× The Kingdom of Asteria takes up the largest of the sky lands in the eastern part of Chalcedonia. The oldest kingdom of the Sixth Era, its land was once the Kingdom of Triskel in the Second Area and comprises of the Auster Lands, the Chalcedon, and the Chalcedonian Jungle. Asteria is the most powerful of the three kingdoms though lately it relys more and more on trade for metals. It is also the most diverse of the kindgoms.

The capital of Asteria is Aureas, a city of the Second Era completely rebuilt and restored by Taal Zodo as his gift to his nephew Ian Mercleis. The current king, and only king in its long history, is none other than Ian Mercleis. Asteria has been regarded as the Holy Kingdom due to its king's close relationship to the divine Taal Zodo.

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Vic was taken aback by the request. It had been brought to his attention that the woman had used flirtation as a way to get information and to sway votes and negotiations. But since he knew everyone used their assets to their advantage, he didn't give it more than a passing thought. He was growing rather fond of her and had plans to ask the King, and Princess, for permission to court her. But this was a bit too forward, even for her.Vic chose to rest a hand on her shoulder and moved to sit up beside her. "Elwryn, this isn't appropriate. If you were to return to the Castle with your hair out of place, it would not sit well for either of us. And," he laughed softly to take the sting from his words, "I admit I am lousy when it comes to rebraiding hair. If you wish, we can return to the palace and I will have a Lady remove your braids while we sit in the garden. But here it would not be appropriate at all."At this point, on his knees beside her, he lifted her left hand gingerly to place a kiss on the back of the long glove that covered it. He was completely unaware of her injury and didn't make adjustments to keep the motion from being at a slightly awkward angle. "Let me take you back, M'Lady."

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She was about to explode when he told her no for the second time that evening. She could feel the heat of her anger rising into her cheeks and even his gentle laugh couldn't take the sting from his words. Elwryn didn't wish to cause him undue stress or worry over his or even her reputation for that matter, yet she had come home many a time before with her hair unbraided and none had ever dared mention to her that it might be unseemly. Could this be the reason or at least one reason that the men back home chased after her the way they did? Not because she was beautiful but because they thought her easy?

The anger that had flashed in her eyes and risen to her cheeks was quickly replaced with sadness at this last thought and it made her wish to never return home to Elusia. Yet all the anger, all the sadness was whisked away when he took her hand to kiss her wrist. All emotions were gone replaced only with physical pain. A loud cry of said pain escaped from her lips even as the gentle kiss from Vic tried to soothe the anger she had felt at his rejection. Yanking her hand back quickly and with another cry, she craddled it to her chest, tears flowing from her eyes at the severity of the pain. You would think that something as simple as a bruise on each wrist would not hurt so much. Yet Elwryn was a baby when it came to pain, barely able to hide it, and secondly Fenril must have hurt her more than she had thought. Had his grip really been that strong?

Closing her blue eyes tight she forced herself to take long deep breaths as she rocked back and forth craddling both of her injured wrists. Then, without a thought for what Vic or their guards might think, she carefully peeled off one of the gloves, then the other. Holding shaking hands in front of her she examined her wrists. They were definitely bruised, both in the shape of fingers from hands and the bruises were quite fresh and nasty looking. With a sniff, she knew she had been found out and she didn't know how she would keep her promise to Fenril now.

With deep sad eyes still filled with unshed tears, Elwryn looked at the Chancellor and said only, "I wish to return to my rooms."

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Vic wasn't known for his harsh words. Nor was he known for his temper. But seeing Elwryn's reaction and subsequent actions made a side of him come out that few had ever seen. 
He stood up swiftly, causing the small wine skin to tip and spill without a care. "Jar'el, gather the things and take them the Keep." He barked the order at his personal guard.
His next orders were to Elwryn's guard. "You will take the Lady's horse and accompany me to the Castle as witness her injuries were not my doing." He then swiftly shed his riding coat and tossed it aside for more easy range of motion.
"Come help me. I don't want her using her hands." His actions and orders were flung around the diplomat as if she wasn't there. A moment later but scooped her up from the ground as if she weighed nothing. The tenderness in his strength, and the swiftness of the action, at odds with one another. He carried her to his horse where he then handed her momentarily to his own guard before mounting up and then bending to retrieve her. Setting her sideways upon his saddle, mindful of her arms the whole time, he made sure her guard was ready before moving at a steady gait back towards the Castle.
This whole time he had said not a single word to her except to occasionally order her sternly not to move. Once they were moving she would feel the rigid tenseness of his body as he not only held her, but used his thighs and arms to keep her as steady as possible. His jaw worked itself furiously while he got his anger under control. Whoever did this would get a beating unlike anything he'd ever received in his life. He swore silently to himself that he'd see to it personally.
Halfway back he managed control enough to ask, "Who did this? And don't lie to me, Elwryn." His last statement barely coming out without a growl.

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She wasn't sad, though unshed tears remained in her blue eyes, more like she was severely depressed and wanted to cry but couldn't. The whirlwind that was Chancellor Mignona barely registered in her mind as he in all his anger, barked orders to the guards and put an end to their evening together. Elwryn said nothing, didn't cry though the pain both emotional and physical was intense, instead she bit her bottom lip and was determined to remain quiet. Oh she tried to wiggle out of his grip but he merely commanded her not to move. Closing her blue eyes, she tried her hardest to think of how she could protect Fenril. She still liked him and he was a good guard, but she didn't know how she could protect him. Elrywn could lie, all diplomats did from time to time to get what they wanted, but she wasn't one of those sort. She worked more with half truths and with her assets rather than outright lies.

The ride back to the palace was both silent and uncomfortable. Not because she didn't like being near the Chancellor, but because she was afraid. Afraid for herself, afraid for Fenril, she didn't want him blamed for this. He had acted on impulse as she herself had many times before. He hadn't known and didn't know that he had hurt her so much, that she was the sort of woman that tended to bruise easily and even injure easily. He couldn't have known, so none of this was his fault. It was her own and she deserved all of the anger that Vic now felt. When he asked her who had done this to her and told her not to lie to him, she remained silent. How could she ever explain to him and make him understand that it wasn't Fenril's fault but her own? With all the anger she felt in Vic's tense muscles, she could tell that answering him now was not the best course of action. Not that she had a proper answer to give, but if she told him the truth, he would only grow more angry and probably with her. Elwryn didn't think she could bear to have Vic angry with her. At least not anymore than he seemed to be.

As they neared the palace, an idea struck her, one that Vic wouldn't like, but would save Fenril and allow her to save face. It would even keep the Chancellor from being blamed too. She would put the gloves back on, hiding the bruises and would keep them on if in public, but otherwise she'd stay to her rooms and simply study while the bruises healed and then no one other than her, Vic and the two guards would know she'd been hurt. He wouldn't like it, but he'd have to accept it because she wasn't going to let Fenril lose his only livelihood over something as stupid as some bruises and a little pain. Finally she did speak even as she struggled in his arms to pull the long white gloves back on.

"Order the guards to remain silent about this," she began softly. "I'll keep my gloves on while in public and refrain from using my wrists until they heal. No one needs to know and you will not be blamed for it. I'll personally see to it that you get no blame for this and that no one finds out. I didn't mean for you to find out in the first place." She lowered her sad blue eyes from his to her bruised wrists and struggled to pull the gloves on.

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Vic reined in just as they got to the courtyard. He waved off the stable boy to go help with the Lady's horse giving the excuse that she rode with him because her horse had gotten winded and stumbled.
Gently helping her slide to the ground, his deft fingers taking the gloves from her easily, he dismounted beside her. "I don't know what you're playing at Elwryn, or who you're trying to protect. I will not lie and say I'll let this drop. The scoundrel who did this to you *will* pay." He gently slid his arm under hers and rested her arm gently on his. He then tenderly lifted the other to rest atop it. He laid the gloves over her bruises and used his hand, hovering just above her skin, to hide the dark blotches. "I'll take you to your room and I'll send my chambermaid to you with a pair of fasten up gloves. They have a scattering of buttons up the arm so you don't have to push your wrists into the long, tight fabric."
He waited till her guard joined them and suddenly he was all smiles as he escorted the Princess' friend into the castle. When alone in her hallway, he continued. "I will say you aren't feeling good and should be left alone for the remainder of the day. But tomorrow we will discuss this further. Do you understand?" The question made it clear that the only answer he would accept was a positive one. "The Ball is tomorrow night. You cannot hide forever."
He let her go with equal tenderness that was at odds with his anger. He kissed her forehead and lightly lifted her chin. "Elwryn, I didn't mean for it to happen, but you are becoming a very special woman to me. If I cannot champion you, then I shall not. But be aware I will still find out what happened. Now go rest. And soak your wrists to reduce the swelling. I'll have some dinner brought up and my personal Doctor. Whatever you tell him will remain secret, even from me. So please, Lady, even if you will not be honest with me, be honest with him."
He released her and nodded to the guard. "No one goes in there without my or her express permission." The tone left the guard with no recourse but to agree.
Vic then gently kissed her forehead, opened her door and departed with a final nod.

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ooc: A chat scene between Melissa and I to keep things flowing.

Elwryn simply nodded at his words, her eyessad when he said he would get to the bottom of it. She wasn't sad for herself, but sad for Fenril. He'd pay dearly if he was found out and she'd likely never see him again, at least not as her guard. He wanted her as his, that much was
obvious, and he didn't seem to care how that happened. Should she be afraid of him now? He was bigger and stronger than she and already had proven that he could simply take what he wanted. What if he tried to take her, against her will? Would he even go that far? Elwryn didn't think so but she apparently didn't know the wood elf as she thought she did. When Vic kissed her forehead in parting and said that he wished to champion her, Elwryn felt even more at odds
with herself than she had to begin with. She was used to men chasing after her, but they all had wanted only her affections. The Chancellor seemed to want something else entirely. Watching him leave she went further into her room, cradling her wrists to her bosom and wondered how it was she was going to soak them when she could barely do anything for herself as it was. She didn't have a maid servant like the princess had. Maybe Vic's servant could help. Sitting in a chair in the sitting room, her feet dangling, she sighed and waited, thinking about how she might protect Fenril but still satisfy the chancellor's anger.
It wasn't five minutes later and a knock came with a woman poking her head in. "Lady Elwryn, Lord Mignona sent me. I am to remain with you as long as you will have me." With no obvious
objection, the woman moved into the room, closing the door, and began to move about as if she owned the place. She moved to the bathroom and began to run the water in the tub. She then came back into the main room and moved around turning down the bed and pulling the woman's nightgown from over the dressing partition. "Lady, let's get you to a nice hot bath and soak. Then I'll comb out your hair. The doc will come when I send for him and see to your wrists. Then we'll have a nice, easy dinner and an early night. How's that sound?" She stroked the woman's cheek like a tender mother as she passed back into the bathroom with the dressing gown in hand.
"Thank you," Elwryn managed to get out but otherwise remained silent, still deep in thought. She let the maid undress her and un-braid her hair before she carefully stepped into the tub of
piping hot water. It felt good and the heat of the water seeped into her wrists giving her almost instant relief.
After her bath, the maid helped Elwryn into her bedroom and set her gingerly in bed. She had been bathed, hair re-braided and was now properly set back up in her bed against pillows with a nice shawl around her shoulders for propriety. A few moments after the maid, her name was
Rila, told the guard to tell Lord Mignona that the Lady was ready for visitors, the doctor arrived. Rila politely sat in a chair on the other side of the bed and remained silent as the small man settled into a chair set beside the bed for his use. "I am Mar'el, the Lord's private physician. He has informed me that your wrists were badly hurt and I am to see to you and any other needs
you have while you are in the Keep. I assure you, young Lady that anything you say to me will remain in strictest confidence, even from the Lord himself if you wish it. The only time I will violate that is if your life, or someone else's, is in danger. Do you understand?" He then set his bag beside him and moved up closer to the bed. "Now, tell me what happened. And please be frank."
There was no use in hiding it anymore.There was no way she could protect Fenril as she had promised. He'd hate her for this, but what choice did she have? She had to tell because the doctor would easily be able to tell that the bruises were in the shape of fingers, so obviously not from a fall. Still she was loath to tell on someone who had been her confidant and overall so good to her.
With a heavy sigh, she began her tale."I was getting ready to go riding with the Chancellor," she began. My guard was with me and had been strangely quiet since we returned from lunch. I
confronted him about it while he was being nice and lacing up my boots. He was angry and...." she sniffed sadly, a few tears sliding down her cheeks. Elwryn went on to tell the doctor the rest of what had happened and explained to him that she had always been the sort of person that bruised and got injured easily. "It wasn't his fault," she said at the end. "He didn't know doing that would hurt me in this manner. I don't want him hurt because of me."
The doctor listened as he gently checked over her wrists. The small crimped up old hands had a tenderness to them even the younger Lord didn't have. He listened with an occasional murmur to say he was listening. At the mention of the burst of anger, he glanced up at Rila for just a split second before looking back to Elwryn. "I will give Rila a salve that you need to gently rub in tonight before bed and once more in the morning. It may pain a bit to begin with, but it will also numb you so you can sleep and then function in the morning. Use it sparingly. I do not want you unable to lift your arm because it's been overused. I will also give a pain killer to add to your tea. You can use that three times a day with your meals." He bent over to take the said items from his bag. Sitting back up, he set a small lidded jar, and a small stoppered bottle on the bedside table. He also set a small paper packet beside the bottle. "This is to help you sleep tonight. Do not take it till you are completely set for the night. It is swift acting. And it will most likely make you sleep late into the morning. Allow it to wear itself off." He closed his bag and took a breath. "I will not mention your guard to the Lord, but I will also not allow him to be around you unless there is another person present. Rila is not as frail as she looks, so she is an acceptable second person. Though I would feel better if it were another guard." Rising up, he nodded respectfully to Rila as she rose
to see him out. "I will come check on you tomorrow when Rila sends for your breakfast. I will let Lord Mignona know that you are fine and I have seen you. Good night, Milady." He nodded and moved out as Rila closed the door behind him.
Elwryn watched the doctor leave, her voice silent and her face sad. "Galen will have to reassign him. There is no other choice." She closed her eyes, fighting back tears. Elwryn cared for Fenril. He had been like a brother to her, and a confidant and so much more and now she had betrayed him. Finally, she opened her eyes and looked at Rila. She said nothing though and didn't expect the woman to say anything. Elwryn honestly didn't know what to do anymore.
Rila spoke to the guard before closing the door. She came back to sit beside the bed in the vacated chair. She took the salve and smiled as she put a bit on her finger tips. "This will hurt a
moment till it takes effect. I will let you rub it in till it numbs slightly. Then I can help you." She smiled gently at the woman. "As for your guard, Fenril, Milady, I would not dismiss him so easily. A moment of weakness in a man for his love is not something to be punished for. I do not doubt he is aware how easily you are hurt. He is your personal guard and aware of a great many things, Elwryn." She was smiling like a woman with a secret. "But I would heed the doctor and make sure you are not alone with him at any time. If it is just a moment of weakness, it has passed. But if it is more than that, then you need to be aware." She put a small dab of the salve on the back of Elwryn's hand and smiled. "Now, be a good girl and rub it in like you were told." She smiled and winked as her maternal nature shined on the teary-eyed elf.
Elwryn nodded and very carefully started to rub in the medicine. It did hurt and she hissed at the pain, a grimace on her face. But once it began to take effect, the grimace faded and she took a deep breath. "He's a good person," Elwryn said softly. "I don't think he meant to harm me. That's why I won't be able to stand it if he's punished because of me. It was my fault to begin with. I never should have kissed him back on the ship."
Rila laughed slightly, "Oh, child,never regret a kiss. Unless it wasn't true at the time, and done only to placate or under duress, it is always worth cherishing in one way or another." After seeing Elwryn calm from the salve's use, she let her own fingers lightly rub it up the length of the wounds on both arms. Just then there was a short knock on the door. "Coming..." Rila set the jar down, wiped her hands on the apron at her waist and moved to open the door. A moment of murmuring transpired before a young serving girl came in with a small try and set it on the table before giving a silent curtsy to Elwryn and departing. Rila closed the door and came to grab up the vial of medicine. She dropped a couple drips into one of the mugs before making tea and bringing a
cup and small plate to set by Elwryn. "Drink your tea and have some toast. It will settle your stomach for the night. Perhaps in the morning you will feel up to a light breakfast. For now, you will simply sleep. I will remain here as well. Bridget is having a cot brought up," she nodded to the foot of the bed. "I will be right here. And Lord Mignona has set one of his own guards at the door along with your own. He will defer to your guard's lead, but his presence with protect him and deter anyone from trying anything untoward." She smiled and brushed a stray hair from the woman's face. "Now, drink your tea and eat your toast. Once you are settled, I will give you the sleeping powder and today will be nothing more than a bad dream."
Elwryn did as she was told but asked somewhat quietly, "Is the Chancellor upset with me? I won't blame him if he is. I didn't lie, but I didn't exactly tell the truth either." Looking up at Rila after swallowing a small bite of toast she said, "I should tell him, shouldn't I?"
Rila laughed and rose up to make herself acup of tea. "No, Lady. He is not mad at you. If anything, he is mad at himself. He believes he should have been able to protect you and it troubles him that he couldn't." She smiled and came back to sit beside the bed once more. "He is a man, after all, Ryn, dear." The new nickname rolling easily off her tongue without thought. "I would not judge him too harshly for his actions." She smiled and patted the woman's leg.
"I find myself drawn to him," sheadmitted softly. "His intellect, his success as a diplomat, his caring nature. Everything about him just...seems to draw me in." Elwryn drank her tea slowly and wondered what the Chancellor was doing now. Was he still upset? Was any of his anger reserved for her? And would the doctor really keep quiet on the matter? Perhaps she should have told the doctor he could tell what had transpired. Though she remained sad and depressed, she felt like she needed Vic there to comfort her. But would he, even if she asked for it?
Rila smiled and nudged Elwryn to finish allof her toast. "You have a different life here than you have till now. You are a beautiful woman and now you have a man who sees more than your bosom and your legs." She raised a hand to stop the woman's protest. "Do not deny it. You are a lovely lady and assets are what we ladies are given to drive men to their knees. In one way or another," she grinned and winked. She kept nudging Elwryn till the toast was gone. She then took the small packet from the side table and opened it up. "Now, it's time for you to sleep." She upended the packet into the last of the woman's tea and made her drink the whole thing. Her soft voice already becoming an almost sing-song lilt of softness. "It's time to sleep, little Ryn..." she helped the Lady lay down and adjust so she wouldn't be harsh on her arms. "I'll be here if you need me. But I am sure I will simply see you in the morning." She waited till the still teary-eyed woman fell deep into a drug induced sleep. Most of the night would be dreamless as the drug kept her in a deep healing sleep. After several minutes, Rila went to the door and had the guards bring in and set up the cot at the foot of the bed. She then sent for Vic and when he arrived, she stepped into the hallway. She sent Elwryn's guard to stand just inside the door, leaving it cracked so Vic's guard could see him and assist if something happened. She smiled and touched Vic's chest in reassurance. "She is sleeping, so ease yourself." She smiled as he took a breath,
his anxiety and nervousness as obvious as the fact his clothes were not as sharp, crisp and put together as usual. Buttons were undone, and sleeves half rolled up in a very uncharacteristic manner. "You will have to be patient with her, dear. She is not used to being seen for who she is, and certainly isn't used to having a man care for her as you do." She laughed as his jaw
opened and she cut him short. "No need to lie to me, Vic." He shook his head and ran his hand thru his hair. He had obviously done it several times, judging from the messiness of it. "Yes, mother. I will be easy with her. I admit I am at a loss as well. My reputation, like hers, is one of hints and suggestions but not from concrete evidence. Neither of us is a deflowered virgin. But I give you my word, mother, I am not seeking to bed her. I have plans to ask the King to be allowed to ask the Princess' permission to court her." Rila laughed. "Easy boy, easy. It's much too soon for such things. I will not tell you who harmed her, and I know ol' Mar won't either. But I will tell you that her feelings for the man are mixed. She is not one familiar with 'love' and she is very confused. Be patient." She rested her hand on his chest once more and looked up at him. "Just know I will keep
an eye on her as will our guards and her own. You must be content with that. Be patient and kind. She fears your rage at her for holding back the name of her attacker. Reassure her tomorrow that she isn't to tell you. Help her forget the matter." Suddenly she smiled and her finger tapped his nose, her reach having to be a bit more since her halfling height left her several inches
shorter than her son. "Tomorrow I want you to insist on a new gown for the ball. Send Iralyn to her. She can fashion it in time for the ball tomorrow night. Show her off, introduce her to the other delegates. your presence with her will curb anyone else’s' advancements. It will give her time to heal and find her way up once more." She nodded her head as she concocted the way to help her son and his new friend find themselves and one another. Fenril would have to be dealt with, but she would do that on her own. "Now... go to bed. Mar has left a powder on your dressing table. Take it." She let him kiss her cheek as he nodded. "Yes, Mother... I will do as you say. It's a good thing 'one' of us is level headed. Because around her I can't seem to figure things out as clearly as I usually do." He nodded once more and turned to go down the hall. Rila shooed the guards out and slid into her cot a few moments later. She watched Elwryn as sleep took her as well. She would help this poor woman no matter what. She just hoped it didn't break her son's heart in the process.

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Elwryn's sleep was the deep, dreamless sleep of healing. The medicine and the sleeping drought serving to put her in an almost coma like state. She slept and slept and it wasn't until the sounds of the birds outside her slightly ajar window could be heard, that she finally started to bee roused from her slumber.

Opening blue eyes slowly, a bit groggy from the effects of the medicine, Elwryn looked around at her surroundings. It was the first time she had ever really looked at her room she had been assigned since coming to this new and strange country. It was a beautiful room, decorated in different shades of blue, but mostly a light almost sky blue, much like her hair. Elwryn wondered if that was by design or just happenstance. The furnishings were of good quality, the cushions looked plush, and even her bed could be described as being as soft as a cloud. There was lace too, but not overly much and the room seemed to suit her, not just her by matching her runic element, but by the sheer appearance of it. It was elegant without being oppulent and was similar to what she would have picked for herself back home in Elusia.

It was thoughts of home that brought her mind back to the present and all that had transpired in the course of a day and like a snap of the fingers, her mood went from peaceful to upset and depressed in only a moment. Tears welled in her eyes but with a gentle sob she forced them back and tried to force herself not to cry. The chancellor probably hated her now for not lying to him but for not revealing the truth either. Fenril would hate her too for revealing that he had hurt her. Did he even know he had done so and to such an extent? Elwryn wasn't sure, but she was afraid of the wrath and the hate the two men would have for her.

Carefully she lifted her hands up straight in front of her and slowly turned her arms this way and that, looking at the bruises that had yesterday been a nasty purple blue color but were now such a faded yellow that they might as well not even be there. Her wrists still ached and sharply at that, but the evidence of what had transpired, at least the physically visible evidence was fading. Lowering her hands back down, she rolled onto her side, cradling her wrists against herself and hearing Rila's soft lady like snores, Elwryn went ahead and as quietly as possible released her tears and her fears of the wrath of two men she cared about and liked.

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