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1) Book Creation

Travis K. Randall - creator, writer, game designer, logo editor, chief proof reader
Shaun M. Maher - proof reader, race contributor, equipment co-creator, system breaking & testing, point system co-creator, lead play tester, first play tester
Loren Conner - major bestiary submitter (most beasts originally created by him)
Chris - magic spells originator
Kenny Casperson - idea springboard, minor elemental manipulation refinement, skill submitter, bestiary submitter
Deadra Kolker - original logo creator
Patrick Reidy - race submitter (anthropods), skill submitter, an original play tester
Lee Doty V - skill submitter, idea springboard, play tester
Melissa Aragon - items submitter, equipment submitter, Virginia play tester
Michael Clarke - multiple idea contributor, project name contributor, encouragement and support, Oklahoma and Nebraska play tester
Freek Oude Maatman - weapons submitter, proof reading, idea springboard, Netherlands play tester
Chris Burrows - idea springboard, perils contributor, Pacific Northwest play tester
Jason Rahjod - created Kaba'ni race
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2) Play Testers

Shaun Maher – Mississippi Robin Vick – Mississippi Jeremy Downs – Mississippi Wendell Thomas Jr – Mississippi
Lee Doty V – Mississippi Lance Black – Mississippi Daryl Brister – Mississippi Scott Lee – Mississippi
Lorretta Gungthrie – Mississippi Jason Daneault – Mississippi Patrick Reidy – Mississippi Ann Reidy – Mississippi
Joey Willett – Mississippi Robert Hunt Jr – Mississippi “Dusty” - Mississippi Jon Rutland – Mississippi
Howard Hutto – Mississippi Sabrienna Ladouceur – Mississippi Tony Especto – Mississippi Nick Egar – Mississippi
Kyle – Ohio Philip Florence– Ohio Jeffery Siefker – Ohio Melissa Aragon – Virginia
Haley Underwood – Pacific Northwest Beth Hoffe – Pacific Northwest Chris Burrows – Pacific Northwest Michael Clarke – Oklahoma & Nebraska
Jason Rahjod – Texas Katrina – Flordia Freek Oude Maatman – Netherlands Timothy Cassidy Jr - Missouri
Sarah Krieger - Ohio Mark Fackler - Ohio Daniel Sager - Ohio  Tyler Sours - Ohio
Alex Kistner - Ohio Alex Junge - Ohio Jason Napier - Ohio  
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3) Idea Consultants

Melissa Aragon Shaun Maher Robin Vick Jeremy Downs
Wendell Thomas Jr Lee Doty V Patrick Reidy Beth Hoffe
Chris Chris Burrows Michael Clarke Kenny Casperson
Loren Conner Freek Oude Maatman Deadra Kolker Scott Lee
Jason Daneault Daryl Brister Anne Reidy Lorretta Gungthrie
Jeffery Siefker Shelly Randall Thomas Dantzler members of
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4) The Legends of Nor'Ova Project

The Adventurers 1985 – 1997 The Oracle's Legacy 2001 Legacies of the Artificer 2005 – 2008
Myth (Myth & Legends) 1998 – 2000 Legends & Legacies 2002 – 2004 Legends of Nor'Ova 2008 - present
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