers went
into her making several smaller braids, only to then twist and twine
them with a deep green ribbon that matches one of the more 'boring'
dresses in the exploded wardrobe behind her.

"The key is to make them start to consider you 'one of the men'. They will discuss anything
with you because of your mind. Then," grinned as the braids were
finished and Elryne's hair looked like blue faerie fire with an emerald
line twisting thru it. Anna put her hands down and caught the woman
looking into the mirror. "Then you show up at a ball in something so
sexy they start asking who that woman is... Before realizing it's you."
She smiled. "Do you understand what I'm saying, Lady?" There was nothing
but kindness in her eyes. There was no judgement or abrasive
accusations or even back handed suggestions. She was sincerely trying to
offer up some sound advice.

Elwryn's eyes narrowed in apparent anger when the princess began talking about her choice in
clothing. This was one of her more conservative outfits, or so Elwryn
thought, but apparently the princess did not agree. Lips pinched tightly
together so that she didn't burst out with some rude comment she
refrained from speaking and lashing out like she wanted. Though she was
famous for not only her scandalous attire, she was also known for her
mood swings and princess's Anna's words had brought one on. She also
knew better than to lash out at someone in a higher position than she.
So Elwryn remained silent and held her anger in check while the princess
brushed and braided Elwryn's long blue hair.

As the princess worked on her hair, quite the task for anyone including Elwryn due to it's length, she
thought on the princess's words. Though her words angered, Elwryn knew
how and when to be diplomatic. What made it so hard was that Elwryn was
accustomed to getting her way when it came to politics and anything else
just by using her good looks. It didn't matter what policy or piece of
legislation she was advocating for, all it took for Elwryn to get what
she wanted was a glimpse of skin or some other such thing. Granted, she
didn't rely on it entirely, but her looks did help even if they drew the
wrong kind of attention.

What she feared though was not being listened to, of not having her policies and legislation passed
because of her appearance, especially if she toned it down the way
princess Anna seemed to want. What Elwryn didn't realize though was that
she was indeed quite intelligent and had the good looks to boot. If she
could only balance the two, she'd accomplish so much more. She just
didn't think like that. Not to mention the fact that she didn't want to
blend in, to be just another diplomat. Elwryn liked to stand out, to be
the center of attention. To not be that way was anathema to everything
that Elwryn felt herself to be.

When the princess handed the brush back to Elwryn, she took it and looked at it and her hair. Finally
after a moment or two of silence she said to the princess, "I'll consider it." That was the best that Elwryn could offer at the moment and princess
Anna nodded. "That is all I ask," she responded. Then she left without
another word, trusting most likely that Elwryn would do what she wished.

After several long minutes of just staring at the closed door the princess had just left through,
Elwryn's tamped down anger came back full force. With an angry growl of
frustration and anger both, she hurled her brush at the door where it
hit with a most satisfying thunk. Then she stood and began pacing her
small cozy room. It was then that Fenril poked his head in and asked, "Is everything alright Lady Elwryn?"

"No! Everything is not alright! She...she just..." Elwryn was angry as was evidenced by her pacing, her clenched fists,
her expression and the fact that she could barely get her words out.

Fenril caught on quickly and had a pretty good idea what the princess had said to Elwryn. Not to
mention the fact that he'd been halfway listening. So he knew why Elwryn
was so upset. Coming into the room and shutting the door behind him,
Fenril picked up her thrown brush and put it back on the dressing table.
Elwryn simply watched him, anger brewing in cool blue eyes. "Maybe," he began slowly. "There is a compromise you two can come to."

"Were you listening in?!" Elwryn demanded to know.
"Yes," he admitted without shame. He hurried on before Elwryn could get made about that as well. "Princess Anna does have a point though. And I think you can come to a compromise
if you just try. You're good at coming up with compromises m'lady. I
know you are, I've seen you in action."

"You've....seen me work?" she asked slowly her anger ebbing just a touch at his words.
"Yes, I have, and I admire the job you do. It can't be easy being one of few women among men trying to
get your ideas and your voice heard when so many men think that a
woman's place is at the home and hearth. You know what you're doing and
you're good at it. You're looks help, but they are not what wins you
your goal in the end. It's your ideas, your ingenious use of words that
helps you win."

Elwryn sniffed almost disdainfully but listened to Fenril all the same her anger still ebbing. "How do you know it's my words and not my looks that help me to win?" she asked.
"Because I've seen you in action. Numerous times. You're a lot smarter than you think you are Elwryn," he said as he stepped up to her and looked down into her lovely blue eyes.
As she gazed up at him her anger fled her completely and she saw the sense in not only his words
but the princess's words as well. "Then help me come to a compromise," she said softly.

And that was exactly what he did, right after he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her with a
passion he had been holding back for ages.

A short time later, maybe about ten minutes or so, Elwryn and Fenril had managed to create a compromise
between Elwryn's typical state of dress, or rather undress, and what
the princess wanted. As she left her room with Fenril at her back, she
wore now instead an emerald green dress, this one with a v neck that
showed ample cleavage but that she carefully hid with a matching scarf.
This dress, not one of her normal picks, was long and flowly rather than
being tight and short. And with a few well placed pearls in her hair
and around her neck, Elwryn felt better than she had only awhile ago.
She still didn't like the compromise, but Fenril had talked sense into
her and so she'd give it a try. Not for the princess but for Fenril and
if the princess wanted to think that this was of her own doing, then she
could think that. But all Elwryn truly needed was Fenril's stamp of

When Elwryn came up on deck and joined the party already there to disembark, Anna came up behind her and smiled. "I am so glad you made it
to exit with us. You look lovely." She smiled and patted the woman's
hand with eyes full of understanding at what it took for the blue haired
beauty to do what she did.
Galen walked up beside the ladies and bowed slightly. "It's our turn, Princess." He had barely glanced at Elwryn but when he did, his eyes
lit up. "Lady Elwryn, you look stunning. You will be joining us I hope."
He nodded to Anna and as he passed him, winked at Fenril where the
ladies couldn't see.

Elwryn refrained from glaring at the princess and instead plastered a smile on her face. If it hadn't
been for Fenril, for his words of comfort and sense, and for his kiss,
Elwryn never would have changed her clothes. She still didn't care for
them. She felt confined and not herself but she wasn't about to tell the
others that. Fenril had promised that she'd grow accustomed to such
clothing, but in her heart Elwryn disagreed. "Thank you," she said politely.

Fenril squeezed her hand to give her encouragement and she smiled up at him. She wanted him to kiss
her again, but now was not the time nor the place for such things. They
were about to meet with the king of Asteria and it was an honor indeed.
Shoving her focus from Fenril onto the king and her diplomatic mission,
Elwryn didn't see the wink Galen gave Fenril, nor did she see Fenril's
pleased smile. Taking her place in line with the others, Fenril close by
but a step behind, Elwryn forced herself to calm and sent her mind to
where it needed to be so she could be effective. This was her first
diplomatic mission to another country and it was an important one. But
she had proven her worth back home, now she just had to prove it abroad.

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As the entire party exited the ship, a man at the bottom of the ramp made the announcement of names of the party.

When Elwryn was announced, more than one head turned get direction. A
Chancellor behind the King stepped up to offer his hand. "Lady Elwryn,
it's such a pleasure to meet you. We heard of the treaty you recently
were so successful garnering when others had failed. It's a wonderful
asset to Asteria to have you here with us."

The man spoke directly to her as a peer rather than constantly missing her eyes and
starting at her cleavage. It was probably a new sensation for the woman,
but Ann simply smiled and distracted the King so the Lady could,
hopefully, revel in the joy of what Ann was hoping she'd take as a
positive thing.

She glanced it the corner of her eye in time to see the Chancellor offer his arm to escort her inside, another rarity.

"Your majesty, it's such a pleasure to meet you. I'm looking forward to
spending time getting to know you. My father sends his greetings and
well wishes." While the niceties we backwards, she was polite.

Elwryn blinked in obvious surprise as Chancellor....oh what was his name...Vic Mignogna himself
not only greeted her, but complimented her work. It seemed like only
yesterday she had negotiated that particular treaty that he spoke of,
but he had already heard of it and of her success. Either word traveled
very quickly, or it had been much longer than she orgininally thought it
to be.

Shaking her head ever so slightly to clear it, thinking she must have heard him wrong, Elwryn
returned Chancellor Vic's smile and politely replied, "Thank you Chancellor. I would like to claim credit for it, but it was truly
the agreement of both parties that brought the treaty together. I may
have had a hand in it, but ultimately peace was their desire and that's
what we worked to accomplish." She was being humble, which was the way she always was when it came to her work, but at the same time
she felt awkward. For once a man was speaking to her and not staring at
her chest or her hips or some other aspect of her that she typically
flaunted. It was an odd sensation and one she wasn't too sure about.
Elwryn had to admit though, that it was nice not having to strive to get
someone's attention.

Behind her, Fenril stood near and listened quietly but with an impassive face. He was in guard mode
and was watchful for any threat to his charge, the Lady Elwryn, or any
of the others of the delegation. So far he could perceive no threats to
anyone there, but he was on high alert, and though he didn't care for
the Chancellor speaking to Elwryn, he shoved that all aside so as to
focus on his work. Yet in the back of his mind, Elwryn was his and would
always be. He hadn't kissed her just because she was beautiful, but
because he wanted to claim her as his. Now he had competition though,
and Fenril did not like that one bit.

When the Chancellor offered Elwryn his arm to escort her, Elwryn accepted, though only out of
politeness. This was all too strange, and everything about this city was
strange too. It would take some getting used to, her new 'look'
especially would take a lot of getting used to.

Ian couldn't help to smile, hiding an inner chuckle, when he saw Vic with the blue-haired elven lady. Of course he knew that Vic had been
waiting to speak with this diplomatic mastermind, as he often called
her. Ah, he'll let Vic have his time, that is at least one stuffed shirt
not watching his every move.
Ian turned his attention to the elf addressing him. With a smile and a courteous bow, Ian addresses her, "Ah, Princess Anna Na'Dir, the pleasure is all mine." He extends his right arm, "Shall I escort you into the palace, m'lady?"
"I pray that your father is doing well," Ian finally states after a bit as they walk slowly to the palace.
Palace guards were flanking them as the crowds gathered with their
clamor of excitement at seeing the elves of Eleusia. Ahead the palace
grew ever larger before them.
"I understand that the Kingdoms of Acadia and Talus declined to meet with you," Ian's voice drops a little. "Not that I could blame them, it is risky to meet with dignitaries from a
broken nation when none know where Eleusia is headed and which of the
Na'Dirs will finally claim the throne of all Eleusia. However, I
understand that you are more directly related to Tannhauser."
Ian pauses for a moment, "You know, the Na'Dirs and the Mercleis have a long relationship together. Some of it
perhaps not the best of friendships, but my grandfather Armeas and
Tannhauser were fast friends, as was my uncle Taal. I can only hope that
after tonight we can cement our bonds of friendships and help to
achieve our grandfathers' dreams."
Ian then leans in to whisper to Anna's ear, "And perhaps afterwards, we can get to the real reason you yourself have
come, hmmm? A certain dream that wakes you in the night perhaps?"
He winks, then motions forward. "Princess Anna Na'Dir, and the guards and dignitaries of the Kingdom Na'Dir, I,
King Ian Mercleis of the Kingdom of Asteria welcome you all to the
Palace of Gems! All of you shall be treated as my most honored guests,
and any reasonable accommodation or request shall be granted. Please,
enjoy yourselves here and make yourself at home. I will look forward to
our dinner tonight together!"
Ian then lets go of Anna and walks into the castle, his mind not on the debate sure to come but instead on the hint of adventure he felt
certain to come...

Anna smiles as Vic's attention to Elwryn wasn't lost her. Seeing the diplomat actually blush was a nice change. She was glad the woman had
taken her advice. She wouldn't have been upset if she hadn't, but Anna
would never admit it. The blue haired woman truly was extraordinary. She
just wanted everyone else to know that as well.

Another thing not lost on Anna was the attention Fenril was paying her as well. The
look was quick, but she had been looking and had seen it. The man loved
her. But she noticed he stifled it as equally quick. He was a true
guard. And made herself a mental note to look into it further in the
very near future.

As King Ian began taking, the Princess's attentions were drawn back to him. She smiled warmly at his greeting.
"Thank you," she responded to his offer of escort. "Yes, father is doing
well. He said he hopes to visit next summer if you're amenable to it."

The mention of the precariousness the Elusian throne made her bite her
tongue. She knew she was being groomed to be the leader of the
fragmented kingdom, but somehow she felt if she actually voiced it, her
entire future would be decided. And that wasn't something she was
prepared for, yet. "I understand their concerns as well, Majesty. I can
only assure you that things are in motion to calm the trepidations and
bring peace and oneness to Elusia. And yes," she responded almost
embarrassed, "Lord Tannhauser is my fifth great grandfather, and I'm
partially his namesake, as you know."

Her lack of diplomatic training became evident as she faltered a half step. "I wasn't aware you
were directly descended." She started to wonder if her father had known
when he had sent her here. "I shall look forward to this evening. And I
think they would be very pleased if we managed that, Your Highness."
His idea of her and him healing the rifts made her heart tighten.

When he whispered his knowledge about hey dreams and a desire to help her,
she faltered once more. This time hey pace stopped completely. "Yes,
Sir..." was all she managed to mumble back.

But suddenly he was welcoming them all and dismissing then in a single breath before moving
on into the palace with no further backwards glance.

Galen was immediately at her arm and whispered, "Are you all right, Ann?" While
everyone else called her Anna, his one buck to the system and term of
endearment and friendship to her had always been calling her 'Ann'. And
no one else has that permission. She managed a nod and spoke loud enough
so those nearby would hear. "Yes, Captain... It's been a long journey. I
think some tea would be most pleasant."

The man nodded to the other guards to bring their charges and follow and the whole group made their way into the palace.

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Characters: Ian Mercleis Poppy
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6 months 4 weeks ago #23 by Tiana
Replied by Tiana on topic Drifting Soul
Tana kept to the shadows, as she always did.  Though Galen posted gaurds to make sure lady Anna was safe, the one that was truly charged to protect Lady Anna was her, and they both knew it.  But it was better if others did not know that Anna was better guarded then the appearance showed.

So though guards followed at a close distance, Tana followed close by, living up to the nickname Lady Anna called her when they were alone, her shadow. None payed any attention to her, and she preferred that, it gave her ample chance to study those around her and their surroundings.

Her eyes narrowed as Lady Anna interacted with Lady Elwyrn, she didn't care for the women.  Something rubbed her the wrong way, but it was not her place to say so, nor did it matter in the grand scheme of things.  She was a smart woman, and have proven herself so she was here.

Her eyes fell back to Lady Anna and they softened slightly, she was here for the adventure, and for hope.  Perhaps to even figure out what she wanted from her life.  She shook her head slightly and continued to follow Lady Anna and Galen, Galen giving a small nod to her as she did so.

She heard part of the exchange between King Ian and her lady, and she slightly shook her head, 'such lofty pedigrees', she mused in her mind.  Only her cousins could claim such a notable lineage.  She was only descended from the first shards, and before he was a shard he was a thief and mercenary, saved by Lady Anna's 5 time great grandfather.  And he and his family had been loyal since.

She shook her head again and brushed her hand on Lady Anna's shoulder, a gesture of comfort, before fading back again and following her into the palace.
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