× The Kingdom of Asteria takes up the largest of the sky lands in the eastern part of Chalcedonia. The oldest kingdom of the Sixth Era, its land was once the Kingdom of Triskel in the Second Area and comprises of the Auster Lands, the Chalcedon, and the Chalcedonian Jungle. Asteria is the most powerful of the three kingdoms though lately it relys more and more on trade for metals. It is also the most diverse of the kindgoms.

The capital of Asteria is Aureas, a city of the Second Era completely rebuilt and restored by Taal Zodo as his gift to his nephew Ian Mercleis. The current king, and only king in its long history, is none other than Ian Mercleis. Asteria has been regarded as the Holy Kingdom due to its king's close relationship to the divine Taal Zodo.

New Interests

7 months 4 weeks ago #18 by mythus
New Interests was created by mythus
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On the arm of Chancellor Vic Mignogna, the blue haired rune elf that was Elwryn, dressed in a gown of
emerald green, was transfixed by her new surroundings. It was a world
so foreign and yet so similar that it might as well have been another
world or even another planet entirely. Elwryn was of course, listening
to what the chancellor had to say as she was on a mission and meeting
with other dignitaries was a key part of it, but everything she saw, all
the scents and sounds filled Elwryn to bursting with a need to know,
see and experience more. She could be quite the curious creature when
the situation exposed itself.

Her curiosity growing with every passing step, Elwryn forgot all about the fact that she was
wearing something not in her usual style and forgot about the fact that
she wasn't very happy about it either. Which forgetting such things
could probably be considered a blessing in disguise but at some point
Elwryn might very well take notice and be at odds with herself and her
desires once more. At that moment though as they entered the Palace of
Gems and were formally greeted by King Ian Mercleis her mind was brought
back to the situation at hand and her curiosity stifled for the time

Though he likely wouldn't notice it, her being one among many, Elwryn smiled at the King's
greeting and bowed formally in return. Then, even as the king left,
Elwryn felt a chill pass by her as she turned to face chancellor Vic. "Well then," she said by way of transition. "I suppose I shall be seeing you again at dinner tonight. I will be
looking forward to it. However, if you have time, perhaps we can talk
further after I've settled in," she suggested.

Vic smiled. "I would be honored to escort you to dinner, if
you will allow me," he bowed his head slightly in respect. "And since
there is plenty of time, I would also love the opportunity to show you
about the palace and the grounds." His smile bloomed on his face as he
had been trying to find a way to spend time with her and here she was,
inviting him back!

"There is a lovely garden near the Ladies Bowery that is a wonderful place to dine. May I ask if you would join me
for lunch? It will allow you time to settle in. Perhaps a nice cold
chicken salad to help balance with the warmth of the day?" He had ideas
on a dessert to offer and hoped she would allow him the chance by
accepting his lunch offer.

"Lunch sounds lovely," she replied with a smile. "Though I hope also that you will take me on a tour of this grand palace. I'd
like to see as much and enjoy myself when politics is not pressing as I
am able. I've barely been outside of my homeland, so as you can guess,
this is all so new to me," Elwryn said.
Seeing the others dispersing to find the rooms they'd been assigned, Elwryn gently untangled her arm
from Vic's. It wasn't meant to offend, but now that she was off of the
air ship and on solid ground once more, she found herself wanting to
rest just a bit and perhaps eat a piece of fruit for she had not had any
breakfast that morning.
Seeing an opening, Fenril came forward and bowed respectfully, "Excuse me, but I believe the Lady Elwryn would like to get settled in and freshen up before your lunch together Chancellor." He spoke formally and politely, not letting a hint of how he felt show
through to the chancellor or to Elwryn. To Elwryn he said, "My lady, might I escort you to your room? I'm certain your things will have been brought up to the palace by now."
Elwryn nodded and looked to Vic, "I do wish to freshen up and I look forward to both lunch and dinner with you Chancellor. Until then?"

Vic raised an eyebrow at Fenril. He would have offered to take her to her room, but the guard seemed to have other ideas. Reluctantly letting
go of her arm, he bowed low to Elwryn, then nodded respectfully to
Fenril. "I shall allow you to rest, M'Lady. I will send a messenger to
you this afternoon to see if you are up for our meeting. But please, do
rest. The Palace and grounds are going no where and official business
will not begin till all the Delegates are here and the formal ball
happens. So you have plenty of time."

The man reached for her hand and lightly kissed her knuckles, his eyes never leaving hers,
before releasing it, nodding once more to them both and departing into
the Palace.

Elwryn smiled, a genuine smile and even blushed a little when Vic took her hand and
kissed it. He was such the gentleman and she looked forward to talking
with him both about politics and getting to know him better too. She had
heard of him, of course. She knew, if not personally, most all of the
delegates, chancellors and other important persons that were to be here
for it all. It was a great honor for Elwryn to have been asked to come
along on this diplomatic mission. It showed how much her country
believed in her and her work, and that made her feel quite proud. To
know that Vic appeared to feel much the same way it only served to buoy
her spirits and still she hadn't thought once about how she was dressed.

With Fenril leading the way, apparently he knew the palace too, they made their way to her rooms in
short order. He opened the door and after checking to make sure there
was nothing and no one else in the room, he allowed her to enter. Elwryn
wasn't quite so sure she liked that, but reminded herself that he was
just doing his job. She still wasn't used to having a guard or an escort
for that matter and it seemed to grate on her just a little. As she
entered the main living room of the set of rooms, she reached up and
pulled the scarf from around her neck, tossing it on the back of a
chair. Rubbing her neck she was glad to be rid of the thing for the time
being as it was quite a warm garment and the day itself was already
proving that it would be equally as warm. With a sigh she sat in the
same chair occupied by her scarf and looked to Fenril. "You've been here before I take it?" she questioned. "Otherwise you wouldn't know your way around so well." Reaching down she slipped off first one shoe then the other and set
them aside as she wriggled her toes and enjoyed the comfort of the

Leaning back in the chair she closed her blue eyes and sighed contentedly. "This," she said, "Looks like it will be both a pleasant and successful trip."

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7 months 4 weeks ago #19 by mythus
Replied by mythus on topic New Interests
Fenril closed the door behind Elwryn and moved to the small table to pour her some fresh water. "Yes, I've been here. Galen sent me along
with two others to see to the accommodations and security last moon." He
brought her the glass of water. "I made sure I would know the way to
the meeting and dining halls, as well as the gardens and to the town in
case you wanted to go shopping or look around."

As she took the glass, he moved to the balcony doors and opened them. The soft breeze
blowing in helped with the heat from the closed up room. "I am glad you
are happy to be here." He turned and leaned on the door, watching her
relax. "Lord Mignogna seems nice." He left the comment as it stood,
curious on her thoughts of the man. He seemed nice enough, and he would
be a good match for her to befriend while here.

Blue eyes closed, she sipped the water and felt the breeze from the window as it blew through the
room. It felt good and was relaxing and even when Fenril voiced his
opinion or thought as it was about Chancellor Vic, Elwryn remained

"Yes, he does seem very nice," she replied and opened her eyes to look at Fenril. "He's also very intelligent too, or so I have heard of him. He's a
great debater and has many successful treaties and the like under his
belt. More so than I do, I am afraid," she admitted. "I should like to learn from him. To grow my skills and my influence. I
doubt I'll ever get to a status as high as he has obtained at such a
young age, but I'd like to try."

Elwryn took another sip of water and set the glass aside, electing instead for a pear from a bowl
of fruit on the table before her. Taking a bite of the pear, she chewed
it thoughtfully, wondering how she might get Chancellor Mignogna to
teach her what he knew.

"Don't sell yourself short, Elwryn. You are a great negotiator in your own right. And anything you learn from the Chancellor will merely
enhance that."

He moved to the door as a knock announced the delivery of her luggage. "Put it there, by the lounge. I will see to it
from there." He said behind Elwryn. The sound of murmured voices and her
trunk and bags being brought in was heard, then the door closing and
silence once more.

The silence seemed to drag after her bags and trunk were brought in and the door shut. The chair
had been facing away from the door so Elwryn wasn't certain that Fenril
was still physically in the room. She had a feeling he was though and
that he was watching her as she relaxed and munched on the pear.

He was right though, she shouldn't sell herself short. She knew that she was a good negotiator
but she also knew that there was always room for improvement. What was
it that Fenril saw that she didn't? And why was it that she felt nearly
bare skinned in front of him despite being actually clothed decently for
once. His hungry looks at her in the past, and the way he stuck to her
virtually like glue, was not lost on her. And she had to admit that she
liked the attention. Now though, that there seemed to be more at stake,
Elwryn felt like she was baring herself to the world and she was afraid.
Afraid for once, of what others might see and or think, of what they
might say.

"Fenril," she began slowly as she set the half eaten pear down on a napkin. "Will you come here please?" When he approached she regarded him for a moment or two in silence,
then moving a foot stool between them, she climbed onto it so she was
closer to his height. He was taller than her by a considerable margin.
She looked up at him, her blue eyes curious and then took him by the
shirt and pulled him down closer to her own level. Her lips met his,
blue eyes closing as she kissed him, much as he had kissed her that
morning when he had calmed her down after the princess had left her room
on the air ship.

"Yes, Lady..." he responded to her call and came to stand before her. As she stepped up on the stool, a hand went automatically to her hip to
balance her for fear she would fall.

His eyes and hers met for what felt like forever, but was less than a heartbeat till she leaned in
a kissed him. The hand on her hip tightened slightly, gripping the
emerald material a moment before sliding around the small of her back to
draw her closer. The other hand went to her cheek and the base of her
neck as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss as it had been before.

A soft growl of desire was drawn down her throat as she inhaled his
breath. The kiss he pressed on her nearly bruising her lips a moment. He
let the kiss last a moment then pulled away. The desire to great he
feared giving in to it. His voice was deep, husky and rattled as he
looked at her, "Elwryn....."

The single word questioning her decision. He wanted her, there was no mistaking that. But he needed to
be sure this wasn't merely a reaction to the attentions another man had
given her.

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7 months 4 weeks ago #20 by mythus
Replied by mythus on topic New Interests
Her own breathing was a touch labored when he broke the kiss and she opened blue eyes, looking upon
him fondly. She smiled at him, though it was a small, almost scared
smile. His voice was husky as he said her name and she liked the effect
she had on him. It pleased her to no ends to know that he wanted her.
They could never be of course, no matter how much they desired one
another. Her parents would never approve of her with a wood elf, let
alone one that was simply a guard. It would be like the princess
marrying a commoner or some such. It just wasn't what was done. Elwryn
knew this, but didn't necessarily think this way. She had decided long
ago that she would be with whomever she wished regardless of their
station. In that way, she set herself apart from other rune elves, not
always looking down on her lessers.

Licking her lips she finally spoke, "Thank you, Fenril, for believing in me, for calming me this morning and
helping me see sense in the Princess's words. Just...thank you."

He wasn't sure if disappointment or relief filled him, but he smiled. A single stroke of her cheek and a caress of his thumb over her kiss
swollen lips was all he did before lifting her from the stool to set her
on the floor. "My pleasure, Lady... always. And you should listen to
her more often. Let them see you," he tapped her nose like one would a
child, and smiled. "Let your brains be what lures them in. Then dazzle
them with the rest. Vic is a good man. Give him a chance, Elwryn. He and
Anna are both looking out for you, I am sure of it."

He released her carefully in case she needed a moment to get her legs under her. He
knew the kiss wasn't their last, but like her, he knew that moments
like this is all they would ever have. And he was content with that.

At least, for now.

Though likely to have normally angered her, the tap on her nose by Fenril didn't do that. It could
have, but she was still full of a buzzed like feeling to notice it. And
she did feel half drunk but with what specific feeling she didn't know.
Feeling his hands on her hips as he set her back on the floor and
steadied her, the rememberance and the feel of his lips on hers. It made
her want to shudder with joy and excitement and so much more. She
wanted more from him, her body and his were sending all the right
signals. It was an intense feeling and she was enjoying it immensely.

Wandering from the sitting room into the bedroom, leaving her half eaten pear where it lay, Elwryn
looked around, in awe of and admiring her surroundings.
"This place is so beautiful," she commented. "You know, Fenril, sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be the
princess. Mind you, I don't want to be her, but what would it be like to
experience her life, even for a day? Would I like it? Hate it?" She shook her head gently as she thought on it. "No, I don't think I could ever get used to such a life. Comforts I am used
to and other things somewhat, but it almost seems as if I have more
freedom than she does." Elwryn climbed up onto the bed and laid down, not caring that doing so bared a good portion of her legs. "What do you think Fenril," she asked curiously.

Fenril walked slowly behind her as she made her way to the bedroom. He lifted her personal bag and brought it in, setting it on a chair by the
wardrobe. "No, I do not think you would enjoy being her. She gets no
freedom and the luxery is merely to distract her from the bars on her
cage, M'Lady." he said softly as she laid back on the bed.

This place if beautiful, Elwryn. And I am sure Vic will be the perfect man to
show that to you." While he knew she would take it to mean the palace
and the grounds, he meant far more. For all her kicking and screaming,
today had shown her, perhaps more than any other, that she was more than
the sum of her parts.

When she lay back on the bed, her dress falling away to reveal leg he had caught sight of a million times in her
other costumes. But seeing it peek out this time, not flaunt itself,
somehow made his breath catch more than usual. Perhaps the Princess was
more cunning than he gave her credit for. If Vic was this enamored with
his charge without her exposing all her bits and baubles, then when he
finally did see them, he would already love her for what she was, a
brilliant woman.

Vic and Fenril. Fenril and Vic. Both were beautiful, handsome men in their own right. Both had
qualities she liked and appreciated. Yet why did it seem as if she were
torn between the two? She barely knew either man but what she did know
she liked. She also knew that to go for someone like Fenril, someone of a
lower rank than her would be akin to committing social suicide. Or at
least her family would see it that way. And though she had long ago
promised herself that she would be with whomever she wished regardless
of station, she couldn't help but shudder at the thought of being with
someone of a lower status. Yet wasn't that exactly what she was doing
with Fenril? He wasn't a rune elf for one, and he was a guard. Albeit a
good one and handsome as well, but still below her in nearly ever sense
of the word.

No! She told herself. She would not let such thoughts enter her mind. Besides, it was only a few kisses
they had shared. People kissed all the time and it didn't have to mean
anything at all. So she just wouldn't think about it. She wouldn't think
about Vic or about Fenril in the direction her mind and hormones were
wanting to take her. Instead, she decided, she would think about her
clothes and what to do about them. Many if not 99% of the outfits she
had brought with her were quite scandalous indeed. Only this dress and
one other was even remotely suitable, or so the princess might say.

"Fenril," Elwryn said after a silence passed between them. She sat up on the bed and looked at him. "Could you send for a seamstress? I'd like to order some new clothes made.
Mainly in the present fashion of this country. I'm still going to keep
what I have, but for some reason I feel the need to blend in a little
bit more here. I'm not so sure I like it, but I feel it necessary."

While Fenril had expected her to consider that at some point, it surprised him that it was so soon. "Yes, ma'am," her responded and went
to the sitting room and opened the door to the hall. Like every
dignitary guest in the palace, there was a runner, a young child,
always stationed outside the door. The child would run the requested
errands, fetch, carry, notify, etc. with all due haste.

Fenril opened the door and the child hopped to attention. "Fetch the
seamstress. Tell them the Last wishes new clothes made as soon as
possible." The child nodded and scurried off.

Fenril took a moment to smile before steeling his face once more and going back to the bedroom doorway.

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7 months 3 weeks ago #37 by DreamWriter05
Replied by DreamWriter05 on topic New Interests
While Fenril went to send the child to find a seamstress, Elwryn slid off the bed and went to her things. Rumaging through them she found the pieces of clothing she was looking for. It was her only other outfit that didn't show everything, and it would have to do for lunch and dinner with the Chancellor. Elwryn could only hope that the seamstress could be quick and get her some new clothing rather quickly. With only her current dress, and the outfit she was about to pull on being her two decent ones, Elwryn found herself wanting the more modest clothing. It was a strange feeling indeed.

Taking the articles of clothing, she went behind the dressing screen and started to unlace and peel off the pieces of the emerald green dress. It was quite the process, and without an attendant, it took her several minutes of reaching and stretching and a lot of effort to get out of the dress. Finally though, she was out and she let it lay across the top of the screen  to be hung later.

By the time she was bare behind the screen, the seamstress had arrived and Fenril had shown her in. The woman came bustling in with pins, needles, and yards of fabric of almost every color. It was a wonder the woman didn't fall down with the weight of her fabric and craft. The seamstress went behind the screen with Elwryn and started measuring her, the two women talking in low tones about the current fashion and what colors Elwryn liked that would set off her features.

Fenril would likely be bored with all of it, especially not being able to watch, but he was a guard and he'd do his duty. After about half an hour the seamstress came out from behind the screen, leaving Elwryn to dress in the outfit she'd pulled from her belongings. "I'll have the first dress ready by this evening my lady Elwryn, you can count on that," she promised.  Elwryn thanked the woman as she dressed for lunch behind the screen and the seamstress left.

When Elwryn came out she was wearing a magnificent outfit of blues and blacks that accenuated her features, hinting at what was underneath, but also made her look like quite the professional young woman. Tight, blue leggings, the same blue as her hair and tucked into calf high brown boots covered her legs. Going further up, a black skirt covered her down to just barely above her knees with a small slit in the back. A chain link belt of silver and gold belted a semi short tunic at her waist. The tunic or rather more of a shirt or blouse was the same blue as her leggings, but with black embroidery of flowers and vines. It had a v neck line but not a deep one and Elwryn had hung silver and gold hoops from her ears. Next she just had to do her hair. It wouldn't do to have the green ribbon in her hair with a blue and black outfit. So it was that as she stepped out to take care of her hair, she looked for Fenril.

"Well, aside from my hair, which isn't done yet; how do I look?"

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7 months 2 weeks ago #45 by AnnaNadir
Replied by AnnaNadir on topic New Interests
Fenril had sat back as the seamstress came in and disappeared behind the screen. Safe in the knowledge that Elwryn couldn't see him, he broke into a full smile as he listened to his Lady speak of necklines, hems and fabrics as the seamstress moved in and out of view. When the seamstress left, he stored his smile and showed her out.When the woman came out from behind the screen, Fenril found himself staring. It actually took him a moment to find his voice. The Chancellor had managed in mere moments to accomplish what he and even the Princess had not. He had managed to make his blue haired elf see herself as a woman and not a weapon or asset.Blinking when he realized he was staring, he inclined his head and gave a half bow. "You look amazing, M'Lady." He knew every fabric swatch, every patterned shawl, every brocade. He had seen this outfit before, but not like this. The leggings gave a feel of form fitting slacks and, tucked into the boots, made her look amazing! When he'd last seen her this way, she was all about bare legs, bare arms and cleavage to make everyone's eyes stay on her. He motioned for her to sit at her dressing table. Once she did, he deftly began to remove a couple strategic braids and began to unlace the green cord in her crown of hair. "The advantage of having female guards. They'll teach you anything you want to know." He laughed and winked as he worked to remove a few carefully placed braided strands. "You know, the Princess may be pleased with your choices. But I can tell you the Chancellor will be wholly impressed." He looked at her in the mirror.He had replaced the green cord with a thin twisted strand of silver and gold, that matched her belt. And there were several lengths of braid now cascading down her back. He rested his hands on the back of her seat and smiled. "He's gonna grin hard enough to break his jaw." He laughed as he imagined the poor Chancellor fainting.

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7 months 2 weeks ago #46 by DreamWriter05
Replied by DreamWriter05 on topic New Interests
As Elwryn watched Fenril work her hair into a different set of braids with a different bit of corded ribbon, she listened to him and wondered how it was that she was doing this. Sure, the princess had had a say in her first dress, and Fenril had helped to calm her down and make her see reason, but that had been earlier. Why was she dressing in the same style of sorts when it didn't do anything to please her? But that was wrong though, wasn't it? She was dressing to impress Chancellor Vic. While back home, she'd strut around in her tightest and shortest of outfits, here with Fenril and with Vic, she felt the need to dress just a touch more conservatively. It actually felt quite odd to be so covered up, for even in the cold seasons she wore as little as possible. Elwryn liked it when men flocked to her and told her how beautiful she was. She didn't feel quite as beautiful now though. She knew others thought she looked pretty in this, like Fenril, and the princess should she see the outfit, but that just wasn't the same, it wasn't what she was used to. Her parents had taught her to use all of her assets to win any case, bargain any treaty, and those assets included both mind and body. It was why she was so smart and why she was so pretty, she worked hard at keeping both in tip top shape and she was used to using them to get what she wanted.

Frowning, Elwryn sighed, "The Chancellor might like it, but I don't know. It doesn't make me feel very beautiful," she said in comment to Fenril. With her hair finished, she stood up and started to pace. "I don't know Fenril. Is this," she indicated what she was wearing, "Really me? I mean, it's so conservative and...and..." She sighed and flopped back on the bed, her skirt riding up some despite the leggings. "I guess I just feel out of place here. I just want to help the delegation and I suppose if I must dress like this to do it, then it's what must be done. I'm just not so sure I care for it." Elwryn gazed up at the canopy of the bed rather than at Fenril. She knew he liked her. She liked him too, but she wanted the truth out of him right then, no matter what it might make her feel. It was said that the truth could set you free and Elwryn wanted desperately to be free.

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7 months 2 weeks ago #48 by AnnaNadir
Replied by AnnaNadir on topic New Interests
Fenril listened to her in silence. Apparently this had been building for some time. As she flopped on the bed, he smiled when she couldn't see him. He waited just long enough to press the right button on her patience before he spoke, likely just a half second before she was going to sit up and demand a comment."So don't wear it."Once more, he waited till she reacted before he continued. "Elwyn, you've always hit your goal or made your mark. And usually you end up on the winning side. Maybe being half naked 'is' the best thing for you." He smiled and stepped towards her with a hand up to stop any protest she was about to give. "But for once wouldn't it be nice to know if someone liked you, and respected you, for YOU?  Or would you rather assume they don't just like you because they get to see your breasts, your thighs, your legs, your back..."He stopped in front of her and gently took a hold of her hands. "Ask yourself how seriously you would take the Chancellor if he showed up in his sleeping shorts, with the matching shirt barely buttoned, and a pair of soft slippers. You know he's smart, I mean... That's why you'd go to dinner with him, right? You'd never do it because it meant when you touched his arm, you touched flesh... When you glanced at him you saw his bare chest, and when he walked, you knew there was nothing else beneath his shorts." He paused to let her take it in. "Or how excited would you be on your birthing day if no gift was wrapped, no treat was covered? Just all out there on the table to see." He knew she loved her gifts and surprises, regardless of the reason or occasion. She got more joy out of the unwrapping than most people he knew. He hoped at least one of the analogies would resonate with her.

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7 months 2 weeks ago #49 by DreamWriter05
Replied by DreamWriter05 on topic New Interests
Elwryn frowned as she sat up and looked at him, listening to him even as he took her small hands in his. She felt it rise steadily with every word he spoke, the anger at the truth in his words. She had wanted the truth and she was getting it, but it wasn't the truth she wanted to hear. Elwryn's hands shook with the torrent of anger that was rushing through her. Face flushing, eyes blazing, she did her best to keep a tight reign on the anger she was feeling. It wasn't enough though and in the next instant she was shoving Fenril away from her and rising from the bed.

Clenching her fists at her sides, she took several deep breaths as she stared at the floor. She didn't want to be mad at him, he told her what she needed to hear and it wasn't his fault that the so called truth she wanted, was in fact lies. Fenril had given her the truth and it wasn't fair of her to get so angry with him. She needed to calm down, she needed to release this anger into something that wouldn't be hurt by it. "Leave me," she said finally, in a soft voice, almost a whisper. "I need to be alone right now and your presence defeats the purpose." She sighed and lifted weary eyes to him and away from the floor. "Go, until the Chancellor is ready for lunch, leave me by myself. Please."

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