Migration Complete and Major Site Improvements

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Greetings Fellow Nor'Ovans!

I am pleased to announce that the migration from the e107 platform is complete. No longer will you access this site as a subdoman (legendsofnorova.net/joomla). Now whenever you go to legendsofnorova.net, you will arrive at the updated site. Please be sure to update your bookmarks. With the migration complete, that means the wiki here is complete as well, including the Sixth Era campaign pages. Well, complete as they were at the e107 site, I still have more to do and to add. More setting pages will come soon, such as more detailed information pages on the lands of Chalcedonia and Eleusia in the Sixth Era.

But that's not all! I have also gotten us on a better preforming server. You should notice far faster load times and greater site stability. With this server upgrade we also have a second address: legendsofnorova.org. Both legendsofnorova.net and legendsofnorova.org will bring you to this site.

Last but not least is that I have purchased and applied SSL certificates to both addresses. The SSL certificates will help to protect your privacy whenever you visit this site, and help protect you. This is part of my commitment to provide a safe and fun place for you to role play. There's nothing you have to do on your part, just visiting legendsofnorova.net will bring you to the more secured website.

Addresses to bookmark:

Characters: Ian Mercleis Poppy
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