× The Kingdom of Asteria takes up the largest of the sky lands in the eastern part of Chalcedonia. The oldest kingdom of the Sixth Era, its land was once the Kingdom of Triskel in the Second Area and comprises of the Auster Lands, the Chalcedon, and the Chalcedonian Jungle. Asteria is the most powerful of the three kingdoms though lately it relys more and more on trade for metals. It is also the most diverse of the kindgoms.

The capital of Asteria is Aureas, a city of the Second Era completely rebuilt and restored by Taal Zodo as his gift to his nephew Ian Mercleis. The current king, and only king in its long history, is none other than Ian Mercleis. Asteria has been regarded as the Holy Kingdom due to its king's close relationship to the divine Taal Zodo.

The Open Book

7 months 4 weeks ago #13 by mythus
The Open Book was created by mythus
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With the jingle of a bell on the front door, and the enterance of inquisitive customers, The Open Book was not a large shop but those who
knew about it and knew Gossford never hesitated to come back after
having finished a book they had read and returning it for resale as they
return to the shelves to browse the collection of books of all
subjects.  This was what always put a smile on Gossford’s face.  The
days were always busy and happy as children came in to learn how to read
and were always given a free treat for their progress.  When the day
was at an end, Gossford waves goodbye to his last customer and locks his
front door.  The fire in the fireplace is kept low to gently heat the
shop which is also his humble home. 
“Well Clara, another busy day gone and another one to follow.  Let’s start a tea kettle shall we?”
A donkey sized dragon, with a right wing and right hind leg shorter than the left limbs, hobbles into the main living space of the shop and
picks up a tea kettle with her careful teeth as the lighting in the room
glistens on the surfaces of her bronze scales.  Carefully, she hangs
the kettle on a hook inside the fireplace.  Gossford ads in a handful of
black tea leaves along with dried jasmine flowers, from a plant he had
grown himself with the aid of a book about botany.  He then gets a small
jar of honey from the cub bard and a spoon from a drawer.  Once the tea
water boils, he uses a pot holder to take the kettle off and adds the
tea.  He then gets out a few dried kippers for Clara and sits at his
small kitchen table with Clara sitting on the other side.  He serves her
the kippers as he pours his tea.  It’s at this time when he spots a
rare book, bound in black leather with pages with rough edges on the
paper.  It was a rare volume because he had never seen the artwork
embossed on the book.  He eyes it in concern.
”Hmm, have you seen this book, Clara?  Not sure where this came from.. Must have been dropped off for a trade in.  But, this book is
very rare, why would anyone want to trade this book in without
collecting something for it?”
Clara cocks her head. She too had never seen the book and has brought many books to Gossford, from the tall shelves.  She looks back to her
friend with a moan of uncertainty.
”You don’t know either, do you? I most certainly don’t expect you to, this is a very strange book.  I don’t even dare open this.  Everything
about it is unsettling.  Come Clara, we best put this in our locked
archive room.”
In a small closet like room, the book is locked in a book case with a pad lock and locked away as Gossford puts the key back around his neck.
”There, I suspect when the time is right, we will find out about that mysterious book and where it can be kept safely.  But I do not think
that book is safe in our possession.  Not at all.”
He gives Clara a gentile rub behind her right horn.

With a thud, a small, frail, humanoid ran smack into the oak door of The Open Book, a faint cloud of spores catching to the air as a result.
The frail creature, possibly a girl but it was truly hard to say with
most feature hidden behind green robes, nurses her head for a moment
before picking herself back up off the ground.
'It... it closed?' The frail creature thought in surprise. 'I... I thought.... safe place....' She risked a glance over her right shoulder as the quickening darkness
swelled behind her. Mage-lights began to glow their vibrant hues down
the streets of town, but she'd not see them nor notice them. Her mind
was elsewhere, a darkness in the woods behind her.
'It must open....' she cried in prayer as she tried at the handle once more, the disappearing
light retreating from her frail yellow arms as they tried without luck
for the door to open. A sign hung upon the door that would instruct
others of the store's closing for the evening, yet to her they were just
meaningless symbols on a sign that seemed to mock her. She thought to
perhaps knock, but feared to do so.
'I... it not safe....' her mind raced as her eyes pleaded with the wooden door to move aside
for her just this once. She hadn't a moment to spare, if the door
remained a barricade to her, she knew she would have to flee to
elsewhere. But to where would she go... could she go, before her
nameless fear finally caught up with her...

With sharp ears, Gossford hears the woman’s voice and hobbles towards the door as best he can. Clara helps him along as the faint sound of
hobbling with a cane soon echoes through the shop, letting the woman
outside know that he has answered her plea.

“Oh my, someone is in need of help. I’ll be there shortly, please stay at the door.”

He takes a minute or two to reach the door. He opens the door with Clara
supporting his weight on his disabled leg. His reaction isn’t of fear
but of concern for the woman and gestures to a warm fire cracking in his
fireplace. Inside a tea kettle warming the next batch of hot tea.

“ I’m sorry to have kept you outside, I can’t move very well so I’m a tad
slow. But please, madam, do come in for a spot of hot tea and
something for supper. I insist you join me and get out of this dreadful
darkness. I’m Gossford and this is Clara, she’s my friend and helper.”

Clara gives the woman a friendly nudge on her hand with her nose and rubs her
head on it afterwards to welcome her into the shop and humble home.

The girl pauses for a moment, ready to bolt when the great wooden portal does finally open. What it revealed to her was a room which many
would find comforting, though the girl was still unsure of any room that
would or could contain a blazing fire. Just as she was unsure of the
creatures standing before her - some cat-like being that seemed to
depend upon something odd for its eyes and a type of dragon to support a
bum leg.
But still, despite the uncertainties she had with the room and the creatures at the door, they were not as terrifying as the shadow she was
trying to escape. So with hesitation, the girl stepped through the
For her it was like entering another world entirely. The girl had never been within a civilized town, nor had she been within a building
such as this. While she had observed the people coming and leaving from
here from the safety of the trees, she knew nothing of what laid beyond
the wooden door and stone walls. Gasping, she saw the volumes of books,
the odd and old keepsakes, and cozy furniture placed about. Lowering her
green cowl to take it all in, her leafy green hair and the youthfulness
of her face exposed to any and all in the room.
After a moment the girl finally turned back to her hosts. Nervously she smiled and gave a short bow, "T... thanks." She hesitates for a moment, still unsure if she made the right choice for safety, "I.... I Poppy."

Gossford smiles and bows back in respect to Poppy’s bow.
”A pleasure to meet you Poppy.  I’ve only read about such beautiful people as yourself.  I never imagined that I would actually meet someone
such as you....   Oh oh my, now that we’ve met, you have some familiar
features that I just remembered that are on a strange book that’s found
it’s way to my shop.  Perhaps you or someone like you has lost it and it
ended up here in my shop.  I’ve locked it away in a safe place but
something tells me that my shop isn’t the safest place for it.  Perhaps
you might know something about it.  Now if you don’t it’s quite alright,
it’s an extremely rare find.  Come, let’s go in and both look at it
together.  Although I’m a tad afraid of opening it but by all means, if
it’s something you are familiar with, I’d like you to open it.”
An air of trust comes over Gossford as he and Clara welcome Poppy further into the shop.  With a slow gobble the humble shop keeper gets
to the locked case and steps aside to show Poppy the book.  He points to
”There it is.  It just popped into my shop this afternoon.  Let me know what you think and if it’s anything of significance.  I’m curious
to know more about it.”

Poppy curiously watched and followed the strange cat creature, studying his face and everything about him as words came pouring out of
his mouth. Whatever this creature was, it sure seemed excited, but Poppy
wasn't sure why.
Ever so often she tried to ask a question, like what is a shop, what are features, and other such odd things the cat creature was saying to
her that she had never heard before, but the creature was talking so
fast she just couldn't get a word in. Not that she was frustrated
though, instead she found the creature odd.
When he finally stopped talking, Poppy giggled, "Cat talks lot. Cat say funny thing." She poked at the glasses on his face, "Why cat wear thing on eye?" She then pokes his bummed leg, "Cat get hurt?" Poppy seemed ever the curious young girl, more curious perhaps about
the creature than anything else. Especially curious because the creature
seemed to treat Poppy like an old friend, but Poppy didn't even know
the creature's name.
Finally Poppy asked, "What a book?" She followed the direction the creature pointed and made her way to the locked case, before stepping back from it. "No no," Poppy said, obviously troubled, "that the thing of shadow. Shadow come to me, but Poppy scared of Shadow.
Like dream, but not dream, spirit of man with long ears, crying for
help. It scare Poppy."
Poppy turned back to the creature, "So, Poppy ran from the Shadow. Came here, place look safe. Here Poppy find
cat and dragon, and lots of odd things. And find cat with shadow man
thing that cat call book."

It wasn’t his intent to scare Poppy and it wasn’t like him to be scary.  But his own fears about that book were now confirmed.  It was
the right thing to do to keep it under lock and key.  With a gentile
nod, he now shows Poppy his glasses.
” These my dear are called glasses.  They are made to hep me to see better.  I was born with not so good eyesight so these help me to see.
 Without them I can’t see your beautiful face.  And a shop is a shelter
where someone can earn money to live and to help people.   “
He continues to explain things to Poppy as best he can.
”You wonder if I’m hurt.  No, it’s not painful, I was born with a leg that doesn’t work very well because it didn’t grow normally.  And so, I
wasn’t born a fighter, but when I started to learn how to read a book,
which is a vessel of great learning and wonder all bound in leather and
paper, with many words in it, reading and teaching others to read became
my greatest passion. “ 
He shows Poppy a book from his shelves which were written to teach people how to read.  They also show pictures to show what the words
”A , for Apple.  As you see in this picture.  If you like , I can teach you how to read.  And about that book in the locked cabinet.  Can
the shadow be kept away where it can’t hurt anyone?”

Characters: Ian Mercleis Poppy

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7 months 4 weeks ago #14 by mythus
Replied by mythus on topic The Open Book
With a full load of books in her arms, Ruby hurried as quickly as she dared to Gossford's shop. He
was a kindly creature, and though he looked frail, Ruby knew him to be
anything but, at least where his mind was concerned. He had a good heart
too and was always trying to teach the little ones how to read. Ruby
likely would have learned to read from him too, had her parents not been
able to send her to get at least some schooling. And, in a way, having
inherited her parent's love for books, Ruby spent much time at
Gossford's shop and the other bookstores and libraries around the town.

Right then though, she was on her way to his shop, even though the darkness of night was coming, in
hopes of catching him before he closed. She was carrying a stack of
books chin high that she hoped to trade for newer and rarer books. She
felt as if she were on a mission and silently cursed herself for not
getting started on the way to his shop earlier. Maybe she'd get lucky
and find the shop still open. Ruby hoped so because she didn't know
where she'd go once full dark hit. It was dangerous for a young woman
such as herself to be traveling alone at night. Yet another reason she
silently cursed herself for not getting started sooner.

Seeing in the distance Gossford's shop, she picked up her pace, boots clomping on the pavement as she hurried. "Please let him still be open," she muttered. When she got there though, the closed sign was on the
door and though a light shone through the window, she knew she was too
late. She sighed and stared longingly at the door books still in her
arms. Well, there was nothing for it but to turn around and go home.
She'd stick to the main streets where there were lots of lights and a
sense of security for her. If only she had started out sooner! "Tomorrow it is then," she muttered softly and turned to start heading back the way she had come.

As Gossford was showing Poppy the rare book in the locked bookshelf, Clara could hear Ruby’s steps outside and turns her head toward the
door.  She hops over to the door and opens it with her jaws carefully,
and hops toward Ruby with a bit of a wag to her tail.  She always loved
Ruby and was ecstatic to see her, dancing around her like an
affectionate dog, greeting their good friends.  She gives happy grunts
and gestures Ruby to come inside the shop.  If she could talk, She would
chat for hours because it was her way of accepting others than just
Gossford himself.  It was also quite dark and Clara knew that it was not
always safe to be out when it was pitch dark outside.  Even though she
wasn’t any larger than a donkey, rendered flightless due to a birth
defect on her right wing and hind leg,Clara was a dragon none the less.
 Her fire hadn’t suffered nor had her roar.  Not as loud as the large
dragons, she could still alert others to danger.  But there was no
danger at the moment but Clara’s instinct was to be sure that Ruby was
safely inside the shop.  It would seem that if this tiny dragoness had a
brood of little ones, she would show exceptional maternal skills.  She
definitely was showing it now.

She had only taken one step towards heading back home, when she heard the bells on Gossford's shop
door jangle as the door opened. Looking back over her shoulder Ruby saw
Clara standing in the doorway then seemingly bounding out of the shop
and too Ruby. Ruby smiled at this as Clara danced around her in greeting
and she even laughed at Clara's antics. Clara was one of Ruby's
favorite creatures and often times she could recall Clara sitting close
by as Ruby sat in a chair in the shop reading anything she could get her
hands on.

"Well hello to you to Clara," Ruby greeted the dragon with a smile. "I'd pet you except as you can see my hands are kind of full." When Clara urged Ruby without words to come inside, Ruby didn't
hesitate but a short moment before following the small dragon into the
shop. With arms still full of books, Ruby pushed the door shut with her
hip and just barely kept from dropping her books in the process. "Thank you Clara," she said. "Now then, where to set these books," she wondered out loud.

Characters: Ian Mercleis Poppy

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7 months 4 weeks ago #15 by mythus
Replied by mythus on topic The Open Book
Clara knew right where the books were dropped off and proceeds to gently take them up into her mouth and carefully piles them up onto a
receiving desk where books were taken in and carefully filed back onto
shelves.  After putting them neatly stacked onto the desk, she nudges a
ledger near them to be filled out in the morning.  Gossford had taught
her how to place colored stones upon the table to indicate when they
came in and by whom and a bright ruby red stone was Ruby’s to indicate
that she had returned her books.  Clara also knew that Gossford always
prepared a new batch of books specially saved for Ruby according to her
preferences.  Clara points to a new stack of books with a ruby colored
stone next to them.  She then gestures toward Gossford as he shows Poppy
a book that helps people learn how to read.  Reading was important
because it could very well save a life by its written instructions or
remedies and antidotes toward various poisons.  Along with many books, a
few herbs in clay pots along with a small apple and pear tree, potted
as well, are taken in for the cold season ahead.  Now sporting some
ripening fruit, Clara nudges the apple tree to loosen a big fat and
crisp apple off a branch and catches it in her right talloned paw,
holding it up for Ruby.  Gossford could never eat the fruit but he very
much enjoyed growing it for his patrons and friends.  He even allowed a
colony of honeybees take up residence in a make shift box he had
intended for a bird house .  Sometimes his intentions were sweet and
often a little too sweet.  The box was also taken in for the cold season
as the bees hibernate inside.  Small jars of honey sit next to the make
shift box, as does a pair of gloves and a hat with a cloth mesh over it
to prevent accidental stinging of the bees.  All of this, originating
from Gossfords love of reading and learning.  The hum of the honeybees
warms the shop as Clara refreshes the fire in the fireplace with a
gentile puff of flames.  All the while she stays very close to Ruby and
then sits beside her as she always does, head placed on Ruby’s lap as
she seems to doze off in perfect content.

Ruby was thankful for Clara's help as the large stack of books she carried was quite cumbersome
indeed. When all the books she was returning were piled in the correct
place, Ruby very carefully noted what needed noting in the special book
that Gossford kept.

Ruby really liked it here at Gossford's shop. The place always seemed to have just the right amount
of noise so as to help Ruby read but not get distracted. "Thank you Clara," she said softly when the dragon held the apple out to her. Ruby could
see that Gossford was busy with someone else, so for the time being
she'd wait and and start reading one of the books he had so kindly set
aside for her. Picking one that looked the most interesting of all of
them, Ruby settled onto the floor in front of the front counter and
opened the book. As she started to read she took a small bite out of the
apple and was careful not to get any juice on the book. Content to have
Clara next to her and be amongst her friends, the books and Gossford,
Ruby set to reading with abandon. And once she started to read, little
could interrupt her unless by some physical means like a tap on the
shoulder or some other such way.

On occasion, a stray honeybee or two would buzz around the makeshift hive to gather polllen from potted plants which bear autumn colored
flowers and fly back to make their honey inside. One finds its way to
Clara’s snout as she opens her eyes to look to it. It was normal for
her, it’s happened many times with a slight tickle to her nose but no
stings. It then leaves her and buzzes around Ruby but lands on a
beautiful flower which had just opened and busies itself with gathering
pollen to make its sweet nectar. Gossford had taken up some beekeeping
from what he had learned from a book or two about keeping honeybees.
Clara looks to Ruby to be sure none of them mistook her for a landing
platform. Content that Ruby was safe and content, she lays back down
Her head on Ruby’s lap.

Poppy pondered for a moment, uncertain of how to explain what the shadow man was. She didn't know fully herself, only that he came to her
in her dreams at first and more recently he started appearing to her
while awake - though only Poppy seemed able to see him.
She tried to explain the shadow man to the shamans of her tribe once, looking for any kind of help in getting rid of this vision that
frightened her, but they could only advice her to see what it wanted and
to help it. The problem was, Poppy was afraid of the shadow man and
couldn't bring herself to respond to it, and the growing urgency of its
cries was only making things worse for Poppy.
Just when she was about to say something to the cat person, some woman came running into the shop. Poppy shrieked in fear, rushing to
hide behind something, anything that she could! Trying to dash behind a
bookshelf she accidentally knocks over some books, a few of them opening
as the landed on the floor.
Turning in surprise, Poppy spots one of the books, a book on elven kingdoms and cultures. It so happened to land open with one page
revealing a painting of a long eared elf with the name Tannhauser Na'Dir
- High Elf and King of Eleusia written underneath the painting. Poppy
shrieks, backing away from the book while pointing at it, "... Sh... shadow man!"

Calmly, Gossford bends down and puts a gentile hand on Poppy’s shoulder because he knew Ruby very well.  He had gotten her into reading
while he had just started mentoring people in reading skills.  With a
soft smile and a nod, he reassures Poppy that Ruby is a friend and not
foe .
”It’s alright Poppy, that young lady is Ruby, a very good friend and a student of mine.  She won’t harm you, I fact I have a good feeling that
you will enjoy each other’s company.  Ruby hello, please join us.
 We’re just about to make dinner....  Oh my....  That picture.....  “
His eyes wandered to the picture that Poppy had seen.  It was a similar nightmare he too had experienced as a young cub.  He covers his
mouth and looks to both girls in grave concern. 
“When I was a cub, I had these night terrors every night that would scare me out of a sound sleep.  Every night, I dreamt I couldn’t move
either of my legs and I didn’t have Clara at the time so I felt
completely helpless.  And every night this creature stalked me in my
dreams but as I got older, and met Clara, somehow when she sleeps with
me, I see her in my dreams, warding away the evil being with a booming
growl and burst of bright flames from her mouth.  She’s been my guardian
for a long time and not sure as of how or why, but for some reason
there is a sense of calm and security when she’s around.”
He gestures to Poppy to help her up as he closes the book but not without marking the page where the image is. That book is put back on a
shelf, as he now focuses on Poppy and Ruby.  They were now like his
children and like a loving parent, he didn’t want either of them to
venture out of his humble home.
”I would feel much better if both of you spent the night here with me.  No way I will let anything or anyone bad get at you.  And hopefully
Clara can give a sense of security for us all.  Now, I have a wonderful
chicken soup that I made, along with fresh bread, and I also have some
fresh apples and I believe my small pear tree has some ripe fruit on it
as well.  So, Poppy, Ruby, do you have any preferences to what you may
want for supper other than the soup?  I did manage to go to market on
Saturday and picked up a few fresh vegetables as well.  Something was
compelling me to buy them...  Odd, I’m not really able to eat those.
Anyway my home is yours, stay as long as you both like.  I think Clara
loves to have you both here.”
He gives a chuckle as Clara wraps her friendly tail around Ruby and nudges Poppy affectionately with her snout.  Gossford was happy to see
his humble home filled with such joy and wonderful company.  It was
lonely being the only one keeping such a vast shop as humble as it was
but something was indeed missing from his humble life and it wasn’t fame
or fortune.  It was something more meaningful, and having Poppy and
Ruby with him simply makes him shine with a happiness he had never shown
normally.  His heart craves the warmth of others and he wants nothing
more but to help others who need help, even if they are kind hearted
strangers.  But he also has a heavy heart knowing that danger can’t be
lurking too far away. 

Ruby had been happily into her reading when the little strange girl screamed and said something about a
shadow man. Ruby rolled her eyes and sighed, taking a small piece of
paper out of her pocket and using it to mark her place in the book. With
her place marked, she stood and put the book back on the stack of her
new books to read. Biting again into the apple that Clara had given her,
Ruby regarded the strange girl and Gossford without a word.

Taking a third bite she silently helped Gossford pick up the fallen books and reshelve them
where they belonged. By the time they were done, all that was left of
her apple was the core and the seeds and stem, which Ruby tossed away.
Throughout all of this she said nothing and kept a wary eye on the
strange girl creature. Ruby was used to seeing strange and reading about
strange beings and things, but never had she encountered any of them up
close. She supposed she'd have to be careful. Who knew what this
strange girl was capable of?

When Gossford mentioned dinner, Ruby shook her head. "I might have a very small bit of soup, but I've already eaten and that
apple I just finished filled me up a little more. I'll help you with
serving it though, if you want," she said softly and kindly so as to not spook the girl.

With a soft smile, Gossford was grateful for Ruby’s assistance and hands her another book.  One that he cherished as a child and was his
favorite of all times. 
“Thank you Ruby, very much.  And here is something for you .  This time, I wish for you to keep this book.  It was my favorite volume when I
was a cub, and it foretells many stories of creatures and beings of
past eras.  One particular good story was one of the fourth era, when
majestic Gryphons flew the skies along with the dragons of long ago.
 One such Gryphon, Copperwing, helped the followers of the great Mogen
David, defend their world against evil forces of their era , by
gathering his kind to help serve the good people of this world long ago.
 Ohh I wish I could’ve seen one.  Just once.  What wonderful creatures
they were.”
He also turns to Poppy with a smile. Perhaps telling the stories about Gryphon’s tales of the fourth era would perhaps lighten everyone’s
spirits.  He shows a picture in another book of another volume showing a
gryphon as he stands beside a soldier of purity.
”  Have you ever seen this majestic creature Poppy?  See?  It’s half eagle and half lion.  And a very noble creature indeed.  They don’t
exist now but when they did, ohh the bravest of battles they helped
fight.  Perhaps some of that has sort of rubbed off on me but who am I
to tell?  Anyway, dinner.  Let’s all go have a spot of something and I
will tell both of you all about those wonderful gryphons.”
His spirits rise as Gossford recalls everything he knew about the fourth era and the brave gryphons who once roamed the land and flew the
skies.  He often wondered how it would be if a gryphon had still roamed
the land.  His stories also spark Clara’s interest as she nudges
Gossford to the shelf where he kept all his books about the fourth era.
” Wonderful idea, Clara.  It’ll make for a wonderus evening. Girls, how about I tell you a story or two about the best adventures of the
fourth era?  I’ve read every story in these books and I know them by

Characters: Ian Mercleis Poppy

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7 months 4 weeks ago #16 by mythus
Replied by mythus on topic The Open Book
Poppy's green eyes grow wide, "Story Story! Poppy like story!" Poppy follows Gossford like a pup, "Poppy know not soup. Poppy get fed by ground and water and suns. Not enough
sun, Poppy get weak. That why Poppy no eat at dark time, no sun!"
Poppy see's the picture that Gossford points at, "Ooooh pretty cat bird. Will you get wing too? Like that cat bird?" Poppy giggles at the thought of Gossford flying around. By now Poppy
has either forgotten about Ruby or simply accepted her. Such was the way
with Poppy, once it was established there was no threat to her, she was
quite bubbly and energetic.
Poppy sit down waiting for the story, "So you tell of time of breaking before world go broke and need healing?
Poppy hear of hurt to world, ground speak to Poppy, as do tree and
flower. Sad tale, but happy ending and now Poppy here!" Poppy sighs, "But Poppy know at end of that time, shadow man became shadow man when when sleep. Before, was head shaman of pointy ears."
Poppy then looks at Ruby, "You pretty. Poppy want be pretty too. You get good sun? No one pick petals?" She looks down, "Sometimes some like you mean to world. Sometimes nice. Poppy never know who is who."

Telling the ladies this story was going to be very fun indeed for Gossford, starts the entertaining evening while referencing his first
volume pertaining to the fourth era. As he does that, Clara readies the
fireplace to heat up the soup under a gentile flame with a soft puff of
fire to ignite the tinder inside. The fireplace pops as damp wood
crackles under the heat of the fire. Clara then uses her gentile but
strong jaws to place a tray of pre cut vegetables to roast on a rack
inside. Gossford had trained her slowly but she took to her to perform
house hold chores but she seemed to just pick up on how to do things
rather quickly. She then returns to everyone as Gossford looks to
everyone to tell the stories he had read over the years.

“ I wish I could have wings Poppy but I simply wasn’t born with them. And it’s a
good thing I keep my green room well lit where my tiny trees are
potted. You’re welcome to stay there as long as you need to. Anyway,
story time. I suppose I should start by telling you a story about
Copperwing, one of the most legendary creatures of the fourth era. He
started his life like any other gryphon, and at first, his egg was a bit
smaller than that of his siblings. There was much talk about the egg
not hatching and yet, he surprised his mother and father much to their
joy. He hatched right on time but he was also quite a bit smaller than
his siblings. He was the runt of the brood. Much like me. I too was
born that way.”

He shows the girls an illustration of what the gryphon looked like as a hatchling. Eyes tightly shut, no feathers on
his tiny wings but a bit of a downy puff ball with tiny front legs and
hind feet, nursing contently with his siblings.

“. He began life like every creature. Helpless at first but when he began to open his
eyes and explore his world, he took on a love of learning and a
compassion for all living things. His elders would always tell stories
of grandeur and of course they taught him to show great respect for
their true God, Mogen David who is still worshipped by many as I do
myself. So as a cub, he would pray to Mogen David and thank him for all
the love and compassion he was surrounded by every day. I too thank
him every night for the same reasons. Ahhh, such wonderful creatures
they were, my friends. I would very much wanted to meet at least one of
them and hear their stories of their adventures but I suppose these
books will have to suffice.”

Gossford says with a smile as dinner is gently warmed in a cozy fireplace as tea is brought to the table as
well as some bread and cheese.

Ruby shrugged when Gossford mentioned that he should one day like to meet one of the legendary
creatures. He was right though, he'd have to settle for books and
pictures for their were none of them left on the world and they'd very
likely never come to be again, unless the Gods got an itch in their
backside and decided to scratch it, making the legendary creatures live
once more.

"Sometimes things are meant to be left in the past," Ruby said slowly as she snatched a piece of cheese and nibbled on it. "History teaches us so much and we learn from it. Perhaps the reason they are no
longer around is so as to teach us a lesson we have yet to discover," she suggested.

Characters: Ian Mercleis Poppy

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7 months 4 weeks ago #17 by mythus
Replied by mythus on topic The Open Book
Being as reasonable and as knowledgeable as he was, Gossford nods in agreement.  He also believed in evolution and the new creatures that
would come from those of the past. 
“ You’re absolutely right, Ruby.  New creatures an always evolve from those of the past.  There’s just the matter of discovering them.  Which
I would have loved to have done but unfortunately I can not walk as
well as those famous explorers can.  But in a sense, what would the
world do without a keeper of such wonderful treasures? “ 
Gossford states joyfully while looking to his shelves which are a wealth of learning, adventure and everything else that made up the world
and gave it depth and wonder.  
“ Mogen David has a purpose for all living things who worship him in their own way.  I didn’t quite understand what my purpose was until now.
 Age sure does bring wisdom as well as a few aches and pains.  But I
wouldn’t trade what I have and who I have for anything else in this
world.  Mogen was absolutely right about where I belong.  It’s right
here, in this humble shop, with such wonderful people and Clara.  And I
must say, I thank him for bringing all of you here and all of this. “
He opens a window, and points out to the first stars of the evening.
” No precious stone or metals can ever be worth as much as what is here now.”

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Characters: Ian Mercleis Poppy

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7 months 3 weeks ago #31 by mythus
Replied by mythus on topic The Open Book
Poppy looks down at the ground, playing with her fingers, "Not many like Poppy. Poppy know of no stories about people like Poppy much older than great shaman. Perhaps Poppy kind are new to world, new protector in place of wing cats."

Poppy looks up, "Not know of this David. But Poppy know of white woman. She comes in time of need, and makes all things better. Shaman says that the Great Light send her, and chases away the dark to lands below. There the Great Dark punish them for hurting other and hurting world." Poppy imitates a spanking motion and giggles.

Poppy then looks up at Gossford, "Does cat want a'ven'ure?" She stands up and starts hopping up and down, "Oh oh I know! Cat man and dragon can come with Poppy! Poppy can take to Shaman! Many tales be told and maybe maybe White Woman come and make Cat Man all better?!"

Poppy then looks at Ruby, "Ruby girl can come too. But we might want wait till sun up. Not good to travel in dark."

Characters: Ian Mercleis Poppy

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7 months 3 weeks ago #32 by Gryphon
Replied by Gryphon on topic The Open Book
With a smile of exhilaration Gossfords ears perk up.  An adventure.  He had never been on one and think of all the book he could write about it.  He would have to close his shop for a little while but he would love the opportunity to explore beyond his shop.

”Poppy, I would be honored to go with you, we can all go together .  Ohh what books we can write about this!?  Of course my dear, let’s go.  But we can not leave that cursed book behind.  We have to bring it with us. Can’t risk having it harm anyone.”

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7 months 3 weeks ago #38 by DreamWriter05
Replied by DreamWriter05 on topic The Open Book
Ruby was silent as she thought on all that had been said and suggested. It would mean leaving her parents, possibly risking her life, and so much more. Would it be worth it? What grand places could she see and what wonderful things could she learn? The idea was quite appealing, but they needed to plan it out in detail first. Without a plan of action, things were more inclined to go horribly wrong, and Ruby hated not having a plan to follow. Flying by the seat of her pants was not something that she cared.

"That sounds wonderful," she said. "But we can't leave right away. We've got to make plans, get provisions and money to see us through until we get back. I don't know about you Gossford, but I don't have an awful lot of money stashed away. Not to mention, how are we going to get there? I don't mean to offend Gossford, but you don't walk quite so well as others do. It would be slow going if we went on foot." Turning to Poppy, Ruby asked her, "Is it very far, where you want to take us?"

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