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In character forum for the dark lands of the surface.

The Sundered Lands are the lands of the Surface. Forever cast in shadow by the Sky Lands, and forever transformed by the merge of the physical lands of Xodod, these are the lands of darkness, keeping with the great balance balancing out the good of the sky lands to maintain perfect harmony. Or so was the agreement derived between Taal Zodo and Tyrius Zodo.

There are no kingdoms in the Sundered Lands. Instead, they are ruled directly by the dark god, Tyrius Zodo, who is Taal Zodo's dark counterpart. Instead of kingdoms, Tyrius Zodo as divided the lands of the Sundered into principalities governed by the great demon princes of Xodod who now call the Surface home.

Life in the Sundered Lands is a struggle. Only the strong and the clever survive, which often times is only those with the capability for cruelty. Often times those found to be good of heart born in the Sundered Lands will be taken to the Sky Lands and those found to be dark in purpose in the Sky Lands will be cast down to the Sundered Lands. Still, the Sundered Lands often find favor for those who want a life without rules and moral constraints, and often seen as a great adventure for treasure seekers and historians.
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