× The Kingdom of Asteria takes up the largest of the sky lands in the eastern part of Chalcedonia. The oldest kingdom of the Sixth Era, its land was once the Kingdom of Triskel in the Second Area and comprises of the Auster Lands, the Chalcedon, and the Chalcedonian Jungle. Asteria is the most powerful of the three kingdoms though lately it relys more and more on trade for metals. It is also the most diverse of the kindgoms.

The capital of Asteria is Aureas, a city of the Second Era completely rebuilt and restored by Taal Zodo as his gift to his nephew Ian Mercleis. The current king, and only king in its long history, is none other than Ian Mercleis. Asteria has been regarded as the Holy Kingdom due to its king's close relationship to the divine Taal Zodo.

To Fully Blossom

3 months 3 weeks ago #159 by DreamWriter05
Elwryn had completely enjoyed her lunch Chancellor Mignona. Vic was captivating in so many ways. He had something to say about just about everything, and though not terribly older than her, he seemed experienced and well rounded. Qualities that Elwryn found herself liking in him and somewhat lacking in herself. Perhaps she could remedy that and she felt as if she wanted to do just that. Yet even as she walked back to her apartments with Fenril following closely behind, she wondered how it was that she could emulate the chancellor without really seeming to. Subtly was something she was good at, but she also put great time and effort into the art.

She noticed Fenril was oddly silent as they made their way back and she wondered if her lunch with Vic had served to irritate him, especially after the kiss they had shared that day. Or was it kisses, plural? Elwryn honestly couldn't remember but she didn't want to think about it right then. Instead she wanted to think about what she would wear riding. As she entered her suite and went to her dressing chamber she then started digging through the clothes in her chest. Tossing aside ones that just weren't suitable for riding, she finally settled on a pair of tight pants that could be considered riding pants, and a loose blouse that would hint at what she had to offer, but not show it off entirely. She found she rather enjoyed the looks she got from the chancellor and from others that knew her and knew she didn't normally dress this way. Something about it just felt right and despite her earlier rebellion against the change, she was quickly embracing it.

"You're oddly quiet this afternoon Fenril," she said as she moved behind the dressing screen and proceeded to change clothes.

"What would you have me say, m'lady?" Fenril asked his voice almost haughty in his response.

"I don't know," she answered, deciding to ignore the tone of his voice. "You're just typically more talkative and I wondered if something was wrong." She peeked her head out from behind the screen and regarded him as he moved about folding her clothes for her and putting them back in her chest.

"Why should something be wrong," he asked irritation rising to join his tone.

Elwryn came out from behind the screen, dressed now in suitable riding clothes and sat to pull on and lace up a pair of boots. Fenril came over to help her, though she didn't need the help. She watched him as he laced up one knee high boot then started on the other. Finally she answered him, her insight into his feelings quite correct. "You don't like the Chancellor do you?" she questioned.

"I didn't say that," he retorted.

"You didn't have to. I can see it in your actions and in your face. You think he's a bad influence on me, don't you?"

"I didn't say that either."

"Then what are you trying to say because quite honestly Fenril, I don't understand you. One minute your sweet and kind, the next you act like I'm your enemy....ouch! Not so tight!" she said as he got the second lace on the other boot a little tighter than she'd like.

He dared to glare up at her, and she shrank back from the heat of his glare. "You're too good for him Elwryn," he said beginning to lose his cool. "He's no good for you. You need to stay away from him."

"Stay away from him? Not good for me?! What has gotten into you Fenril?! You've never acted like this before, or said such things."

Fenril growled and pushed her back onto the bed as he rose. A surprised little yelp came forth from her throat and her eyes widened as he pinned her to the bed, his arms holding hers down and using his weight to hold her there. "Fenril," she questioned, wondering what he was about and growing frightened of him for the first time since he'd been assigned to her.

"Mine," he said with a growl. "You're mine." Then before she could say or do more, he kissed her, roughly and with such a heated passion that it took her breath away. Struggling weakly beneath him and his strength, Elwyrn tried to break free, but it seemed like the more she struggled, the rougher his kiss became and the more force he used to hold her in place. When his hands on her wrists began to hurt she whimpered and he finally broke the rough kiss and let go of her hands, his breathing ragged and his eyes shimmering with what emotion she didn't know.

"Get out," she said softly as she rubbed at her wrists which were starting to bruise. "Leave now and I'll not report you. But I think you need some time to cool off."

Glowering at her, but with resignation now on his face, he turned and left without a word and without even an apology for his behavior. After the door shut behind him, she rubbed her sore wrists and decided that some elbow length gloves would do the trick to hide the bruising. Brushing back tears from her eyes, Elwryn found the right set of gloves and pulled them gently on.

It was passed time for her ride with the chancellor and she was late as it was. A knock came on her door and she answered. It was a servant sent by the chancellor to see if she was okay and would be joining him. "Yes, sorry. I am ready, lead the way please." she said as she composed herself and then followed the servant out to the stables where Vic was waiting for her.

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3 months 2 weeks ago #161 by DreamWriter05
Replied by DreamWriter05 on topic To Fully Blossom
OOC: A chat roleplay between Melissa and I to cut downon short posts.
Another of the guards feel into stepwhen Elwryn turned into the hall. Endri was a quiet young man who was usually the second with Fenril. This time, his lieutenant wasn’t in sight. "M'Lady," he nodded as she exited her room and he proceeded to follow her.
In the stables, Vic was just parting ways with a gentleman when she came in. "I'm glad you came. I hope this isn't too busy an afternoon for you," he said as he took her hand and kissed her knuckles
Elwryn nodded politely to the newguard, but paid him no other mind as she followed the servant out to the stables. The air was crisp and slightly cool, but riding would warm her up
quite quickly and despite her encounter with Fenril just a few minutes ago she was eager to go riding.
As she approached Vic whom was just parting ways with another gentleman, Elwryn smiled for him and was glad that she had thought to wear the elbow length gloves. They were probably a bit fancy for such an occasion, but she didn't care and she could get new ones when needed. Right then, she just wanted to keep what happened to herself. It was a difficult thing to do though when he took her hand and kissed her knuckles as the slight bending sent a tiny little shock of pain through her. She gasped and wondered if Fenril had hurt her more than just bruising her wrists. But she covered it quickly with a smile and rushed to say to Vic, "I am so excited that you have agreed to this outing. I do enjoy a good ride and haven't had the opportunity in quite some time now." She chuckled and added, "No where to ride on an airship coming from your homeland."
He frowned a split second at the wince but since she didn't bring it up, he would let it go... for now. His smile was back before she noticed. "Then I shall endeavor to make it up to you. I've had a regular saddle brought for you, but if you prefer a side sitter, I can have them fetch it instead." He noticed to the two horses with tack ready for them. The one with the smaller saddle was a silver grey with beautiful green eyes. The other was the same size, but dappled in greys and blacks with crystal blue eyes. "There is a mount outside for your guard with my own escort. If you do not feel two are sufficient, I can send for more." He was sincere in his desire for her to feel safe, and his words made sure to convey that.
Elwryn smiled at him and responded,"I only sit side saddle for formal occasions. A regular saddle will be just fine." She looked to the two mounts and with practiced caution she approached them calmly. Caution because they were animals that could hurt them if spooked, but also because they were much bigger than she was. Reaching the two mounts she looked them over and would have checked their hooves and saddle girths had she not felt that pain only moments ago and she didn't want Vic to know of what had transpired. So instead she lightly patted the mount with the green eyes and smaller saddle. To Vic she said, “I'd like this one. And if you'd like we can trade later. But these two are fine animals and look strong and healthy. Help me up?" she asked putting one booted foot into the stir up and forcing the pain away reached for and grabbed the top of the saddle.
Vic smiled as he watched her cautiously approach the horses. He was a step or two behind her and had a feeling she knew horseflesh better than most Ladies in the Court.
"It is nice to see a woman who knows her way around animals. Many would not know to come from the front and touch them before moving out of sight." His appreciation of her grew with
everything she did. Taking the closing steps towards her as she asked for a hand up, he made a cup of his hands with interlacing his fingers and stooped to
give her access. "Please... Allow me."
She smiled, put her other foot in his interlaced fingers, and allowed him to boost her up and onto the horse. Elwryn just barely refrained from letting out a small yelp of pain, but the noise that
did come forth would very likely seem more happy than hurt. Settling onto her mount, and soothing it with soft words she looked down at Vic. "Thank you. And yes, I know my way around horses. Riding has always been a passion of mine and over the last year, I regret to say, I've not been able to indulge in it as much as I would like." Sitting in the saddle she watched him mount his horse with effortless ease and nodded to him her respect. "Well, you know these trails better than I. Would you like to lead the way," she asked. Behind them the two guards mounted their own horses and prepared to follow and keep a close vigil.
Vic watched her get settled and moved out with her. "There are a couple choices. Would you prefer the woods or the water's edge?" He glanced back at their escorts and they fell back a bit more so they would be able to speak in private without whispering.
"I think that along the water'sedge sounds pleasant. I've always loved the water too." Using her heels to nudge the horse to follow Vic's mount, she only loosely held the reins and used her knees to guide the horse when it needed it. The horse was very well behaved and took her cues like a pro. "You know, we'll have to go out on a boat sometime if we ever get the chance. I'm afraid once all the politics get started, we won't have much time for more pleasant pursuits." She smiled
at him and added, "Not the political side of our lives isn't pleasant, of course, but I figure you know what I'm attempting to say."
Vic laughed and tugged his mount towards the water and smiled. "I knew what you meant. And I will see to it you are not over tasked during the talks. I have been here long enough that I can ask for an extended recess now and again." He winked at her as the open palace grounds gave way to a small forest of trees. "So you must promise me that if you are ever feeling a need, you will ask me for some extra time. Will you do that for me, Lady Elwryn?" He glanced at her as the trees began to thin and a large lake appeared before them. It was large enough to give the illusion as possibly being the edge of the ocean.
"That is one promise I canmake." As they neared the lake, her heart began to flutter and she took in the breath-taking beauty of it all. "It's so beautiful," she exclaimed and nudged the horse to catch up closer to Vic's mount.
Vic used the subtle motion of his legs to allow the two mounts to move closer together. As she gasped at how beautiful the scene was, he was merely looking at her. "Yes it is," he said half under his breath before he spurred his horse forward. "Come on, we can ride the perimeter. And if you wish to stop and dismount, we can do that as well." He glanced over his shoulder as he waited for her to catch up.
Giving her mount another nudge and trying to ignore the pain in her wrists, she took the reins more firmly in hand and quickly caught up to him. Letting the horse prance a little she turned and
looked to him with a mischievous smile on her face. "How about a little wager," she said. Pointing to a set of trees about 300 or more yards distant, she said to him. "First one to make it to that set of trees is the winner and has to do or answer anything the other asks of them. What do you
say? Is it a bet?" Elwryn arched a brow in question and moved her horse to be directly next to his, so that if he agreed, they'd start off in the same spot.
He laughed as her horse pranced with the bottled energy he guessed she possessed as well. "You are willing to do or answer anything I speak of? That is very bold of you, Lady." He laughed as he moved his horse to be next to hers. "It's a deal. And to be fair, I will even let you say 'when'." He nodded and gave a flourishing bow to her from his saddle as he grinned with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.
A wicked grin spread slowly acrossher face and a glint of something was in her blue eyes. Tossing her long blue braided hair back behind her she said simply. "Let's just say that I am
confident that I'll win," she said with a laugh and a wink. Then, turning her attention to her mount and the trees in the distance, she said, "Ready.....GO!"
Her words and kick spurned her horseand made his dance in a circle one before it was off at a neck break speed after hers. The race lasted only a few moments, and he managed to catch up. But in the end it was by nearly the full neck of her own steed that she won at the line she had used to end the race. His laughter rang in with hers as he moved up to grab the reins of her horse to draw him tighter to his as they banked steeply to avoid the dense treeline. "WWwwhooooaaa.... easy...." he let the lighter horse go as they missed the outcropping of rocks half buried in
grass she hadn't seen. "Easy there... congratulations, Lady... it seems you have won after all." Since he had ridden as hard as her, there wasn't anyone to say he had 'let' her win.

  A heartbeat later, the two guards pulled up close as well, but stopped well back when they realized all was well.

She laughed as they raced, the sound gay in the early evening air, and gave her mount it's full head so that it would run as fast as it could. By the time the short race was over, she and her
mount were breathing hard, and Elwyrn was glad that Vic took her reins as well as his and slowed them to a slow trot then down to a walk to keep the horses from getting any kind of cramps or any other such thing. She smirked at him and sat back up straight in her saddle, laughing. She was laughing so hard, she couldn't get a word in edgewise, but when their horses came to a halt thanks to him, she calmed and slowed her breathing to a more normal rate. "Well now, what should I ask of you," she mused aloud as she watched him and smiled. She kind of wished that he had won, but her horsemanship was one thing from her upbringing that she prided herself on. She just hoped that he hadn't let her win.
Vic laughed and moved the horses to a clearing of grass on the edge of the water. He let her question waver a moment then dismounted. "I am at your mercy for that one moment, Lady
Elwryn." He moved to her side and raised both his arms in offering to help her dismount. "I hope you will choose your question or deed wisely." His face was one that left little interpretation. He would do whatever she said... this one time. But next time, she was likely to be at 'his' mercy.

Elwryn smiled and accepted his help down, careful not to move her hands and wrists more than necessary. When she was safely on the ground again she looked up into his yellow eyes, glanced at his beautiful yellow hair that was cut just right, and she knew what she wanted. She wanted him to teach her everything he knew about being a diplomat. He was older than she and had been in the profession longer, had had more success than she herself had had, and he had gotten it without using his good looks, entirely contrary to the way she had.

Tearing her eyes away from his she turned them on herself and started dusting nearly invisible dust from her too tight pants and loose blouse. "Well, as for what I want you to do," she said slowly as her own blue eyes went back to him. "I want to ask you to teach me. Be my mentor and teach me all you know about being a diplomat. I've had success yes, but not nearly so much as you and you know the political climate of Asteria better than I. Research can only teach one so much. So will you do it? Will you teach me all that you know?" She looked up at him with hope in her eyes. He'd have to say yes because she had won the race, but she wanted him to say yes because he wanted to and not because of some silly race.

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3 months 1 week ago #164 by AnnaNadir
Replied by AnnaNadir on topic To Fully Blossom
Vic smiled and brushed a stray handbehind the woman's ear before shaking his head. “No...”
As she started to react, he set afinger against her lips. “No I will not accept that as your
question or action.” He let his finger drop as he moved to his
saddle to remove a blanket. “Lady Elwryn, I will happily teach you
what I know. You had no need to waste a bet on it.” He came back to
where she was and spread out the blanket big enough for four people
to comfortably sit on. Holding out a hand to her in offering of
helping her sit, he nodded. “Keep this favor you have won. Hold it
and sleep on it. I am sure there is a time when you will have need of
it. Asking me to teach you something I would do gladly is not what
marks like this are made for.”
He waited for her to sit and smiled ashe moved back to his horse. “It's a good thing I didn't pack a
snack. It would have been ruined in the run.” He came back and
settled beside her and handed her a soft wine flask with crisp cool
water. “Here... drink some while you catch you breath, M'dear.”

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3 months 1 week ago #165 by DreamWriter05
Replied by DreamWriter05 on topic To Fully Blossom
She was angry, furious, disappointed, sad and so many more emotions all in the space of a moment when the first word out of his mouth was no. She opened her mouth to protest, wanting to use the fact that she had won the bet as a bargaining chip, when he place a finger upon her flushed lips to silence any and all protests that would come about. When he brushed a stray strand of hair back behind her ear she almost melted inside. What was it about this man that seemed to turn her insides to jelly and her mind as well? Yet even as he escorted her to the large blanket and allowed her to sit, she was silent. When he handed her the water she carefully took a small drink. Finally she spoke, her voice filled with a mix of resignation and determination, but also relief.

"If you will teach me as you say, then I will wait until the time is right to call in your debt to me." She handed the water back to him, just as carefully as she had taken it and drank from it. Then ever so carefully she placed her hands in her lap, resting her wrists and glad not for the first time for the elbow length gloves that covered what was probably some really nasty bruising by now. She looked out on the landscape and admired it's beauty. The sun wasn't yet setting, but she had a feeling that it would be extraordinary when it did. Elwryn loved nature but also loved city life. What would she think of life here at the palace in Asteria? How different was it from her life back in Elusia? Time would tell.

"It is so beautiful out here," she said, changing the subject even as she fell to her back to look up at the sky. She gazed up at the blue blue sky, the few clouds in it, fluffy and white. It truly was a beautiful day and the flowers on trees that were just buds now would be blooming soon most likely. Something was blooming though, and it wasn't necessarily the flowers.

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3 months 6 days ago #169 by AnnaNadir
Replied by AnnaNadir on topic To Fully Blossom
Vic watched the emotions play on herface and steeled his expression to keep the smile he was feeling from
creeping to the surface.

Once they were settled, he nodded ather choice. “I think that is a wise idea.” When she flopped onto
her back and mentioned the area, he merely nodded and whispered, “Yes
it is..” He was referring to her, but it didn't come out that way.
As he relaxed he watched her in wonder.It was then he noticed the gloves. “Why don't you take off the
gloves? The grass is nice and cool. It will feel good to relax before
putting them back on for the ride back.” He didn't know she had
been hurt but was thinking of her hands getting hot and sweaty in the
long appendage covers.
The idea of her being uncomfortablemade him unhappy. She deserved the comforts and conveniences that
came with her station. He made his mind up that he would look into it
and see it was being done. The Princess was 'certainly' seen to. But
he wanted to be sure that in the shadow of a royal, his own princess
wasn't forgotten.

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3 months 5 days ago #171 by DreamWriter05
Replied by DreamWriter05 on topic To Fully Blossom
Gazing up into the blue sky with equally blue eyes, she listened to his words but did not hear them. Or rather she didn't register them right away. As a soft wind breezed by she finally caught his words about removing her gloves. In the matter of moments what had transpired with Fenril earlier, replayed through her mind. He had hurt her, though she didn't think he meant to do so. The wood elf was jealous of the Chancellor, that much was clear and yet she couldn't for the life of her fathom as to why. Yes, the Chancellor was quite handsome and a rune elf as she herself was. Yet unless Fenril had true feelings for Elwryn, why would he act that way? He knew that the two of them could never be despite the passionate kisses they had shared. He was a guard, and though she was not royalty like the princess, her station did warrant her some comforts and expectations. One expectation being that one did not fraternize with someone of a lower rank. Granted, she had a tendency to ignore that expectation, but she didn't flaunt her blatant breaking of it. What was a kiss here and there, or a soft touch to soothe, comfort or even tease just a little? Elwryn wondered next, had she led Fenril on? Was all of this her fault? It had to be. That had to be the reason, and so she would keep to her word to Fenril and not reveal what he had done to her. She was to blame, not him.

Even as all of that went through her mind, only a moment passed before she turned her blue eyes to regard the Chancellor and his beautiful yellow eyes. True to her word she said simply, "I quite like wearing them. They make me feel more alluring and more like I imagine the princess feels." Elwryn chuckled and turned her attention back to the sky, settling her hands over her flat stomach. "So then, teacher. What will you teach me today?" She smiled as she said it, amused at her calling him teacher. It had been many a year since she had had a true teacher. Would the two of them live up to each other's expectations? Time would tell.

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2 months 2 weeks ago #177 by AnnaNadir
Replied by AnnaNadir on topic To Fully Blossom
Vic watched Elwryn and frowned. Something wasn't right. But he was too much a gentleman, and didn't know her well enough to push. Sighing, he leaned back on his elbow and faced her. "Well lesson number one, let the Princess be a Princess. You have far better and loftier things to do." He wasn't sure how she would take that comment, but he kept on. "She has an entire country to keep in mind in everything she does. If she wears gloves, I guarantee it's not out of a desire to seem alluring. Sometimes it's to keep away from skin to skin contact so she isn't poisoned. Or perhaps it's to keep her from caressing, or being caressed, by a man who desires to woo her for the throne." He sighed and shook his head."My first lesson to you is to be yourself... not anyone else. It's Lady Elwryn that people expect at the negotiation table, not a shell or imitation. And a second tip for free," he laughed. "Try and relax more often. You deserve it." He reached out and tapped the tip of her nose.She was something of an enigma to him. In one moment she was a force unto herself. The next, she was wishing to know how it felt to be a Princess. Something told him there was more to that than merely wearing gloves. But he kept his composure, and his thoughts and watched her lay there in the sun.

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2 months 2 weeks ago #178 by DreamWriter05
Replied by DreamWriter05 on topic To Fully Blossom
Anymore, Elwryn didn't know who she was. She felt at odds with who she used to be, especially now that she was following the princess's advice and wearing more conservative clothing. Granted, the tights and tunic/blouse she now wore were not very conservative but they were all she had for riding and so had had to make do. But the changing of her attire had served to change her in just about every way. Before she had used her feminine assets to get people to listen to her and sway votes in her favor. She was a tease and good at getting her way. She couldn't be that now though, not around the Chancellor for she liked him and wanted to impress him. Elwryn didn't think that Vic would be impressed by her being a tease in order to get what she wanted. But then who was she? Was she this new Lady Elwryn, student of the famous Chancellor Mignona, or was she who she had been before? She just didn't know and it frightened her. She hid her fear well though and kept her face a calm mask.

Elwryn noticed too that with this more conservative dress came fewer mood swings, except perhaps when she was with Fenril. He always seemed to push her buttons just so she'd get angry and blow up at him. Vic on the other hand, didn't know Elwryn except for perhaps what he had heard about her. But what had he heard about her? What did he even think of her? She looked at him, studying him with regard and cool blue eyes. Then she sat up and turned her back to him, folding her knees to her chest and gingerly wrapping her arms around her legs. "Will you do something for me Chancellor?" She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled sweetly, "Will you take out my braids. I'd like to let my hair down but have trouble doing it on my own." Which wasn't entirely a lie, she would have trouble with it now with her wrists hurting, but he'd probably just chalk it up to the extreme length of her hair. Plus, she wanted him closer to her, she liked being near him. He had a certain magnetism that she just couldn't resist.

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