× The Kingdom of Asteria takes up the largest of the sky lands in the eastern part of Chalcedonia. The oldest kingdom of the Sixth Era, its land was once the Kingdom of Triskel in the Second Area and comprises of the Auster Lands, the Chalcedon, and the Chalcedonian Jungle. Asteria is the most powerful of the three kingdoms though lately it relys more and more on trade for metals. It is also the most diverse of the kindgoms.

The capital of Asteria is Aureas, a city of the Second Era completely rebuilt and restored by Taal Zodo as his gift to his nephew Ian Mercleis. The current king, and only king in its long history, is none other than Ian Mercleis. Asteria has been regarded as the Holy Kingdom due to its king's close relationship to the divine Taal Zodo.

New Interests

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Elwryn laughed a genuine laugh that seemed to be only for Vic. Her smile was true and she finally began to fully relax and enjoy herself. Finishing her chocolate covered strawberry, she looked to him and asked, "So what can we do that is fun here? Perhaps we could go riding," she suggested. "I haven't been riding in ages!" Her voice was overly dramatic, if only for effect, and she hoped he would agree to take her riding. He himself had said that she must relax and have fun, and riding was a great joy for her, even though she didn't get to indulge in it very often. She nibbled on another piece of food as she awaited Vic's response, and had almost completely forgotten about their guards standing not far off watching for any perceived dangers to the Chancellor and herself.

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Vic smiled as she invited him to go riding, or rather, made the suggestion of it. "I believe there are some beautiful trails on the palace grounds to ride, if you desire, Lady Elwryn." He inclined his head and smiled. 

"If you wish, hope about I let your faithful guard escort you back to your room to change and I'll see to the horses and see you in the stables when you're finished. Perhaps a candle mark*?" He waved his hand and a servant, half hidden in the bushes, stepped towards the man. 

Vic winked at Elwryn as he spoke to the young man. "Please tell the Stable Master I will be riding today. I need two horses, one with a ladies saddle. Now hurry up," he smiled as the man took off at an easy jog.

"Shall we depart for now, then?" He rose as he completed his sentence and came to side to offer a hand to get up, along with sliding her chair out as she rose. 

The guards were setting their drink cops back on a servant's test and moving towards their respective charges. Vic leaned down and kisses the woman's hand. Standing back up he smiled. "I'm looking forward to the coming year with much more happiness than I had anticipated. I'm so glad you accepted my invitation, M'Lady." He then bowed once more. "See you in the stable at your time, Elwryn." 

He then moved off with his guard as Fenril came up to her side. His face didn't appear as pleasant as it had been earlier in the day.

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